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  1. Sweet! Definitely don't want a trump video. I'd assume they would charge you if they find out just like they do here in USA when they find out that you are messing with immigration law? I am not exactly sure. Gonna look into it and report back to you all.
  2. Yup, it sucks. India does not allow you to have a dual citizenship. You're lucky. I would love to keep my indian passport..but I have to renounce it
  3. Congratulations! Did she hand write your name and USCIS number on the Oath letter? Thats what they did to me. Looks so different than all the other letters I have received from uscis lol
  4. I totally understand. I really wish I didn't have to give up my indian citizenship...it's hard. But hey, it's just a paper right? We are all global citizens
  5. I would take both the passport (for admission stamps) and the ticket. Nothing else I can think of.
  6. Guys, can I ask USCIS to have modified oath at the oath ceremony? I had no idea about this till today and I am already done with the interview.
  7. Well, once you have cleared the background check (after fingerprint), your online status will change to "In line for Interview" which usually means that your file has been sent to the local USCIS office. That is when your interview scheduling process begins and the time to actual interview will vary depending on how long you have already waited, how busy is your local office, etc. It seems like your case is still in background check phase.
  8. Just added mine once more. I will give it a day before someone deletes it again.
  9. Thank you! Hope you hear back about your case asap!
  10. I know, its really nice knowing the Oath date as soon as you pass. Takes the extra waiting out of it and its such a relief. And I know! You know, I knew I had nothing to really worry about because I dont really have anything bad in my record..but you never know with the govt ya know? Also, just so much in my life at this moment was dependent on me getting through this. I am SO GLAD this is going to be over soon and I can do other important things I need to
  11. Even after they gave me one after the interview itself? Strange. Thanks for your response!
  12. My appointment was at exact same time and exactly the same questions in same order (I think) were asked of me! Really cool
  13. SO guys, my online status still says "Interview was scheduled". Now I know how slow USCIS is with these things. But in case of getting an in person Oath letter, do they also send another Oath letter in the mail? Also, should I be checking the online thing or just let it go and show up in october on my oath day?
  14. Thank you! I know, I'm thankful they do that. Althought it doesnt look like the other official USCIS letters, its hand written date lol Also, I am assuming youre further delayed due to flooding and hurricanes? I hope youre safe and get the letter asap!