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  1. Is anyone know good lawyer for immigration matters in Pittsburgh,PA?
  2. This is great, I will be more careful when I am writing next time. thanks for help and I am willing to help anyone needs help. Thanks
  3. I got it. Thank you. I will start to tell them now, but it is kind of late.
  4. This is great, I got it completely now. I just have the letters but I did not tell them that they might be contact it, I will start tell them now. I put all information but I did not put their phone number. It is not really required on the USCIS website. but what if USCIS wants to contact them and they are busy or out of the state! am going to have a trouble?
  5. Did anyone know, How USCIS contact the affidavit letter people?
  6. Did anyone know, How USCIS contact the affidavit letter people?
  7. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for adding that word, It is really nice of you. You see I was ignore some of that king of comment when somebody joke about my spilling mistakes. The thing that they don't know that I speak so many languages, read and write when they are only parley speak english. It is ok though I am more nicer than that. All what I want that I got help and give help to people needs it . Thank you
  8. Did anyone know, How USCIS contact the affidavit letter people?
  9. loooooooooooooool! They will deport me and they will tell me you will be safe there (He will not be able to reach you) lol you make my day. thank you
  10. You are very smart to say that, he don't have anything to take against me at all but I am just having some concerns with him. I don't want to pay for some one else mistakes. It is the case of my life. This why I am crazy, I don't want to loss everything my wife and my green card specially that we loved each other. It is ok thanks for advice any way, I will not fire him and take his till the end!