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  1. I am in divorce procce now, How should I let the friends wrights letter say the we have good faith marriage. My Question is should I mention in the letter that we were separated or not!!!
  2. Ok. Guys, I am going for divorce, Is affidavit is important. Should I mention the separation! I don't feel any good to do them. even when I have people want to support.
  3. Do you think after all this information, Can I save the 2000$ and file the divorce waiver by myself!
  4. No, I still have few weeks, Thanks god.
  5. I am! I am also little late because I file for divorce one month before ROC and my wife don't want to cooperate But you are right, I am getting an attorney! for divorce but for the divorce waiver, I might make it by myself!
  6. When you say update it means it could take a long time! You are so knowledgeable looks like you done all that, already, Do you think should I hire an attorney?
  7. I feel bad that I divorce her too, VERY BAD actually!
  8. Ok. I got it! Thanks god, I did what everybody was saying, I am just regretting that I am little late!
  9. Which site, What do you mean, USCIS Site!
  10. What if my divorce take forever, (I request motion of continuous) is that correct! Is your came on time! I am just worried because my wife don't want to cooperate?
  11. Do you think it make sense to file for hardship waiver and get denied and after refile for a divorce waiver!
  12. did you use the divorce waiver too while you were waiting for the final degree to come!
  13. Ok, Only if they ask! Make sense actually!