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  1. I wanted to do so, since I have been pending for 80 days, no RFIE/RFE, and did my biometrics 5 24. Please keep me updated with the results of your inquiry
  2. did you put a SR based on a job offer?
  3. Actually I'm adjusting from F-1, I been working through internships (CPT/OPT), and on campus employment the past 5 years. I never had EAD since I never needed to apply for it as an F-1, but since I graduated, last May, I stopped working, which eliminated my source of income.
  4. I wonder if anyone had lucky expediting EAD without a job offer? My case been pending for 75 days exactly, done biometrics May 24, and I haven't received any RFIE/RFE.
  5. I honestly think you need to read the I-130 and I-485 instruction. I am sure your spouse can speak and understand English by this point. If you want to avoid delays and RFE, you must read the instruction, most of forms on the web are for the old forms, which you can't submit. And to answer your question, you don't SSN, and it depends from Civil surgeon to another. Some might ask you wait for 1-2 weeks and others can take you right away. Check USCIS website for CS in your area, and call them to get more details. And AGAIN, read the instruction better, as I think if you are on k-1, you don't need a new medical report.
  6. you should follow June's fillers then to match with other people within your time range
  7. Regarding the processing time at the state you going to, it won't make it any faster. They will transfer your file to another office and assign it to a new office, which will delay your case for only god knows how long, could be 2 weeks and could be up to 6 weeks
  8. I didn't know about that, but I'd say you are lucky then considering you are from Iran. It's good it took them only 2ish months to schedule you for an interview
  9. Remember time could vary based on the office. so don't worry if it takes u longer
  10. Basically no one will ever ask you if you're in the US legally or not. For identifications, state ID/DL is more than enough. Either state or federal agency or even for domestic flights, you can travel using your license. general tip: avoid taking your passport in public to avoid loss or damage.
  11. I believe it's better to call them, say you want to expedite your AP because of your wedding *mention date*, then they may ask for evidence so be prepared to send wedding invitation with dates, flight tickets, or whatsoever you have
  12. Yes, you can do both with your EAD, once you get the card, get your passport, NO1, and EAD and go to the DMV/SS center Now you/her should just kick back and relax, and wait for the interview notice.
  13. You can easily expedite your AP for your wedding abroad... EAD? Honestly no one seems to know how they process it, how long it takes, the effect of the RFE/RFIE on it (It doesn't make sense to assume a RFIE after 60 days would reset it to day 0 again), so really just don't stress on it.
  14. I am sure there is 5ish% threshold in all tax/poverty guidelines. I doubt +/- $200 would make a difference.
  15. did you expedited it based on a job offer? I wanted to do so, but I heard they will deny it unless your case been active for 75 days.