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  1. 1) Europe is not a deployment. It either his new duty station or his tdy for x months. But not a deployment. 2) Are you command sponsored? If so send the command sponsor paperwork. 3) Are you enrolled in Tricare? If so send the Tricare papers. 4) Are you in his military life insurance as beneficiary? If so send the paper. 5) Are you in his "emergency point of contact" as his wife? If so, send that too. Talk to JAG.
  2. Thank you!!!
  3. Exactly! My interview is in 2 weeks too lol i know I will be nervous and mistake dates and names. :-/ where are you? I'm in Italy
  4. Thank you!! Funny thing: I broke my leg a few months ago lol I'm so nervous for the interview. I don't know why :-/
  5. Hi! My interview in Naples is approaching so I'd like to have your opinion. Do you see any red flag in our relationship? This is our relationship: My husband (USC) was previously married twice. Both times to USCs and he never petitioned for anyone before. His last divorce was finalized in October 2013. I never got married before and nobody petitioned for me before. He is in the army and got sent to Italy in 2014. We met at a Halloween party in 2014. Right after we met he deployed for a short period of time so we kept in touch via FB, Skype, emails. And I sent him care packages. He finally came back inMarch 2015. His mom and grandma flew here to visit him and meet me in April 2015. We got married in August 2015 and lived together ever since. We don't have kids yet. Last year we went to Colorado to visit his family and friends for Thanksgiving. We applied for the green card because we got military orders to our new duty station. He is 34 and I am 30. Our interview is right after our second year anniversary. USCIS approved the petition without RFE. What do you guys think? thank you
  6. Thank you I guess I'm just nervous about the interview.
  7. Good morning, I'm getting ready for my interview in Naples in a couple of weeks. Our journey has been pretty smooth so far. No RFE from USCIS and NOA2 came in in less than 2 months from Rome. My question is: my husband, the USC, has been previously married twice. Both times to USC (so no previous foreigner spouses) and he never filed for anyone before. His last divorce was finalized in October 2013. And we got married in August 2015. Can his previous marriages cause issues for my approval? He is in the military stationed here in Italy(if that makes any difference). Thank you
  8. When I booked August was my only option. You will receive your visa via DHL.
  9. Currently Naples has opening for September/October. I got my approval from USCIS Rome on June the 7th and on June 12 Naples sent me my case number and all the instructions I needed to follow. After a few days I booked my appointment for the end of August.
  10. What I did was do the ds 260 on line and print it. I will take it with me at the interview. Honestly I followed the steps indicated in the IV package for Naples. As far as I know we don't need to send anything.
  11. Did you have your interview in Naples, Italy?
  12. We don't pay that on line. We will pay it at the consulate the day of our interview.
  13. You just need to complete the DS 260 on line and submit it. Once you're done and also have the other documents listed in the IV packet, go to the other website to book your interview and courrier delivery