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  1. So I'm good to fly then with the notice of action in hand?
  2. What is a NOA1??? I have the i-797C notice of action. It however states on the header. This notice does not grant any immigration status or benefits
  3. No I don't since I'm a resident of Oregon. I don't have any valid state id
  4. I dont know if I have an AOS I just got q notice or action. Like the first receipt they send you acknowledging that they received your application
  5. I overstayed my visa and recently filed to adjust status through my spouse. My luggage got stolen and I lost all immigration documents including my passport with expired visa. I went to my consulate to apply for a new passport. My son just had a liver transplant and I have to fly home to Oregon from San Jose. I recently received my notice of action from USCIS that they got my application. My aunt said I shouldn't risk flying home with my passport as they will check for visa since it's a foreign passport. I have no ID whatsoever. Except for a foreign ID. Do you think it's safe for me to fly with my foreign passport and notice of action in hand. Also my passport has my maiden name and my notice of action has my married name.
  6. My lawyer haven't filed my paperwork yet she still waiting on some documents. My luggage got stolen on the Amtrak recently. Inside the luggage is all my immigration documents and his naturalization cert both my kids social security and birth cert. He is really upset to the point he called up my lawyer and said he wants to stop proceeding. He also told my grandma that he wants to divorce me and take the kids. I'm the primary care giver to both of them since birth. Can he do that since I'm illegal
  7. I need a co sponsor not a sponsor. The main sponsor will be my husband
  8. My original title said co sponsor. Someone to fill our the affidavit of support as my husband doesnt make enough
  9. Yes the co sponsor will be a citizen. I need the green card. I'm out of status.
  10. My cousin and her husband lives in Germany and are planning to come back soon. Can he sponsor my green card from Germany? He works for the US government so he is still paying taxes.
  11. I overstayed my tourist visa and I'm trying to adjust status and get a spousal based green card. Unfortunately he doesn't work as he is ill now and in need of surgery. We can't find a co sponsor. Is there a way that I could get a work permit and start working and use my income?? I'm running out of options here and I'm almost desperate.