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  1. @JFH Just a question out of curiosity, since you seem well educated in this. Are US citizens who are expats living in another country allowed to visit Cuba outside the 12 reasons listed? Like just for regular, everyday, tourism? For example, my wife and I are planning on living in Chile (her country) at some point in the future and have talked about visiting Cuba sometime -- if we are established in Chile and then decide to visit Cuba would that be breaking any laws or cause any problems? Chileans can visit Cuba perfectly fine. Thanks!
  2. Just seconding what was stated above. K-1 visa expires as soon as you enter the US. If you are in process for AOS that is your legal status -- your legal status is not a K-1 visa holder, it is that your are adjusting status. If you want to go back and live in your home country you can and your AOS application will be abandoned, and you would not have violated any immigration laws (no overstay or anything). So you shouldn't have trouble if you want to come visit the US in the future (on VWP or tourist or whatever).
  3. So our interview was 12/8....we received the NOA of approval on 12/13 (with approval date of 12/8)...then received the physical green card on 12/16. All done until ROC in 21 months!
  4. Hey all -- just wanted to give an update on how our Green Card interview went. Overall the interview went super well. We showed up at 12:00 for a 12:30 interview -- we were both called back right at 12:30. If anyone is wondering (I have seen a few forums asking about it) we wore nice but casual clothes. I wore nice jeans, button up, and sweater. Our interviewer was an immigrant himself, I don't know if that gives some extra empathy but it seemed so. He was very nice and was deliberate with his questions but didn't seem like he was trying to pin us down with a bad response or anything. Some of the questions he asked: - Seems usual questions from the I-485 app: confirm name, DOB, residence, not involved in terrorist or criminal activity, etc. - We did need to explain that my wife is staying with my parents until our religious wedding back in her home country in January, and we brought evidence. He seemed to believe us entirely and we had no problems there. - What documents we had for evidence of our relationship (we had joint bank account, insurance, car title, pictures, etc.) - How we met and decided to get married (explained trips, meeting parents, etc.) - What plans we have for the future in our marriage (explained my going back to grad-school, kids in the future, house etc.) So not too many questions -- more just a conversation that lasted about 15 mins. He then gave us a document saying that he recommends us for approval (then explained the 2 year green card and citizenship stuff). He also said since my wife wants to return to her country as soon as she can to finish planing the religious wedding in January -- that he will process the application as soon as possible so she has the green card in hand. Overall a really great experience. I know all the experiences can be different -- but I thought it would be good to share a positive one. I don't know if its all dependent on the IO, or maybe since Cincinnati office probably doesn't get a lot of cases so its more laid back, or something else. Good luck everyone! @Aviinashh for you especially since you are at the Cincinnati office too.
  5. Yeah I am planning on asking them when we go to the interview as well -- just so we are all clear. I mean in theory if the GC ships to our house while she is gone, but I am still in the US -- I could bring it down with me and she could have it when re-entering.
  6. Ok great -- yeah that is definitely our plan for point 1. She gets approved and we get the I-551 stamp. And good to know about point 2 as well. Thanks!
  7. I was wondering if anyone has thoughts/experiences on traveling on an AP, then the GC is approved while they are gone. Me and my wife (she is applying for GC) have her GC interview on December 8th so hopefully we are approved then and it isn't a problem. But we were wondering if they decide they need more time to review her GC case, can she travel back to her home country of Chile (with an AP), in order to plan a secondary larger wedding ceremony we are planning for January 21st. She would like to get there a month before the wedding date. Of course our AP still isn't approved, but we are working with our representative to do so. So then my question is: is it any kind of problem to travel with AP after GC interview, presuming then the GC will be approved while she is gone? Also if it is approved, and I am in the US to receive it in the mail, then I go to Chile closer to our ceremony date, should she present her GC or AP on reentry to the US? Thanks!
  8. Hey all -- just wanted to share my Infopass experience recently. I don't post much on this thread but I am an August AOS filer and enjoy reading all of your all's updates. So my wife is the one that is adjusting status right now. We have our GC interview scheduled for December 8th at the Cincinnati office. We scheduled an infopass appointment (it was yesterday, 11/27) because we haven't received her EAD/AP card -- which we wouldn't normally worry about since we are very close to our interview -- but we are planning a larger wedding ceremony in her home country for January 21st (and my wife wants to go down several weeks early to finish planning it). So we went to the appointment, the lady we talked to was very helpful and totally understood our concern but basically said she couldn't do anything to speed up the AP. She said we may just never get the AP since our interview is very close. Essentially if your green card interview is scheduled close to three months after filing, they just process the GC. She did mention that if we are approved at our interview they can give us a temporary green card stamp (i-551 stamp I believe) right away, that way my wife can travel sooner than waiting for the physical card to arrive. So that is good news. She was also being super nice and said that since we didn't get an RFE we are sitting good, just bring everything to the interview, and explain after the interview of our needs for my wife to travel shortly and if we are approved we should be good to go. We were hoping to get the AP expedited from the appointment, just so we could be 100% that my wife could travel by the wedding, but it was nice interacting with the USCIS staff in a very helpful and friendly manner (I know she wasn't an IO, but still) -- and it seemed like she wanted to do anything she could to help us out. Also the info that we can get the I-551 stamp at the interview if we are approved is good news. Just wanted to share if anyone else is in similar type positions!
  9. Hey all -- question for you. So in a bit of a different situation. My wife came here on a k-1 visa back in August, and we got legally married (essentially courthouse marriage, non-religious) right away so that we could submit the application for the green card, AP, and EAD. But we still aren't living together (actually she lives with my parents) because we are planning for a larger religious ceremony in January back in her home country, once she receives her AP or Green Card. This was the best route we found for us to be able to live in the same country the soonest, and still have the religious ceremony in her home country (really important to her family). Us and our families are pretty religiously strict when it comes to marriage, so we don't feel comfortable living together until we are married under our religion (in January). But now we have an interview for our AOS and I figure they will ask about living arrangements, in which we will explain everything as we just did. We do have lots of evidence of our marriage: joint bank accounts, car insurance, life insurance, lots of pictures, we can get letters from our minister about the religious aspect of our marriage, contracts and evidence of our wedding and honeymoon upcoming in January, our families have met and we have pictures, really anything you would need. I think it will be fine, they may get suspicious at first but we are 100% legit so they can dig deep and find everything is real. So just wondering if anyone has any advice or similar experiences. Thanks!
  10. Thanks everyone for your responses. And unfortunately not too surprising.
  11. I was wondering if anyone has experience speeding up their Advance Parole document. Basically our situation is that me and my fiance were legally married (like essentially courthouse, 3 other people marriage) in August and then filed for AOS, EAD, and AP on 8/17 (see signature/timeline for details) -- but we are planning a larger wedding ceremony in her home country for January 21. We are worried she won't get her travel document in time. I know maybe we should not have planned it so close, but its just very difficult planning all this wedding stuff (internationally) along with visa stuff. Plus back when we started making plans, the AP was pretty much taking a consistent 3 months -- which still gave us 2 months of cushion (August 17 - November 17). Now its ballooning to 4 months. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has gotten their AP sped up towards the end -- I am thinking to contact USCIS after 3 months of waiting or so. Its not a true reason for getting it expedited (closest thing would be financial loss). But I have read of some people in similar situations after about 3 months of waiting making an info-pass appointment and gotten it sped up to just make sure they have the document in time. Any advice on the matter would be helpful! Experience with info-pass appointments, contacting congressmen, etc. Thanks!
  12. RFE dilemma

    I experienced similar, though not as long. I was in my fiance's country for a month, in during which we received an RFE. I had one of my family check my mail when I saw on the USCIS case checker that they mailed an RFE. So if you have someone that can do so, that would seem ideal. That way you see when you get the NOA2 or RFE. If you then need to send in information for an RFE, you can send it from the UK via DHL or something. A little pricey to send international mail, but it does the job.
  13. K1 Visa - I-134

    The letter she received from the consulate should instruct how she needs to provide the documents (whether to mail them or bring to the interview). My fiance brought everything to the interview. You should mail the I-134 and supporting documents to your fiance, and she will either bring them to the interview or mail them ahead of time. Again the letter in the package three should tell you.
  14. Quick direct answer to your first question. No, do not leave the US without your Advance Parole. If you leave without the AP they will view your I-485 application as abandoned. It should arrive in 90-100 days.
  15. Thanks! And went ahead and updated it.