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  1. now that I know which ban I should have. does it mean I can't transit through the US either? i mean without leaving the airport, so same airport transit. what happens if a flight I am on let's say to Canada is diverted to a US airport? I'm not in trouble with the law over there so I don't think I'd be arrested or something?
  2. ok thank you
  3. dubai systems are all messed up ...
  4. i was visiting family at the time so i stayed my 90 days then exited for a month went to germany and then returned
  5. yeah, we were living together in Dubai. then he had to return to us because of family matters and because of some issues here in Dubai, he won't be able to return here anymore. so we will just have to meet up in a country we both can enter for now. we don't really want to be forced to get married because of something like this. just good to know that i have proof that ban should only be 3 years and not 10. maybe its because i brought my British passport to the consulate when my last entry and exit from the us are in my german passport. i thought they were linked in their system somehow but i guess not
  6. I checked the i-94 site and it is those dates that I mentioned so it should be a 3 year ban . I emailed them they said I'd have to reaply but now all I want is the ban changed. But they said I have to reapply .But I no longer want to apply for the visa as I know I won't get it . ?? What now
  7. We will have to.meetbin Canada till we are ready to take the next step. Just need to know if I should try and change the ban now or if it's OK to leave until we want to apply for k1.
  8. No need to get rude my dear im sure I'm not the first person who made some stupid dessisions when they where less experienced. I understand I did wrong I take the punishment without question . Life throws curve balls and now I'm just trying to find the best solution for my problem
  9. so i have a 3-year ban no matter what the lady at the consulate said? because she seems to have looked at the wrong i-94. she must have looked at the one that was before that one which would add up to 1 year and 2 months. i exited and entered after that, though. but wouldn't they have all entry dates in the system? don't understand how they would make a mistake? i sent them an email anyway saying that i think they looked at the wrong i-94. even if it doesn't make a difference in me getting a visa . would make me feel better to know i don't have a 10-year ban
  10. can i do that if i have a ban?
  11. i was applying for a visit visa and i was completely honest at the interview. said i had overstayed because i was young and stupid fell in love overstayed cause we thought it was the best thing to do at the time. then i had to leave cause of family issues and my now fiance and i figured we'd just move away together and figure it out later. now he's had to move back because of a family matter. it's just bad timing that it's exactly when the 3 years are up but was hoping to go visit him. but the ladies now said because i overstayed 1 year and 2 months i have a ten-year band so i was just wondering if it would make a difference if i told them that it wasn't 1 year and 2 months. i'll probably have to look at getting a lawyer and try to get a waiver.
  12. i guess that makes sense
  13. it says entered on the 29th of jan2013 and written till 28th April 2013 so if i exited on the 2nd of April 2014 i would have stayed under a year? right? why would they say i overstayed for over 1 year and 2 months? i already had the interview and they denied it can i fight this?
  14. thank you for your reply, is there a way for me to find out when my i-94 expired? because i thought that it was always 90 days after entering because i entered on an esta tourist visa
  15. hi, there i am trying to figure out how long my ban is. as i was thinking it was three years but was now told its 10 years. i entered the US on the 29th of Jan 2013 and left the US on the 2nd of April 2014. when do they start calculating an overstay? cause technical i was in the US legally for 3 months after which i was there illegally for 11. or do they count from the day i arrived? thank you