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Immigration Timeline

  1. Thank you for the info! I didn't realize it was even possible to DCF a K1.
  2. Thank you! This is the kind of account I want to hear! May I ask approx how long ago this was?
  3. Already did this, multiple times. Got a different robo-response each time. I guess I'm hoping to find some people in a similar situation as myself who have gone through the process who can say if it worked for them or not.
  4. I have been reading so many conflicting answers about this. I really need to be clear: I want to direct consular file (DCF) a spouse visa for my wife at the embassy in Manila, Philippines. I am not a permenant resident (13a). I will of been here however for a minimum of 6 months, by renewing my tourist status. I do have an ACR card. I do have a joint condo lease in both of our names. We do have a joint bank account. I do not have any utilities in my name (they are in the landlord's name). Half of the posts I read say anything short of legal permenant residence (13a) will disqualify. Half the posts say it does not matter if I am there as a tourist, or any regard of what the status is, as long as I am legally in the country and can prove it had been 6 months. I also see so many people try to ask this same question in often less direct ways, and do not get a valid straight answer. I am sure many of us in this situation would love to know. Oh, and emailing the embassy is rather pointless as you just get the robotic inconclusive responses. SO, WHICH IS IT? Thank You.
  5. There seems to be some confusions to me about the 59 day extension. Is that in addition to the 30 days you already have, or does it give you a total of 59 days? My onward ticket departs 20 days after arrival, can I still request the extension or will they say no because my flight leaves in 20 days.
  6. I am traveling to the Philippines next month. Im a US citizen. I'm going to stay with my fiance at her house for about a year so I thought I would arrive under visa-free (I have a throw away ticket to Taiwan for a couple weeks later), and figured I would then just keep extending my stay. I have developed a concern that at immigration they will want proof of financial capacity. Obviously I don't want to be rejected entry. Does anyone have any experience with them actually demanding proof or asking questions? If so what proof do they want? How much money do they want to see? Am I better off requesting the under 30 day vs asking for the 59 day and wait until already in to do that? I live "off the grid" and therefore do not carry credit cards or bank accounts. Will they "actually" ask?
  7. Off topic, I apologize, but I'm wondering how this could concern my situation (Trying to get a Filipina here). I understand Ghana is high risk I'm wondering if Manila would generally be considered at the same level of high risk as Ghana. I realize it's nowhere near the low risk of say London or Paris for example, but how does it compare to Ghana and similar nation's.
  8. Anyone have any recent thoughts or experience using (or similar service) for a K1 or CR1 visa? Yes everyone says if you follow the directions carefully there is no reason you can't fill out the forms yourself, but for someone like me who is unorganized (as a trait, not out of laziness), and who isn't very good putting together professional looking packages?
  9. Oh and btw I should add that by the time of the first visit/wedding, we will of been together about 9 months. Dont know how that stacks in the scheme of things.
  10. So adding as an authorized user on your cc how did that help, I mean what particular evidence does that create for submission because anytime I have ever added authorized users, yes it gives them a card in their name, but that's it. The statement and bill still won't show their name on it so how does it help? As far as those red flags you mention, I guess Philippines is "high risk" but not on the level as say, Ghana or something. Age difference, well when I file I will be 40, she will be 30. So it's not like I'm trying to bring home some kind of little girl like 18 or something. But it is 10 years, what do you think? And yes we obviously both speak English although hers needs a "little" work. So submitting all you suggested seems like, considering chat logs and everything, would be a few hundred pages long. Wouldn't that be severe overkill in the sense that the person reviewing it might just say "Ain't no way in hell I'm reading all this #######" lol?
  11. So reading between the lines, should I translate what you said to "it would be wise to not marry on the first visit"? I know the embassy can request RFE for more relationship evidence if they want instead of just outright rejecting it, does the same go for USCIS when i do the i130? Do these kinds of RFE result in another 12-18 months of waiting or is it a simple "submit and wait a few weeks"? I mean, basically, do you think if USCIS accepts the available evidence then it's pretty likely the embassy would as well since by that time I would have even more evidence? And do you think if it's not enough for USCIS they would ask for more submissions and then continue without to much of a delay or that they would just flat out reject it instead? Would purchase receipt for engagement/wedding rings, and receipts for any and all activities we do together in the Philippines when I'm there that first visit for a month have any relevance to them at all? As far as affidavits from people knowing about the marriage, from the wording "describe how you came to know of the marriage" unless they were eyewitnesses to the actual ceremony it's worthless? On my side sure I can have my parents, best friend write affidavits but they would only be aware of the marriage because I told them, not because they were there. On her side, her mother, 5 sisters, and friends will be present at the actual ceremony so they are eyewitnesses, but they are not US residents (who I guess could be in on the "scam" according to USCIS) so would it even be worth it? And like I said in another post is yes obviously I want to get through this as fast as possible for obvious reasons, but also because in our case I already know we will have an additional 2 month delay due to waiting for marriage certificate, and also due to prior history of TB we already know she will fail the chest x-ray and have to do the 2 month sputum deal. Thank you so much.
  12. When you say you had 4 trips back and forth, over what time period and do you mean 4 trips before getting married or 4 trips by the time you had the interview. How did you add each other to credit cards? Don't they require a SSN which the Filipino would not have? As far as Skype logs do you mean just screenshots of us video chatting? And it seems by the time of the interview I would have plenty of evidence maybe but since i fill the i130 out essentially when I return home from the trip (and again wedding was going to be at the end of the first visit) so I wouldn't really have much to submit yet for the i130 unless I waited (ugh!) To file until after a couple more trips? I hate postponing for obvious reasons but also because I already know we will have additional delays due to waiting 2 months for marriage certificate so I can file, and because she has prior TB so i already know she will fail the medical and have to do the 2 month sputum. I don't see or understand how people of different citizenship share bank accounts, insurance, credit cards, or anything due to US Banks requiring a SSN for credit cards, plus I couldn't even add her to my checking account for the same reason, insurance a US driver license number, and I can't get a joint bank account with her in Phil's either because they also require a resident ID number... I checked.
  13. A few questions, and thank you to all who have answered my previous questions. I am planning a month long trip to the Philippines to visit my fiance, meet her family, friends... Assuming all goes well, we plan on marrying while I'm there on the first visit, a simple civil wedding just the 2 of us and the required witnesses. Then I plan on coming home, filing her CR1 and then perhaps about 4 months later go visit for a couple weeks, and then return again to go to the interview with her. I am reading many stories on here, although they seem to mostly be Africa based, that the interviewer often rejects the applicant due to not having enough evidence or outright believing it's a sham. It seems mostly, the people in this situation married their spouse on their first visit, only came total for a few visits, submitted many pictures, and transcripts of Facebook messenger chats, and had a simple civil wedding. This concerns me because it will in fact be the first visit, as of the interview day that will only be the third visit, we will have pictures, it will be a simple civil wedding, and our chats are mostly on messenger and WhatsApp. It seems they want pictures of big weddings, proof the families have met each other (do they not realize the average filipino is not qualified to get a tourist visa to visit the US?) Not everyone has a close and/or big family but I am afraid of being penalized for this. Is there something I should be doing as of now to help this process even before I go the first time? I would so much rather do a K1 visa but I'm afraid of wasting 6 months for an inevitable denial due to co-sponsor not being accepted for a K1. Which, brings me to the next question although it has been partly answered for me, I am going the CR1 route vs K1 because I have not been employed for a few years due to family issues, I am now working again, however do not make the required amount right now. So I do have a co-sponsor (best friend of 25 years) who is extremely qualified (K1 they won't accept?, CR1 they are required to at least consider?) And can combine my income with eligible household members to meet required income (possible on CR1? Impossible on K1?) But still it will show that I personally make under the limit and have not had the income long. Does the fact that myself (and her upon entry) can live in property owned by my family at absolutely no cost? Really, no bills except for food. Do they care? Due to the first part of my question, relating to the type of evidence I will have, only 3 total visits, civil wedding, messenger chats, all those other factors I listed and then combined with the financial issues (low income, short duration of recent income, having a qualified co-sponsor but who is not related to me and lives out of state even though we have been best friends a quarter century) am I being completely unrealistic and impractical in thinking I have even a somewhat decent shot of approval for either type of visa for her? I'm afraid I'm getting more and more emotionally involved as time goes on obviously and that I am setting myself up for a huge disappointment that anybody else would of seen a mile away.
  14. When you say Facebook chat is circumstantial, does the same apply to chat logs from WhatsApp or similar services? That is how most of us chat since international texting is limiting and costly.
  15. Oh wow. Can I ask exactly who you asked and what you asked for to get that expedited. I have no problem paying whatever it takes to speed it up. Only thing is, we are getting the license in her city of Quezon City, but we are using a private officiant in Makati, who will be the one to submit the completed marriage paper, I assume in Makati. As far as her name, can you please tell me what you mean by the American way vs The Filipino way? I mean here her intent is to get rid of her last name and take mine. At the same time we want her "changed" name to be recognized in the Philippines as well obviously for the purpose of convenience for future travel back and forth and perhaps if I someday seek residency status there.