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  1. Oh lord really? I entered into the US LEGALLY, my husband proposed and wanted to get married when I came t see him at Christmas time, I wasn't expecting it at all. I was scheduled to go home because like most legit people I had my job, home etc. He asked me not to leave, and if you were an immigration officer in my home or me at the office, you would have proof that there was no intent to stay. Canada is not that far away and I realize people are waiting, I don't have a problem waiting like everyone else. I like most people on here are always wondering about wait times So in saying that, if you cannot be informative in this, I am done speaking with you.
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am curious to know if anyone that has entered the US NOT via Consular Processing and applied for I-130 concurrently have had their interview or have had it scheduled in Montgomery? Trying to see how backlogged they ae but as we all know USCIS site is not reporting on Montgomery...
  3. I have... Don't use them. I'm still waiting for I-130 approval because of an error on their part..
  4. Thought this my help answer some questions as to why interviews are taking so long and seem chaotic for Atlanta. I just found out that some people that were supposed to be interviewed in Montgomery (some counties in GA and FLA as well as the whole state of AL which would have taken wait time off Atlanta) are being sent to Atlanta. My husband was waiting to hear about why he heard no news on his I-130 (been over 6 months). He was told this afternoon by USCIS that his I-130 has been put together with my I-485 and is waiting for interview to come available but in Atlanta not Montgomery as originally planned. I do know that my I-485 has been in the pipeline waiting for an interview slot to become available since September 1 2017.
  5. I had to expedite mine. With RFE apparently as per the IO, EAD/AP stop.
  6. I tried at the 75 day mark but was then told NBC was still within it's processing time. Seems like times keep going backwards. Very frustrating. You can expedite if you fall into certain categories but you will be required to provide proof. Mine would have taken longer than the 104 days but I expedited mine due to potential huge financial loss which I was required to provide proof.
  7. As stated before I can confirm 90-120 days. Mine took 104 PD April 10th and I was not able to do a SR until day 90.
  8. I have realized that VJ cannot create an estimated timeline unless you have or will go through consular processing. My PD is April 10 2017 for I-130 filed concurrently. My case is at NBC. Found out by I/O that AOS is ready to be scheduled for interview yet NBC has not released the case to a field office yet and it's already the 27th, so not sure why they have not released it (I/O says no notices pending and background check was completed in June) which then keeps putting my case behind everyone else that is being scheduled from a field office.
  9. Your wife is from a high fraud country. Your case will be scrutinized unfortunately. All you can do is wait. http://mypathtocitizenship.com/which-countries-are-on-the-uscis-high-fraud-list/
  10. Yes I've sent more than 18 at once but it didn't take that long. When you hover over your name at the top right it should tell you how many pages were used and that is a good indication if it's gone or going through. HelloFax has never caused problems.
  11. Sorry, just saw this. Speed will depend on your internet speed. 18 pages is a lot. As long as you paid for the extra pages just leave it to do its thing. You typically will get an email once it's faxed. I have never waited more than 10 minutes between fax and email notification.
  12. I use HelloFax (www.hellofax.com) that is how I faxed my evidence for expedite on AP. First 5 pages are free.
  13. PLEASE!!! Do yourself GOOD and DO NOT pay for anything. Sounds like he was scamming the whole time. Let the POS deal with his mess. Leave and keep your money in your pocket. He fails to pay, he has to deal with consequences not you. He sounds like he's trying to scare you. He's the cheating liar not you. Call his bluff.