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  1. Funny you say that as I was told the same thing a few weeks ago so I have contacted a local senator and I have signed a form to allow him to have access to my information with USCIS. I am going to call their office today and follow up. I started checking the USCIS website for appointments last friday but it keeps saying there are none available. Can I call to schedule an appointment instead? Most of the time I have to be transferred to Tier 2 anyway. Tier 1 are useless and you can tell its from lack of training. I cant tell you the number of times they have provided me incorrect information. I even had one Tier 1 staff member refuse to put me through to Tier 2. I hung up on her and called back and got somebody different who promptly put me through to Tier 2. It appears USCIS have everything they need (for now) so I have put in a request to expedite my EAD (for the third time) due to USCIS error when they originally rejected my application incorrectly because no payment was received even though I mailed it in with my AOS. My next battle is now trying to confirm they received my "proof" to confirm it was a USCIS error. Only a fax number was provided to send the information to a specific team that deals with expedite requests. I called and spoke with both Tier 1 and Tier 2 and they both tell me there is absolutely no way to contact this special team and that even they do not have access to any contact details or have a way to contact them. The only thing they can do is raise another service request. All i want to do is confirm they got the documents as we all know how reliable faxes are. I even asked for a mailing address so I can mail the information (just to be safe) but they said they dont have one and that I can send it to the main USCIS office but they will have no way of making sure it reaches them. Honestly. At this point I am content with the fact I will not be seeing my EAD approved before Christmas but I am at least hopeful I will see it by the end of January.
  2. I called again today and they explained that had I submitted the AOS and EAD separately (paid for the EAD) then the AOS RFE would not affect the EAD.... I would have my EAD already had they not originally rejected it by mistake but obviously its now all my fault or my husbands fault for not providing the correct tax return information for the AOS. I will be calling them every day from now on to confirm they have received the AOS RFE. I mean, I know they have it because I put a tracking number on it. But it seems to take them 1-2 weeks to input anything into their system.
  3. I filed my AOS and EAD at the same time. I called today to get an update and they said the EAD is on hold because they're waiting on information relating to the AOS which I sent them last week. Is this correct? Does a delay on your AOS have the ability to stop them working on your EAD? I was under the impression the EAD was a separate application. They have everything they need for the EAD but they won't proceed until the AOS is back in progress...
  4. I didnt say that it would have stopped the RFE.... I just mean it would be less stressful for me if i didnt have deal with this.
  5. Hi all, My EAD was incorrectly rejected by USCIS - see below thread for more details.. I have received a letter from another department asking for evidence to support my request to have the application expedited and I was wondering if anyone had been in this position before and could provide me with some tips on what to write/how to write it. The bottom line is they incorrectly rejected my EAD due to no payment however as per their instructions the EAD was mailed with the AOS therefore no fee is required. The EAD is now being processed under the normal timeframe however because they made an error they said I am eligible to request for the EAD to be expedited. I am extremely frustrated by this entire process and its times like these i wish I had hired a lawyer. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the advice - I sent the package yesterday along with a cover letter and the highlighted fee waiver and a copy of the I-485 proof so fingers crossed they dont reject me again!!
  7. 6 weeks!! Well that leaves me feeling slightly optimistic
  8. Thank you. I just spoke with a 'manager' aka someone else at USCIS and they basically just said sorry not sorry, we cant control the staff at the lockboxes who do the document checking etc. He did suggest writing a cover letter requesting that the application be expedited (as it was their error) and calling once I get the NOA receipt to follow up. Worth a shot. Also, which USCIS office do I put on the Employment Authorisation form??? I live in Florida and the documents are being mailed to Chicago but is that the office i detail on the form?
  9. No they did not..... Surprise surprise! Off to Walgreens and the Post Office...again......sigh.
  10. Gosh what an absolute pain in the a$$ Thanks for the information. I am currently waiting a callback from a manager at USCIS which I know will not solve this problem but it may make me feel a little better to vent and so they become aware of the mistakes the staff are making.
  11. Uggggh seriously??!!! Im not even going to use anymore of my energy to rant about this.... Just so i make sure I get this correct, can someone please specifically tell me where on the instructions it states that it is free when it is filed together? Also, they only mailed me back my form, obviously there was other attachments included with said form, should i reprint and resend those again as well?
  12. Help please! I mailed my AOS/EAD/AP together with two money orders totalling $1225. I received two receipts for the AOS and AP confirming they are being processed but the EAD NOA states my application is denied due to incorrect payment or no payment at all. Can someone please help me with this? I was under the impression if you filed the EAD with the AOS then no additional payment was required on top of the $1225 as per the K1 guide...
  13. AOS/EAD/AP Mailed today! Fingers crossed my EAD gets approved quicker as I am well and truly ready to go back to work