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  1. I really hope that is all true....cause im sure the people eho are being detained and forced to surrender their visas and sent home are wondering why its happening and the truth is its trump causing this issues......but I will hope that by the time he flies down all this ridiculous nonsense is over...
  3. This is true but just the end of jan if you read the news the held a bunch of people coming on various visas and even made a Croatian lady coming from paris on a tourist visa return to paris...and croatia isnt on the list....did you see then news about the protest and attorneys trying to help at lax can that be irrelevant? At this point they are overstepping their rights to hold people people and make them surrender their visas...
  4. I hope you are correct considering recent events at LAX which is where he will be flying into.....
  5. Hello, I just submitted my K1 visa for my fiance in Croatia and then I see the a Croatian lady was deported back to Paris on a tourist visa....and I'm reading they are making people surrender their visas....should I be worried...I mean if they are gonna do that then whats the point of even doing this and taking our money like we can get a visa? I mean other than the obvious of getting the money....