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  1. mommy22, it all depends on the court schedule where the name change oath ceremonies take place in your area. Alexandria court does once a month and only 70 ppl at a time. So it took 3 months for me. It might be the same for the assigned court in the Baltimore area.
  2. I had my oath ceremony done on 17th. It took close to 3 months from interview to oath date. Wish all who are waiting, get their oath ceremony letters soon.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am aware of that the oath ceremony will be conducted at Alexandria Court (D.C. area) in front of the judge for the name change applicants. What I am looking for is the timeline it took for similar cases in the D.C. area.
  4. I had my citizenship (with a name change request on the form) interview in Mid May'17 in Fairfax field office (D.C. area) and got the approval letter. FO said that I should have my oath ceremony within 4 weeks. My online status still shows 'Oath Ceremony will be Scheduled' since the second week of June'17 and no updates after that. Not sure how much longer the wait will be. Is anyone else who has a name change request can let me know how long they have to wait for Oath Ceremony (most likely in Alexandria court) after attending the Citizenship interview at Fairfax field office. Thanks.