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  1. I need a co sponsor not a sponsor. The main sponsor will be my husband
  2. My original title said co sponsor. Someone to fill our the affidavit of support as my husband doesnt make enough
  3. Yes the co sponsor will be a citizen. I need the green card. I'm out of status.
  4. My cousin and her husband lives in Germany and are planning to come back soon. Can he sponsor my green card from Germany? He works for the US government so he is still paying taxes.
  5. Lol no need. I just called my primary care that works in the health department and told her the thruth that I need all this testing and shots for immigration purposes and she ordered them
  6. I overstayed my tourist visa and I'm trying to adjust status and get a spousal based green card. Unfortunately he doesn't work as he is ill now and in need of surgery. We can't find a co sponsor. Is there a way that I could get a work permit and start working and use my income?? I'm running out of options here and I'm almost desperate.
  7. My aunt doesn't work as she has cancer now. She will be getting ssi and she owns a house but is still paying mortgage
  8. My lawyer said that he might even have problems getting a passport. If they deny him getting a passport he will need to go through USCIS and she said that will take a very long time we have until August to file it
  9. It cost alot and I'm broke from paying immigration fees. Also he might have to proof he is a citizen and he can't. He got his passport the same day his mom got her naturalization cert.
  10. I need a co sponsor for my spousal based green card. My aunt and her adult son is going to be my co sponsor. She is a naturalized citizen and her son got his citizenship under her as he was under age at that time. So he doesn't have a naturalization cert. He used to have a US passport but a crazy ex tore it up. So will his mom's citizenship be enough to proof his citizenship?
  11. I contacted pretty much every civil surgeon in my city and the cheapest started at $99
  12. Lol I can't do that since my primary care doctor and also my kids primary care doctor is at the health department. So I would have to see her. Can you imagine me a married woman of two kids telling her I had unprotected sex.
  13. I plan to do that too but I know they are going to ask why you need this test. What should I say?