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  1. Hello, I have a question, well,my case is now with the NVC, RECEIVED a kind of welcome letter,the CEAC ID number is there as is the invoice for the fee payment, but,when I access the CEAC page, the $325 IV shows as PAY NOW, I tried to pay it in 2 occasions, but I am not sure if it did go through or what,everytime I log in the CEAC page, it shows as PAY NOW OR NOT PAID, MY question is: DO I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL I SEE THE START NOW LINK TO SEND THE PAYMENT? your comments and expertise are more than welcomed and appreciated. Thanks, good night.
  2. Hi boys and girls, new in this forum, first time That I post, I don't know if somebody had had a similar experience with a case, I have a very long immigration history,starting on October of 1992, thats when I entered the usa for the first time, applied for political asylum in 1993, petition was denied, my father,a legal resident filed an application on my behalf on September of 1993, as I said,its a long story, so to make it short, I was given voluntary departure and I didn't. Comply with it,Then in 1998 received a deportation order, did not leave the country,my father ,the petitioner died in march 2002, in October of 2003 I was arrested, sent to jail for 2 long weeks and deported to Colombia in commercial planes. The nice immigration system gave the gift of the 10 years bar, now,that bar elapsed in 2013,September 30. My lawyer in san diego with my us citizen sister filed a request for the reinstatement in 2010_ of the visa petition, which was APPROVED on December 06 of 2016, supposedly USCIS sent it to the NVC, as per my attorney request, i was given by the NVC,and Id number ( the case number was given to me in 1994) so, i logged in the CEAC PAGE paid the IV fee, then I could see a receipt with the payment as PAID, then scrolling down it reads NOT PAID , THE big problem is that Ceac will not give access to fill the D260 FORM, the only option that it gives me is to print the AOS fee and mail it, which my lawyer is doing next week, i emailed and called both the NVC AND USCIS and they don't know where my case is, they blame each other, Nvc told me that I can not continue with my case because they dont have it and said that I should contact the USCIS, BUT USCIS SAYS the same: call NVC_ before nvc told me that they didn't have my case,my lawyer called them and she was told that my case was put under AP???!!WELL,if they dont have my case how is it possible? They even told me to contact USCIS to get my IV FEE refunded????, wow,as you can see I"v waiting for a long time and now this? What can I do? Finally as I lived for 11 years in the Usa, i acquired 30 work credits, I posted in VJ because I could see that there are here1000s of people with lots of experiences, Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Good night. PD, IV FEE was paid on March seven 2017,pricessed the next day and the check was cashed,should I just go ahead and mail the AOS FEE and wait for the IV APPLUCATION TO OPEN,? GRACIAS,