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  1. Ahhh many dates I wasn't sure ..thanks for its the earlier all digits it comes soon....
  2. Sorry I meant to quote iamdegie to find out what the dates posted were ..received or noa1
  3. I was wondering ...are these dates received or noa1 dates received is 21st noa is 24th...what date am I looking for?
  4. Now ..I'm a bit confused...these dates your quoting that the received date...or the date of noa1?
  5. I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy.....not seeing the one you love for months at a time and only maybe 7 days when you some kinda medieval torture....its hard sometimes not to let the pent up frustration cause division....especially when theres a crappy time difference....
  6. Ours was received feb 21st and noa 1 the 24th...I'm crossing my fingers and toes hoping this week or next....I'll finally be able to let out a sigh of relief...the next part is easier and faster....
  7. i second that......positive vibes...I think I'm gonna start preparing my documents for my fiance....just so I'm ready...
  8. Hey questions guys...I was reading another post in the forum and they were saying on the affidavit of support you have to meet your own household requirements plus 1... but this is not what is said on the uscis says the sponsers household number...which wouldnt include the fiance at that this everyones understanding ...?
  9. Yeah feels so long...I was originally gonna file november but I was,waiting for my divorce to finalize and decided to hold off till jan so my ex and I could get our big tax return to pay down community bills....just sucks...but sometimes u have to make choices...I'm just happy they are touching our cases...its some light at the end of the tunnel and gives me hope to continue on....
  10. I mean I saw my case on there and noticed that rfes were sent out for newer cases so we feb filers can maybe relax a bit when it comes to rfes...maybe ....alittle....fingers crossed
  11. Could it be the same person is working on that particular date....seems kinda weird that that date is so special...I mean at least someone is hustling I guess.
  12. Fellow February filer nice to see everyones weddings case is a bit different....he is much younger than me and is scared of being here with no family and relying on me for everything...its kinda a try out for him to come since he was rejected a tourist can be disheartening to go thru so much for something that could end bad....anyone else having similar issues? We've been talking since Dec 2015 and I've been there 3 times. i wish coming here wasn't such an ordeal.
  13. I really hope that is all true....cause im sure the people eho are being detained and forced to surrender their visas and sent home are wondering why its happening and the truth is its trump causing this issues......but I will hope that by the time he flies down all this ridiculous nonsense is over...