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    Met online gaming, fell in love, visited each other twice and during my most recent visit we got married. Haven't left the US since. Applied for AOS 07/10/2017! :)

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  1. Oh I see, I've never heard of that. So it hasn't gone through production yet? Keep us updated! I hope it doesn't take too long. Thank you!
  2. Hello! Any update on your GC so far? I just got an email notifying me that it has already been mailed out. The interviewer said it'd probably take 5-8 weeks as well!
  3. Thanks and congrats to you as well! Did you get approved for the 2 year or 10 year GC? How long did he say it'd take to arrive?
  4. @AshMarty @car0593 @breeze16 @acidrain @Lemonslice Just got back from the interview after driving a total of 7 hours through insane Chicago traffic. We got approved! The officer said I have a great amount of evidence and he said we're definitely approved. He was a very nice officer, who made jokes and was very cool. However, DO NOT try and hide anything from these immigration officers because they're incredibly good at their job and they will ask you everything you hope they don't, so just be honest. Luckily we had already prepared our answers to those questions! We didn't want him to ask us about who attended our wedding, if our parents know about our marriage and if we sleep in the same bed, but ALL of those topics came up. We were just honest and explained the situation and he was cool with it. I felt like the interview didn't go too well, but apparently the officer thought it went great, so we were approved! Super happy! He said I could apply for the 10 year card in 2 years and he said id most likely be applying for naturalisation before my 10 year card arrives because there's a HUGE backlog on the 10 year cards right now of about 10 months after applying. Good luck to everyone else who still has their interview, just remember to be completely honest and you will be fine
  5. Yeah sent that in way back in july 2017, when we did our i-864s. Do we need to bring another copy? Because i dont have one. Do i need to bring my wifes birth certificate or is her passport enough?
  6. Exactly! I to drive 2.5 hours each way tomorrow, going to be extremely nervous on the way there. My wife isn't nervous at all, she doesnt really understand USCIS and the GC process at all. She just thinks its a nice little talk with some immigration people. She gets worried VERY easily so I don't want to tell her how probing the questions could be. Do I need to bring a copy of the AOS package we sent to USCIS? Because I didn't keep a backup copy. Also does anyone have a list of practice questions me and my wife can ask each other? Just in case they ask very specific questions that we honestly don't know the answer to, like - what colour are the curtains in your room? What colour are the walls in your room? (i honestly didnt know until i just looked at them)
  7. Haha, yeah I keep picking at anything tiny detail! Thank you, and good luck to you! You've relieved a lot of stress. We have 4 credit cards, how many do you think we should bring?
  8. We have our interview tomorrow and I'm extremely nervous for 2 reasons: 1. We havent told our parents that we're married because we're currently living with my wifes parents and they said we'd have to move out if we get married - we cannot afford that right now. I'm on very bad terms with my parents and I don't really talk to them anyway, telling them about the marriage would put me on in worse terms with them. We want to wait until we're both financially stable and can move out before we tell them. 2. My parents are also adjusting to become GC holders, but my father is doing it through is job. I dont know if that will effect things? Evidence I'm bringing: 1. Both our credit cards and statements to prove I'm an authorized user on her credit cards. We have 4 credit cards in which I'm an authorized user, do I need to bring evidence of all 4? Or would 1 be enough? 2. Bank statement of our joint bank account. 3. Car title in both of our names 4. Car insurance in both of our names. 5. Album of photos with my with and her family, taken over the course of a year, which includes 2 vacations together and even a family vacation together 6. Airline receipts to prove I paid for her ticket when she first came to visit me. 7. Airline e-ticket for when i came to visit her. 8. Receipts of gifts I purchased for her. 9. Photo of flowers I got for her last valentines day. 10. Drivers licence with the same address. 11. Birthday/Christmas cards from wifes family. 12. Tax returns filed as married. 13. Screenshots of facebook photos that friends/family posted of us. Is there anything else I could bring to strengthen our case of a bonafide marriage or does everything look okay?
  9. I called up numerous places and they said they’d accept the tests if I could show them evidence, which I will
  10. I did the tests at a healthcare clinic today, I’m still trying to find a physician that’ll do the immigration physical for under $100. im being quoted prices in the $300 range just for a doctors physical when ive had the tests done already.
  11. Just got my Tdap, Seasonal Flu, Polio Vaccines. I got blood titers done for MMR, hepatitis B and TB test. Also took urine tests for gonorrhoea, syphilis and chlamydia. All results will be back on Monday. Hopefully I'm not forgetting something else?
  12. Okay so I'm in the same boat as you. What was the cost of all of that for you?
  13. Just these? Mumps Measles Rubella Polio Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids Pertussis Haemophilus influenzae type B Hepatitis B It doesnt say anything about TB testing
  14. Okay, I think it's just going to be easier to get all the vaccinations done again, which ones do I need exactly? Thanks
  15. Yes, in the UK we have a vaccine called the BCG. It protects against TB. I had it done, it lasts a lifetime