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  1. @June2017UK the G-1145 I had didn't have an expiry date on it, but it was the wrong one because the one on the USCIS was released about 10 days later than the one I sent. I think I got the one I sent to them off of k1approved, not thinking they'd leave something on their website that was expired. Hopefully this fixes the issue. My i-129f was the correct version so I can't think of what else it could be. Thanks for the response
  2. @June2017UK I sent my application on July 31 from the UK, and my mom received it back at her house this last Saturday. I can't understand how we sent the same exact forms yet mine got rejected and sent back to fix the issue???
  3. @Scandi @KULtoATL okay I will send the old check then, thanks guys
  4. @KULtoATL Don't worry, you've been so much help! I listed everything that's included in my petition on my cover photo and listed it in the exact order that everything is in. I've gotten everything sorted today and going to send it to my mom tomorrow and she's going to get the check sorted out for me again. One more thing, should we send the check that they stamped back to them with the new check as well or leave that out?
  5. @LabOz yes they returned the whole package and said it can be sent back straight away as soon as the form issue is fixed. The check had a big black stamp on it, they didn't process it yet or anything. I did have the up to date i-129f that's provided on the USCIS website but I downloaded it again and started over from scratch with it. I also got the up to date e-notification, I'm updating my cover letter and taking out the g-325a forms from my package
  6. @LabOz thank you for supplying me with all of this useful information. They said I only needed you redo the outdated form and then I could send it back? So would I really have to print out new copies of our "intent to marry" and stuff? They didn't write anything on those. Only stamped the check, so we will have to send a new one of those
  7. On item 37 on the i-129f form it asks if my beneficiary has ever been to the US, mine has been. And then item 38 asks if my beneficiary is currently in the US, and if so to complete 38.a - 38.h. My fiancee isn't in the US right now, so am I supposed to leave that blank? I'm confused because on the instructions from the USCIS website, it says to provide the most recent dates of entry, their immigration status, ect. Do I just leave it blank since they're not in the US? Also do I have to provide an i-94 to show their US travel history? I've already supplied photocopies of her passport stamps and some boarding passes. We also have photos with my family in the US. I've not seen anthing about anyone including that with their application, but after doing some research someone has said you need to include it
  8. @KULtoATL I skyped my mom and she read the letter from USCIS. It basically said the application was rejected due to an outdated form, but it didn't state which form. I can only think of it being the g1145 or g325a since I sent that (but I figure they'd just throw that out since they don't need it?). They also sent all the pics I submitted in my binder in an envelope, all folded. Is there any reason why they did that? They didn't say anything else was wrong, just curious. I completely filled out my I-129f again today directly from the pdf from the USCIS website, so if they reject again, I have no clue what could be wrong.
  9. @KULtoATL it is weird! My e-notification was definitely not the right one. I downloaded it off another visa website and didn't realize there was a new edition. Yes I can try to get a pic. My package was send back to my mom so I'm sending everything to her to send back to USCIS, so I will ask her for a photograph
  10. @KULtoATL I have just looked at the edition date on my I-129f form and it does say that it's the 04/10/17 edition I don't understand what else the problem could be
  11. @KULtoATL thank you!!
  12. @KULtoATL thank you for all the help 😀😀
  13. @KULtoATL I always thought the expiration date was how you could tell what the latest edition was. My apologies. I'll get the form directly off of the uscis website and fill that out today. Does it say anywhere on the form that it's the 4/10/17 edition? So I can make sure? And do I still need to send the g-325a with that one or should I get rid of those
  14. @KULtoATL I have no way of getting a different sized paper. I've look through the i-129f form and the i-129f form I downloaded directly the USCIS website and they look the exact same. The only outdated forms I can think of is the e-notification I sent, I didn't realize there was an outdated version of that. And then the g-325a but you'd think they just throw that out if they don't need it but then again I mentioned it on my cover letter so perhaps that's the problem? I'm confused because everyone else has been perfectly fine using a4 paper.
  15. @Dutchster thank you