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  1. My lady is doing her medical at SLEC and they asked for letter from nvc which shows each and case number thank God I brought it all with me when I come over
  2. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/national-visa-center/nvc-contact-information.html
  3. Wow people are lining up 2.5 hrs before SLEC actually opens up here in manila.
  4. Narita airport

    Pita to get though security check majorly backed up finally at gate waiting for boarding to manila
  5. This is a PITA getting through here
  6. You are a november filers...he he
  7. Yuou also have to file i 864 ast the AOS stage proving 125% above poverty .
  8. The I-134 is sent in with the 129f petition proving you make 100% of poverty. The Biometrics is after the filing of AOS stage for finger printing and background checks again and it is for the BENEFICARY
  9. https://sites.google.com/view/post-noa2/home after NOA2
  10. K-1 visa

    What i think is funny the person says they a re a U.S. Citizen but still yet has problems understaand this process, is all it takes is research and if you are a true U.S. Citizen then you should also know how tough immigration laws are in this country.
  11. I will thank praying you get yours soon
  12. Me also we are both getting nervous i fly monday to be with her until after interview
  13. I check USCIS yesterday on my case and still only shows recieved even though we are at interview stage
  14. I think i was the one to start the no update trend in may