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  1. I am in Atlanta now, fire away.
  2. I filled out the online questionnaire but have not submitted yet as I am waiting on my divorce papers. I will update this soon I hope.
  3. That's really good info. I will just let RapidVisa do all the work, I am not good with paperwork.
  4. Very cool, thank you. That will help me schedule my trip to pick her up.
  5. Very cool, I am from ATL also. Yes, we will get started with that process soon. Good luck to all of you. Yes, long distance is not easy, but I am lucky and she is very patient and makes the wait time pass quickly.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply and good luck to your petition, I see that the USCIS messed up already, that's not very conforting, hope that will not delay it too much. DO you think she will be here before xmas?
  7. Hello everybody, I was reading somewhere that I need to provide some proof on which dating site I met my fiancee. Which details are they looking for? After I met her way over a year ago, I deleted that site and there is not anything left of my userID. Also, any of you have any recent processing times for the whole K1 procedure from the USA? We were wondering if we could spend Christmas together here in the USA. Thank you for all your information.
  8. Thank you very much for those answers. And thank you for the tip with the images vs receipts, that is interesting. We have many hundreds of pictures together, but I am not sure if I kept the actual receipts. Are hotel vouchers and credit card statements good enough? Of course I have the plane ticket receipt. That was really good information, thank you again.
  9. Hello everybody, I have been in a very unhappy marriage and finally got divorced. Found a wonderful woman while legally separated. Have two questions please. 1.) After the mediation, the papers have been filed in court by my laywer. Do I need to wait on the official paperwork or can I use the mediation date as the official divorce date? The one I will use in the K1 fiancee paperwork. 2.) I met my fiancee during legal separation, before I was officially divorce. Can I use that trip for proof of relationship? I appreciate any help, as we would like to file this ASAP.