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  1. HE MADE IT !!!

    I wasn't born in the USA and I have a green card...
  2. HE MADE IT !!!

    uhh my United States passport, my drivers license, my address.... everything..
  3. So my fiancé is finally in the USA but the only question I have now is how to go about getting him a SSN? im a permanent resident and didn't even realize my parents never got me naturalized!!! any help would be great!
  4. I'm getting a lot of mixed information, I was told to submit the affidavit of support so my fiancé could take it to his interview and now im being told no it isn't necessary can someone please help so I don't do the stupid thing and prolong the process even more.. thank you!!!
  5. How long does it take for a case to go from transit to ready????
  6. CASE

    So my fiancé sent in his ds 160 and I have sent in my money order so he can schedule his interview but I just wanted to know HOW LONG it will take for our case to be in transit? we got the case and invoice number on JAN 12.
  7. DS 160

    so I my fiancé has finished his ds160 and submitted it, he's waiting to go to the doctor for his medical exam,I have sent in my money and waiting to hear back so I can continue and fill out affidavit of support and my ds 261, have I missed anything and to anyone who has already gone through this process is there anything I've missed or should be doing as well? thank you for any help
  8. We got our NVC case number!! SOS

    im not the beneficiary my fiancé is, but we got our case number from nvc today and now I'm just confused as to what I should do I'm being told that my fiancé needs to fill out ds261 then ds160 and pay for fees but I'm not sure in which order
  9. We got our NVC case number!! SOS

    I was told ds160?
  10. We got our NVC case number!! SOS

    oh ok thanks but I still don't know the next steps what do I do now that I have this case number?
  11. So we have gotten our Case number from the NVC finally after 6 weeks, I'm kind of confused as to what I should do now? when I put it in as an immigrant visa it takes me to a 6 step process and the first thing it says is to get an agent? honestly I'm confused about the whole process from here on out so any help is appreciated...
  12. Our case was approved on NOV 28th of 2017 and the NVC received it on Jan 12, 2017 and now were being told to wait another TWO weeks for a case number. hopefully after they give us the number we can fill out the DS160 but what do we do after that??? and what about the affidavit of support?
  13. NOA Nov 29 and still haven't heard anything, I'm pretty sure they just say 6 weeks to keep everyone on their toes...

    whats an AP??? and how long are we talking? because the approval was nov 29 and I haven't heard anything from the nvc yet but I received NOA2

    I just got back to the USA NOV 29 (same day as our approval) and had our baby dec 10 and I haven't been working and don't have a bank account so I filed my mother for the affidavit of support is that the right thing to do considering I'm not working and don't have a bank account; ill open one up eventually but with a newborn right now isn't the best time to get a job..