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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses. And unfortunately not too surprising.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has experience speeding up their Advance Parole document. Basically our situation is that me and my fiance were legally married (like essentially courthouse, 3 other people marriage) in August and then filed for AOS, EAD, and AP on 8/17 (see signature/timeline for details) -- but we are planning a larger wedding ceremony in her home country for January 21. We are worried she won't get her travel document in time. I know maybe we should not have planned it so close, but its just very difficult planning all this wedding stuff (internationally) along with visa stuff. Plus back when we started making plans, the AP was pretty much taking a consistent 3 months -- which still gave us 2 months of cushion (August 17 - November 17). Now its ballooning to 4 months. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has gotten their AP sped up towards the end -- I am thinking to contact USCIS after 3 months of waiting or so. Its not a true reason for getting it expedited (closest thing would be financial loss). But I have read of some people in similar situations after about 3 months of waiting making an info-pass appointment and gotten it sped up to just make sure they have the document in time. Any advice on the matter would be helpful! Experience with info-pass appointments, contacting congressmen, etc. Thanks!
  3. I experienced similar, though not as long. I was in my fiance's country for a month, in during which we received an RFE. I had one of my family check my mail when I saw on the USCIS case checker that they mailed an RFE. So if you have someone that can do so, that would seem ideal. That way you see when you get the NOA2 or RFE. If you then need to send in information for an RFE, you can send it from the UK via DHL or something. A little pricey to send international mail, but it does the job.
  4. The letter she received from the consulate should instruct how she needs to provide the documents (whether to mail them or bring to the interview). My fiance brought everything to the interview. You should mail the I-134 and supporting documents to your fiance, and she will either bring them to the interview or mail them ahead of time. Again the letter in the package three should tell you.
  5. Quick direct answer to your first question. No, do not leave the US without your Advance Parole. If you leave without the AP they will view your I-485 application as abandoned. It should arrive in 90-100 days.
  6. Thanks! And went ahead and updated it.
  7. Just wondering if there is any fee if we have an interview for adjusting status (from K-1 visa), other than the initial application fee. Or any other significant fees in getting the initial green card (I know there are to renew and remove conditions later). I know we may not even have an interview, and it would still a ways off, but just trying to plan. And sorry if this is clearly marked somewhere else, I was unsuccessful in finding an answer to it. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone -- filed on August 17th, arrive Saturday, August 19. Waiting for email/text notifications. Good luck everyone!
  9. Thanks! Yes I got the Packet 3 through email. I actually emailed the contact email on this page: when the NVC status checker said that our case was ready at the embassy. I emailed asking what our next steps would be (with case number etc.) and they emailed me back the package three and with an interview date. Yeah our interview date was 1.5 months from when they told us (July 14). I had not heard the thing about calling to get an earlier date -- honestly I didn't have much luck when I called the general phone line. I have had more luck with the email -- I have sent them questions and they have answered promptly (usually same day). But it doesn't hurt to try and call and/or email to see if you can get in earlier. Good luck!
  10. Sure I would definitely assume they would ask about it. But I figured its as good of a reason as any. Its not like we broke up and then re-decided to get married. Thanks!
  11. So could be in a tricky situation soon. My fiance and I's K-1 visa process is going well, we have our interview lined up and everything. Unfortunately her Dad might be having some serious health concerns soon -- so I might end up moving to her country (Chile) instead and getting married (would be for several years). I just want to know anyone's thoughts and experiences with cancelling a K-1 visa process and then later down the road applying for the CR-1 (or other spouse visas). I especially want to know if it would hurt our spouse visa chances at all. Thanks!
  12. Very good. Yeah I didn't know how common it was -- most of the posts I see are about people wanting to do a ceremony before coming on the K-1 visa. Which we definitely weren't going to do.
  13. Definitely. No yeah we have a flexible marriage date back in Chile (venue is letting us move it), and we are building in buffer time anyway.
  14. Sure, yeah we weren't thinking to voluntarily bring it up. I have just seen some example interview questions that ask "Why did you choose to marry in the US instead of your home country." At that point explaining the process. Because she didn't decide to do it "instead" -- we are doing both. But good to know.