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  1. I've changed to to say 'traveling through Europe' and then the forth box says 'see attached supplement', and then I've left the fifth box empty. The supplement provides a lot more detail. Cheers for the feedback.
  2. And the FBI have access to all the records all over the world? I'm inquiring about records in my home country of Australia. Regardless, I think the overall consensus is disclose, which intend to do. Thanks
  3. Do you think this will be ok if I attached the supplements for both sections and then also mention them in the cover letter? Thanks
  4. Thanks Essiej. I think I will do the same and type it up on Word. Mine is quote long haha. Where did you write 'please see attached form'? On the actual form? On in the last box? Or on the cover letter. I also need to do it with my employment for the last 5 years. Too much moving around. Great tip to label all the forms. Did you just write your five addresses and note 'see attachment', or did you just reference it in the cover letter that there was a supplmemt for your residency? Thanks
  5. How'd you end up submitting the form? I'm in a similar situation and would love some recent advice Thanks
  6. Hey VJ Community, Been super elated with the help so far, so thought I'd ask another question. I'm not sure what to put down on the G-325a (as well as other documents) regarding my residence for the last five years, as well as employment. As a self-employed travel writer (freelancer) I haven't had much a fixed address for the last couple of years. Nor do I have a lot of 'official' payment based on my home countries tax returns. I have proof of payment (PayPal), but I've mostly lived off savings and freelance earnings over the last few years. What should I put down for my residence? Should I include any documentation of explanation of my situation? And for employment, should I just note myself as being self-employed? Thanks
  7. Was also wondering the same thing. So now all I-130 petitioners have to fill in both I-130 and I-130a, without the G-325a form. But those filling out the I-485 still fill out the G-325a? Thanks
  8. Thanks Amanda. From what I've read it seemed like the 'crimes of moral turpitude' were the biggest issues, so I don't think i'll have a problem with such minor offenses that occurred 11 and 8 years ago. As always, honesty is the best practice Thanks everyone else for their input.
  9. Yep that's a very good point. I'm pretty sure I didn't disclose the 2009 thing because at the time I didn't think it would show up. I think I already knew the answer, just wanted people to reiterate the sensible thing to do... disclose. Thanks to everyone who gave me the advice I needed. Additionally, has anyone filed their application with something on their record? Any tips? Cheers,
  10. Understood So disclose anything, no matter no small and how long ago. Even if it doesn't show up on my own countries records anymore? Do you anticipate there being much of an issue with the application because of these two minor charges?
  11. Searched through the forums, but couldn't find anything current and relevant to my case. Hope someone can help out I'm wondering how the FBI/background checks are conducted and what shows up? I'm from Australia and have two very minor marks on my record. One 'public nuisance' for being drunk, which was over 10 years ago (2006) and shouldn't show up on the record anymore ($400 fine and no other penalty). The other is a 'drunk in public' which was 8 years ago (2009) that might show up on the record (no fine and no penalty.) They are super small and have never been a problem in the past when securing my teaching license and I also successfully applied for a US B2 visa. Should I just disclose them again and assume they won't be a problem. Or should I not disclose these in the application if they're not going to show up? It would save having to get the documents together. I doubt they would raise a red flag in regards to knocking back my application because they're so minor and happened a long time ago, but I'm worried that if i don't record them they might get found and it'll become an issue. What would people do in this scenario? Or what do you recommend? Thanks a lot!
  12. Thanks a lot Geowrian, I think we're going to use the I-864 with my spouses parents in the US because a lot of our income over the last couple of years has been 'under the table' and via different accounts while we travel and work. So we might need something a little more official on the books. Thanks for the link
  13. Hey Visa Journey community, I'm wondering if anyone has information (or has applied) for an adjustment of status based on a US spouse while they were already in the US? I arrived in the US 2 months ago on a tourist visa (have been back and forth with my partner for 5 years), and at the time my wife and I weren't planning on getting married. But plans change and we've decided to speed up our process and stay in the US for a little longer this year. Now I want to go for an adjustment of status so I can get a residency and travel/work authorization. It'd be great to speak with others about this topic ** Additionally, if anyone has experience, recommendations or information on how to apply when you haven't had a solid residential address, as well as being a freelancer, that'd be awesome. Thanks