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Immigration Timeline

  1. For the BB visa, it's my understanding that the Filipino citizen must of been out of the country for at least a year prior to arrival in order to "avail" the BB visa. Maybe that's the confusion regarding the 13a spouse visa. Perhaps a residency visa is called a 13a even if it's not through spouse but without spouse you must prove income, but with spouse there is no set limit?. I'm not working in the Philippines, but she has a great job and I am on her bank account, so I wonder if her pay can somehow sponsor me for the 13a. Will have to ask a immigration attorney there I guess. But yeah, the BB would be nice if I'm wrong about the one year requirement.
  2. Well I didn't hear they require a certain amount of funds upon entry. It's also a general question about when you apply for extensions also. And for return ticket, I have an "throw away" ticket to Taiwan, which I'm sure they will know it's a throw away but hopefully won't care. The particular amount of funds was based more on the 13a
  3. In practice, does immigration in the Philippines, when you arrive at Manila airport, as for proof of funds upon arrival for USC? What about when renewing tourist visas. Also what about when applying for a 13a residency visa through spouse.... I have read contradictory reports that they require you to have 10k in your account. Other sources say they as your Filipina spouse to prove she can support you. Other sources say they don't even really bother to ask. My main concern is arrival at Manila airport because I had to make alot of unexpected expenses before trip which lowers what I would be able to show them.
  4. I will be direct consular filing in Manila Philippines for my Filipina wife. My question is, I am using a joint sponsor for the I-864 and want to know if they expire. The situation is, before I left for the Philippines, I had my joint sponsor fill out and sign and date the 864, which I took with me to the Philippines so I would have it when they time came. This was about 7 months ago (same tax year and all). Can I still use that to submit at the window or will they want a new more recent copy? I also have a second copy of the form, just in case, which is signed but not dated. I did this with this concern in mind, figuring I could then just carefully fill in the date when the time came. Does it matter which route I go? If I have to get entirely new forms, I read that as of 1/1/17 you can use scanned or printed signed copies and it's not even required to be original anymore? Also, since the joint sponsor is using her income as proof, and will be submitting a tax transcript, do they need W-2 as well, and I have read conflicted info as to only the most recent tax year is required, or the last 3 years. Provided she has the transcripts and they show plenty of income, are pay stubs and bank statements REALLY still required? How about a letter from employer stating employment and salary status? Also, on the IRS website it offers 2 types of transcript to order: "account transcript" and "return transcript". Does anyone know which one they will want to see?
  5. Yeah, but this person lives on the opposite side of the country from me so the interviewer could question how good of friends we really could be... Dunno how to answer that, but we have known each other all our lives. Perhaps a letter from her stating she is my best friend for 24 years, and why she is doing this for me?
  6. Would a VERY well qualified best friend of 25 years be good? (Makes about 750% of the poverty level)
  7. I am filing a spouse visa for my wife, my question is I am using my mother as a co-sponsor but we need to use her assets (owned home) to meet the requirements for the I-864. The home is entirely owned and has no loans or anything. The problem is that the deed shows her name, but also that it is held in trust for her by her father who purchased the home for her. So, she's the legal owner, but it's held in trust. Can this property still quality to be used to prove assets?
  8. Thank you for the info! I didn't realize it was even possible to DCF a K1.
  9. Thank you! This is the kind of account I want to hear! May I ask approx how long ago this was?
  10. Already did this, multiple times. Got a different robo-response each time. I guess I'm hoping to find some people in a similar situation as myself who have gone through the process who can say if it worked for them or not.
  11. I have been reading so many conflicting answers about this. I really need to be clear: I want to direct consular file (DCF) a spouse visa for my wife at the embassy in Manila, Philippines. I am not a permenant resident (13a). I will of been here however for a minimum of 6 months, by renewing my tourist status. I do have an ACR card. I do have a joint condo lease in both of our names. We do have a joint bank account. I do not have any utilities in my name (they are in the landlord's name). Half of the posts I read say anything short of legal permenant residence (13a) will disqualify. Half the posts say it does not matter if I am there as a tourist, or any regard of what the status is, as long as I am legally in the country and can prove it had been 6 months. I also see so many people try to ask this same question in often less direct ways, and do not get a valid straight answer. I am sure many of us in this situation would love to know. Oh, and emailing the embassy is rather pointless as you just get the robotic inconclusive responses. SO, WHICH IS IT? Thank You.
  12. There seems to be some confusions to me about the 59 day extension. Is that in addition to the 30 days you already have, or does it give you a total of 59 days? My onward ticket departs 20 days after arrival, can I still request the extension or will they say no because my flight leaves in 20 days.
  13. I am traveling to the Philippines next month. Im a US citizen. I'm going to stay with my fiance at her house for about a year so I thought I would arrive under visa-free (I have a throw away ticket to Taiwan for a couple weeks later), and figured I would then just keep extending my stay. I have developed a concern that at immigration they will want proof of financial capacity. Obviously I don't want to be rejected entry. Does anyone have any experience with them actually demanding proof or asking questions? If so what proof do they want? How much money do they want to see? Am I better off requesting the under 30 day vs asking for the 59 day and wait until already in to do that? I live "off the grid" and therefore do not carry credit cards or bank accounts. Will they "actually" ask?
  14. Off topic, I apologize, but I'm wondering how this could concern my situation (Trying to get a Filipina here). I understand Ghana is high risk I'm wondering if Manila would generally be considered at the same level of high risk as Ghana. I realize it's nowhere near the low risk of say London or Paris for example, but how does it compare to Ghana and similar nation's.
  15. Anyone have any recent thoughts or experience using Rapidvisa.com (or similar service) for a K1 or CR1 visa? Yes everyone says if you follow the directions carefully there is no reason you can't fill out the forms yourself, but for someone like me who is unorganized (as a trait, not out of laziness), and who isn't very good putting together professional looking packages?