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Immigration Timeline

  1. Oh wow. Can I ask exactly who you asked and what you asked for to get that expedited. I have no problem paying whatever it takes to speed it up. Only thing is, we are getting the license in her city of Quezon City, but we are using a private officiant in Makati, who will be the one to submit the completed marriage paper, I assume in Makati. As far as her name, can you please tell me what you mean by the American way vs The Filipino way? I mean here her intent is to get rid of her last name and take mine. At the same time we want her "changed" name to be recognized in the Philippines as well obviously for the purpose of convenience for future travel back and forth and perhaps if I someday seek residency status there.
  2. Well that's the thing. Everyone here is talking about how it's fast if you know someone but that doesn't help me because I don't know "someone". She lives in Quezon City, but possibly get married by a private minister in Makati
  3. Yes me to. Good luck with that, I hope it works out like that but every website I look at says it takes a few months. I do hope they are wrong!
  4. Well what they are saying is that you can get the municipal copy of the certificate a week or so after the wedding, but the embassy won't recognize that version. They want the one that comes from the NSO the national governments copy and that takes 3 months.
  5. Ahh. I see. Thanks for clarifying that for me. As far as name change, you don't think that will cause mix-ups and confusions for the US govt seeing her new documents have a different name than her birth certificate? I know it sounds silly, but it is the Philippines...
  6. Thanks. So essentially what you are saying is I won't need to actually possess the marriage certificate until the interview and no need to submit it at anytime before? As far as the evidence I will have numerous chat transcripts, screenshots, photos of us together, photos of getting married.... And even though I don't meet the income requirements my best friend is a very qualified co-sponsor who is going to do that so I hope for the best.
  7. I found out once I marry my Filipina fiance in the Philippines, it will then take 3 months (according to the private officiant performing civil wedding) to receive the official certificate from the NSO. I was advised for immigration purposes, the faster municipal certificate is not enough and must have the national one. So, when I marry her, and then come home my intent would be to immediately file for the CR1 but would I have to wait the 3 months until I have the certificate first? I really hope not! Also she plans on taking my last name. For practicality, legal, and time considerations would it be better for her to change her name to mine in the Philippines before I file in which case she would have to get all new documents and passport first with her new name before I can file? Or should we just wait until she is here in the states to do that? Thanks!
  8. I just looked at the website as well. But again, it says it needs affidavit OF legal capacity, but the document the embassy gives is affidavit IN LIEU of legal capacity (meaning, an affidavit explaining the abscense of the correct document)
  9. Well the wording is important. That website says an affidavit in of certificate of legal capacity to marry, but the one Americans get is an affidavit in *LIEU *of certificate of legal capacity to marry. So technically it's wording if taken literally means the US gives you a letter explaining the abscense of the required affidavit. Don't known if that matters. And it's funny you said QC is the one city that doesn't take it. That website where I submitted a screenshot of is the one who said the exact same thing.
  10. It is a JoP wedding but I must imagine they only have a certain amount of availability each day and therefore requiring an appointment, no? I realize there is no mandatory time wait (aside from the regular 10 days) but realistically they may not have an available time slot to perform it for many days/weeks. That is what I'm inquiring about. I should of been more clear. Same with getting the family plan class done. I realize hypothetically you can do it immediately, but that again doesnt mean there is m available (not filled) class available in the near future.
  11. Well as far as you being able to go to a different city to apply for the license I keep coming into information such as in the included screenshot, that you can USE the license anywhere in thr Phil's, but you can only APPLY in the city one of the parties live in.
  12. Of course. That figures 😔 still need to find out the delays in enrolling in the seminar and delay in getting an appt to get the marriage after the 10 day wait. Thanks for letting me know I can go to another city.
  13. Thanks, I checked it. It's mostly about getting the affidavit from the embassy which I already know about, and for my other questions yes they are talking about it, but nobody has really answered it yet.