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  1. Sorry didn't mean it to sound cheeky ..I just thought something separate in place for this sort of thing
  2. Yeah I know I could stay the 90days...but it was incase something happened before we got our green cards ..and they need our help
  3. Hi All Quick Question my Husbands Father is our main sponsor if my Husbands parents became ill and needed help...can you get an extension to a visitors visa? have never really thought about this before its just something that has came up and would like to know what we would do in this situation. Thanks Leanne
  4. Hi well done everyone that has a priority date up👏🏻...I always get confused with this 2nd chart ..I believe when your date comes up on that you get in touch with uscis but I always thought they go in touch about a year before anyway..so what is the benefit?? Is it to try work out visas that will get issued?? thanks Leanne
  5. Thank you x
  6. Thanks...I will just need to go and travel back and forth so I can check on him...I can't be separated from my children
  7. Bronchitis/emphysema
  8. Thanks...it is hard decision...if it never took so long it wouldn't be as hard...my dad has only been diagnosed with copd few months ago but doctor said it's at sever and he won't give up smoking...I have spoke with someone so I could get advice about the condition...he's ok the now but they did say if he keeps smoking he would go downhill fast..I only have him here that I see x
  9. Yeah NHS would be able to help I guess...I just wondered what I would do if I was told he was dying (which technically is what's happening )and I was immigrating at the same time 😩
  10. I knew I would have to be in the USA more than not...I thought you might have to be in the USA for a period of time before they let you return?? If I didn't go and my family did I would then be apart from them and how would I then enter?? A lot can defo happen it was just something that was in my head...and wondered what I would do
  11. Can I go and validate my green card then come back ?? My husband has his mum and dad in the USA so it's not as easy as not going...then we would have to wait again and my kids wouldn't be able to go
  12. Hey i have about 3 1/2 years to go until we immigrate ..but my dad who will remain in the uk has copd (lung condition) I am worried he will be ill when I leave...he will probably be needing me by then to do shopping ect...does anyone know what I can do if this happens...do I have any options or do I need to go when it's time?? Thanks
  13. Hi all I have about 3 1/2 years before I move to the states but I am moving with my children and they will all still be in school...i am wanting to research schools in the state I will be moving to and also look into areas etc can anyone recommend a website that is good ...or if anyone on here that lives in South Carolina that could give me some info that would be great. thanks leanne
  14. Yes I am from the uk ...I never said I was worried I asked if he was planning on making any changes to legal
  15. Hi everyone I have been trying to keep up all this Trump stuff...I have read loads about all the bans ect ...does he have any plans for legal? I am probably missing it because all the other things that's going on thanks