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  1. You make it sound like SS Offices were invented to cater to immigrants. If you don't like what's happening in the Government you are more than welcome to leave.
  2. People think they can fool the immigration officers at POE, I lived in a border town (which I hope my husband and I can return there someday) and I have a friend who's mother is an immigration officer at the border. They catch people all day long with lies.
  3. and for clarification, the I-797 is only the correct document if it states: “Your conditional resident status is extended for a period of one year. During the one-year extension you are authorized employment and travel”.
  4. I went for an infopass appointment at the beginning of March because my PD is April 2017 and was told as of Sept 1 2017 I was waiting for interview. When I went they did say the office is understaffed and flooded with DACA cases. My case is supposedly on their "pick list" waiting for it to pulled for an interview. They also claimed that when Montgomery opened that all case files were sent there. Sounds like we all get a cookie cutter answer.
  5. I myself would flat out ask why he used you to get a green card? When he goes to remove his conditions you will need to be there or he has to prove it was good faith marriage. There is a reason he comes from a high fraud country. Start gathering proof he's dishonest!
  6. Times will vary, sometimes fast sometimes slow. Mine has been in line for interview since Sept and still waiting.
  7. Actually you are incorrect. The 90 days K1 is the time frame they need to get married. The beneficiary does not have to file for AOS they can just leave the country. All the K! visa is, is a visa to allow the person to come to the US and get married. This information is on the USCIS website and I encourage everyone that is in some kind of processing to go to the site and get correct information...
  8. She is considered a NRA if she has no greencard but if you file Married Jointly she will be considered a resident. I myself have been here since 2016 but still waiting for my GC and I am still considered a factual resident of Canada.
  9. I am from Canada and awaiting my AOS. We filed married filing separately for several reasons but mostly because Canada had already taxed me on some of my money and it was cleaner for me to do it that way. My husband still got a bit of a tax break because I did not have US SOURCE income. As long as she is a NRA she does not have to report her Canadian bank accounts but if you file jointly she does.
  10. I agree. I do not want to be in a position to "rock the boat" in the event an IO gets annoyed or cranky and sends a denial instead of an interview notice. I would like to believe something like that wouldn't happen but I now realize, anything can happen.
  11. Absolutely. They even asked my husband if he was USC and they just shook their head when he said yes. Then laid on us the bad news of DACA. USC's are treated like ####### while illegals get better treatment.
  12. I was in the Montgomery Field Office on Thursday and was having a conversation with employees as I was waiting. I was told that Montgomery office is under staffed and DACA is flooding that office. Hurry up and wait situation for anyone that needs to interview in that office.
  13. USCIS prefers you book at your local office but yes, you can go to any field office.