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  1. He gave me a paper stated that I have been found likely to become a public charge under section 212(a)(4). I have to prove that evidence that shows that am not going to become a public charge by showing more income or having additional joint sponsor
  2. After dropping a new affidavit of support at the DHL Head office which is requested after interview..well my question is that will they set another interview for me or that’s it I don’t have to do interview agian cos I did my interview already...
  3. I told the co that I plan is to join the military that’s what is in my ds 260 my brother in law makes 31,254 dollars
  4. He said my wife and brother in law did have enough money to sponsor me. And my brother in law meet the requirement so I don’t understand them
  5. He say will advise me and my wife to hire a lawyer to assist us and I had a co sponsor that meet the poverty guideline that makes 31254 dollars
  6. I was denied a visa under Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality at USA embassy in Accra.my question is what should I do to get this fix and how long would that take to get a visa I had mail them and I got email says that I can overcome overcome at any time if the Petitioner can show evidence that the beneficiary will not become a public charge. Applicant is welcome to submit any evidence at the following location in Accra.
  7. You can get ur police report in Accra at the police CID office just pick a car and tell the tax driver you going to OSU that u will alert at CID head quarters....the price is 200 Ghana cedis
  8. Ok thank you for the formation...so after the 3days do I have to wait for 8wks for the culture right
  9. U went for ur interview and were approved before the 2 months culture,did you send it ur medicals back to the embassy or what before u were able to travel