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  1. all right, thank u !!
  2. Yes, I want to know how long this process takes, decrease anxiety, decrease pressure ...
  3. Hey, are you sure it takes all this time? I saw several processes that took 4-6 months ...
  4. I did, take a look at it!
  5. I am the son of a citizen, he applied for me in May 2017, complete 21 years in 2018, I am in the class IR-2 All right, thank u sir !
  6. Yes, you're correct, i'm new here... sorry
  7. where I can change mine, I'm new here
  8. I am the son of a citizen, and I am still younger, I believe it is less time
  9. Oiii, voce sabe me informar quanto tempo leva o processamento consular para filho de cidadão americano, eu tenho 20 anos meu pai aplicou pra mim em maio, se puder me responder serei grato !!
  10. I know little, my father helped me and I used the translator too.
  11. I'm sorry, I'm new here and my English is weak ...
  12. Completed 21 years on January 27, 2018
  13. Hello, my name is Matheus, I'm 20 years old, I'm in the process of getting my green card, my father is an American citizen, he applied for me in May 2017, my priority date is 05/30/17, my Nebraska Service Central, my father lives in Orlando-FL, we are entering the fourth month of the process, someone can inform me how long the process is taking the child of a US citizen under age, If someone can help, Thanks in anticipation to replies... The case of my status is this, but I already received the Form I-797 Notice of action, saying that they have already received my documents, I received it in early June ...