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  1. The person who filed for me said it didn’t apply. I’m kinda nervous now. Will have the 15 pictures ready. I also went back to see my fiancé between the time I sent the appication and now so have even more proof. Just wish I got some news from them.
  2. I have a question about possible RFE, my fiance and I met online on the Instagram site. We both included that we met online in out letters. If we get requested information, I will not be able to provide that because we both delete our profiles on there after. I do have pictures of when we met but I'm kinda worried about that. Also the person who filed for me didn't ask me so send pictures but after reading on here pictures of us together are necessary. I'm thinking of starting a scrap book. Is this a bad idea? Will immigration reject that? should I just send a couple of pics? 100 Days since NOA1 and still nothing....
  3. So our official received date at the California center was 8/9/2017. Yhree months now and I have not received any other news. Any recommendations to speed this process? Why is this taking so long, I heard of cases where 3 months in and your fiancé would be here. How much longer is this going to take?
  4. I am planning on going back for the interview. I have an overload of proof, pics with him and his family and daughter. I didn't even think of including everything I had, I was freaking out because of my birth certificate. Hopefully they don't need more proof. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I sent in a letter from my fiance and one from me, passport photo copy of entry to Dominican Republic. I did not include photos of us the person that helped me didn't ask me to do so. I'm guessing they will ask me for conversation proof, etc. Ugh I had all these things with me and did not send it in.. Thanks for the reply.
  6. So my application received on 8/9 was approved on 8/11 and money order was cashed on 8/13 then I got the NOA1 in the mail 8/16. Since they cashed the money order does this mean they working on the application, Will they ask for proof at this point? For those filing this year has the process been so speedy? Should I not get ahead of myself? Also traveling next month to visit my fiance. What is the next step? How much money should I be ready to send in for the blood work, fingerprint and consulate appointment?
  7. It has to be sign and stamped by a public notary. So best do it professionally.
  8. Thanks so much Phil. I just got my approval email. I can't believe it! Hope my process is as fast as yours was.
  9. K1 application send and received. I'm just wondering how long until I hear anything? So anxious to get the approval and get my fiance here already. Any advice.