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Immigration Timeline

  1. Visa denied

    This helped me a lot. Thank you so much. 😃
  2. Visa denied

    @laurel0708 i brought certificate of employment detailing my job description and salary, and even ITRs and pay slips but that didnt help either because the VO didnt care about the documents i have at hand. he just focused his attention on his computer 😑
  3. Visa denied

    @georgia16 how can I convince the VO about the ties I have in my country? Though im a young, single nurse filipina, i have a land title that is under my name, (though i dont think it would be enough). Do u have Any suggestions? It would mean a lot to me. Thanks. 😃
  4. Visa denied

    @nuestraunion my aunt is the only one who is living in the US. My father died last year due to heart attack and my aunt wasnt able to attend to his funeral here in the PHL. That is why she is asking me to go to the US so i can visit her there. Well i guess nex time i apply, i would just mention that ill be paying for my trip so i can have a plus points. (Hopefully) thanks for taking ur time in responding to my query 😃
  5. Visa denied

    Yeah, having ur own funds really matters I guess. But the consul did not even asked about my salary. The problem is that they only have limited questions so it is really up to you on how u can show ur ties to ur country. Urgh. How soon can i reapply? Should I just say that i will financing my tickets? Do i need to show them a bank statement too?
  6. Visa denied

    I have applied for B2 Visa and was interviewed today, 21 Apr 2017. On my DS-160 form, I have mentioned that I plan to stay in the US for 2 months. (This might be one of the reasons why I got denied) VO: what r u going to do in the US? Me: tourism purposes and to visit my aunt VO: wer will u be staying in the US M: in my aunt, who lives in Maryland. VO: so ull be staying for 2 months? M: I planned to stay for 2 months but my employer did not allow me to leave my work that long so ill just be staying for 2-3 weeks. VO: so u'r a nurse M: yes (research nurse, actually but I havent told him that) VO: wer do u work M: at xxxx hospital VO: for how long M: close to three years VO: have u travelled overseas M: yes VO: wer M: Singapore and Thailand in 2015 (attended meeting related to work but didnt told the consul), and HongKong last year VO: im sorry but u have been denied. I really want to go to US to see my aunt whose brother (my father) died a year ago and wasnt able to see him (my father) on his last days on Earth. And also, my aunt is financing my round trip ticket and most of my expenses in US, if ever. (Though I know this would lead to a 50-50 decision. Any suggestions on how can i show my ties to my country? I have a land title which was named after me and my aunt, and all my relatices including my mom and sibs are here in the Philippines, all are working. We also have a small business in the province but is named under my parents'. I need suggestions please thanks