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  1. Your right it is...I did an inquiry with tier 2 last week...I'm suppose to have an answer by the 27th mailed maybe 29 ....tier 2 is located in la...they arent in chula vista with the center...according to what theyve told me...all they can do us request an now I have two of them because I already did the inquiry online for past I still have my kamala harris senator inquiry in my pocket and I will attempt to use that if I dont get a sufficient answer by the 30th.....In my own experience nothing much helps as I had senator Feinstein do a request and they refused and the ombudsman was involved 2 weeks ago...I'll give them their last week or so to see what they response from the online inquiry is due by oct 10....I'm hoping they just approve it in the next week since its past processing ....
  2. Mos def. I also submitted an inquiry yesterday morning for past processing...I'm gonna give em til next week to see what they do....cause this is bonkers
  3. Seeing a lot of approvals on the status tracker from today and this past friday there was too....I'm hoping to see mine...most are April tho...
  4. Wow did you file inquiry online for past processing? Whta kind of inquiries have you done?...I have a phone one from the tier 2 and the past processing now
  5. Me either...its really taxed our relationship....I really need some good news right now...were both losing hope...I am trying to just imagine my approval...maybe I can will it into existance.
  6. Yes...I saw that and already filed for the past processing dates, plus this past Tuesday a tier 2 person offered to do an inquiry for me with a target date of the 27th....I'm hoping to get good news...the ombudsman wrote me that they couldn't see if I was in security checks anymore but that it appeared I was ready for adjudication....I'm hoping since the dates changed and the inquiry was done right before maybe they'll just approve it and hopefully not make me wait any would be nice to go to the next stage finally. Thank you for thinking of us....
  7. This is so happy for did made it...
  8. I feel u on the age difference...we are 20 years being older...idk if that did....
  9. TY...for the positive energy... That must be sooooo hard...I couldn't imagine having gone thru pregnancy and having a newborn are a strong woman...I hope both our times come soon. Keep the strength...if u ever need an ear...just pm me.
  10. I think we have all got enough reality in this process and truly don't need anymore....especially in this community. I don't need ANYONE telling me reality of American government when I lived here my whole life and deal with them. Its very obvious they don't care. However....I do feel this forum and this particular posting area was made for us to help each other, not put each other matter of factly stuff and hiding behind truth to prove some point. If your personality isn't even enough for showing human compassion and comfort...then be what you are...informational only and pass on trying to help anyone in any emotional aspect. Just stick to what your geared excuses needed. Thanks. There are others here who are quite good at it and we don't need anyone giving us truths or realities...cause truly....we LIVE it. Just help where you can and leave the rest to the others. We all serve different purposes. Lets not make anything any worse for someone just because it isn't our strong suit. I have enough negative feelings without someone making it worse. That being said..everyone carry on with their role in a positive aspect.
  11. Thank you for this.....I am the usual suffer in silence person...but I have learned, its easier to refuel and feel less alone in a community...but you have to share and equally help....this has def drained my energy but the ones on here who truly listen and try to sympathize/empathize go a long way to helping me refuel some of that lost energy that I need to keep my hope alive and keep trucking on. Thanks again for your kind words and I am so happy that you guys are finally together.
  12. I totally feel you....i feel bad a lot of times....I've even told him...I can let you go....I feel so much pain taking him from his family...they are all very close. And I feel so much anxiety about my kids....and him getting along...he has his own anxiety issues....and he tells me he wants to try as hard as he can but just can't say for sure and as much as I get this....after almost 2 years, a divorce, flying to him 4 times and the visa bull....I just can't help but to have a negative vibe and wonder...what the hell am I doing at times.....especially because This is a new love experience for me on a level I've never known and its scary as hell to imagine losing it....and yes...I do have abandonment dad left when I was 18 months and my mom gave me to my grandparents at 7 when she divorced my stepdad and I was separated from my younger bro....some things leave a whole in your heart...and altho I've come along way....there is still a tender scar if you rub hard enough...thank you for sharing your story...I wish u the best.
  13. I appreciate you saying that. I understand your intention. Sometimes when we vent, actually most times...we aren't looking for someone to give us an answer...we just want to vent it out and be acknowledged and validated...thats all.
  14. Thank you..this whole thing sucks balls and we have a 20 yr being 40 him 20...I am soooo worried about that...from my research the older woman thing doesn't fly well cause of having kids issue ... that's why older men younger women is more stress is already elevated with having 6....yes 6 kids....3 are adults...when this started I had only 4 with me....1 more left then 2 came back and...its caused more stress for me and my fiance cause they r close to his I have 2 with adhd one of which has autism and one with aspergers...this has been one of the most difficult things I've had to deal with especially because he doesnt know exactly if he wants to stay...because of the whole leaving his country and my kids....he doesnt know how he'll adapt... Its an enormous weight on my shoulders and my life has basically has left a very negative energy almost a feeling if angst inside of me...I am trying to learn to control it and keeping myself distracted taking classes online....but being an anxious over thinker...sometimes...that is impossible...and this IS my place to vent a bit and also show my empathy or give help when I can....
  15. What is the point of this community if I cannot expect empathy? We are all here to help each other and to empathize and at the very least....sympathize if we ourselves have not experienced the situation...and downplaying anyone elses feeling or situation is NEVER a humane way of good for've gotten over everything in life....wonderful...great for my dear don't know me...or my situation or even the full reason why I am stressing....see being part of a community requires you think outside of oneself and consider what others are going thru and that yah...maybe they don't deal with things the way you do... Or maybe they have so much stress in life anyways already..that they just don't have enough left to give to this kinda of stress....but coming off like your better and your just so elevated as a person...well...that doesn't taste good in anyones mouth...period.