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  1. Mine took 3 days after my interview. When I called the service center, I was told I had to tracking number yet. I still went to the dhl office to check and it was there already. So if you guys get a chance to go to the dhl office just go instead of waiting for a tracking number
  2. Hi, on the scan code it had Saturday's date on it. So it had just gotten there that same day I went to check it. They looked it up with my passport number. So make sure you make a copy of your passport because they will take that from you and you will need that info. They also ask for an ID to make sure you're the one picking it up. Good luck!
  3. My visa was approved Tuesday 5/16 Saturday I insisted on calling the helpline to see if I had a tracking number and nothing! An employee at my hotel advised that I should try going to the DHL office to see if maybe my packet was there already and maybe had not been scanned and that's why I wasn't showing a tracking number. I figured I had nothing to lose so we headed there at 11, since they close at 12. I told them I didn't have a tracking number but wanted to see if they could check if I had my packet there. With god by my side, the guy walked to the back and came back with my packet in hand! So if anyone is in Juarez desperately waiting for a tracking number, I highly advice you guys to go check the DHL office, the CAS center or even ask at the consular info window. I hear that sometimes they leave them around just sitting there. While our life's are on hold. I'm glad the hotel employee suggested his advice. Otherwise I would've spent my whole weekend there waiting to pick it up not knowing my packet was ready for pick up. Hope this info can help someone ese out. Best of luck to everyone l!
  4. Hello, my interview was the following day. I'm still waiting for tracking number as well. There's the consulate help line that you can call and they can check if you have a tracking number assigned to your name. All you need to give them is his passport number.
  5. My visa was approved Tuesday and I was hoping to receive a tracking number by today (Friday) but nothing. Any timelines on how long it can take. I'm waiting for it here in Juárez
  6. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience. Cam I ask what embassy your interview took place at?
  7. You're welcome! Wish you best of luck!!
  8. I'm glad I came across this topic, because I just received my interview for next month also, in Juarez; and the case complete email I received from the NVC also stated that I needed to bring a Mexican police certificate with me to my interview. It them explained that if I had lived in the country 6 months after the age of 16 I was required to bring it. But I only lived there since the age of 4. Which clearly means that doesn't apply to me, I was just confused as to why I was being asked for it. My attorney told me not to worry about it. I'm just hoping I don't have an issue with that.
  9. Hi, yes when you have to travel to the consulate in Mexico (mine is in Juarez) we are required to schedule a medical and fingerprint appointment before you go to your interview appointment.
  10. Hi, I got my case completed March 27th and received an email from them like 5-7 days later. But you can call in daily to see if your interview has been scheduled. I called two days after my case complete and I was told my interview had also been scheduled. Mine is May 16 at Ciudad Juárez as well. Good luck! Hope yours gets scheduled soon too!
  11. Checking kn CC- 3/27 interview date- 5/16 Ciudad Juárez, México
  12. Hi, thank you so much yes you should give them a call. I didn't expect them to schedule it so fast. I called in to ask a question about an email I received and the rep went on to congratulate me saying my appointment had already been scheduled. Can I ask where your appointment will take place? Good luck to you too
  13. Hi everyone. Just wanted to post an update. I called today and received my interview date Scan date NVC: January 19 Sup review: March: 17 Case complete: March 27 interview scheduled: March 28 interview date: May 16 Ciudad Juárez, México this forum helped me so much through this process. Everyone's kind words and support helped me get through those hard frustrating days! Wish you all the best of luck!!!