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  1. Here where I live in the Bronx NY since he is in pre k which is not mandatory here in the US the school district only gave him 2 hours per day 5 times a week with a private special Ed teacher. Now when he goes into kidengarten September of this year they will place him in a autism school and give him all services necessary till than I'm on my own.
  2. I am a us citizen I have no family my mother died when I was 15 never met my father. I have no siblings I'm the only child yes they are going to give my son his services that will start in September of this year. However how can I searching for a new job when I am caring for my son and the only way I can get these services staarted asap if he is getting the proper services which would not start until he turns 5.
  3. Maybe you are not understanding me I had 2 babysitter which quit on me because of my sons behavior everything here in the US is a process and how can my husband send me money from Dominican republic which that country what you make you can barely survive and stuff like that also my spouse sending me money lol so they can think he is paying me come on that's ridiculous now it's just like if I have some kind a illness that prevents me from working and expedite my case on that sure they will approve it why is that so he can take care of me and not work that falls on being a public charge right because if I can't work nor he can because he is taking care of me my suituation is temporarily and I am young and with his help everything will be much easier just my opinion my thought I emailed everything already all my evidence and just waiting for a reply back from them but it doesn't hurt to try I don't wish on anyone what I am going through but it's like they say God gives she hardest battle to his strong soldiers and I have faith that I will overcome this
  4. I do fall in that category all I wanted was advise from people that have knowledge on my suituation not just your opinion
  5. Yes I have a CO sponsor and It is not my fault that I lost my job my son comes first my employer fired me because of all the times I had to leave to pick up my son I had 2 babysitter for my son and no one has the patience to deal with him and quit on me I have no family at all alone with my kids trying to do everything on my own i don't live from the government and don't plan to either but I can't do this on my own it's hard and tough having an eviction notice living on the little I have in my savings account having to go to all appointment with my son it's not easy.
  6. I don't need no negative reponse I got fired from my job unable to collect unemployment because of all phone calls from school to pick up my son I am living off my savings account and falling behind all bills and having help from your spouse sure does make a difference don't you think 🤔
  7. First of all I have no family no one to depend on my son is getting all the services he needs but I cannot keep a job because his school constantly calls me to pick him up and I am only one person ok having help of my husband being here will make a huge difference while he is working I can attend to my son needs and not fall back on my bills nor need to live from the government ok this is why I need my husband here with me and yes I do have a co sponsor.
  8. Good evening all I am new to this group and sent I 130 for my spouse in December 2017 my husband lives in Dominican republic I called USCIS last week to expedite my case due to losing my job to attend my son that recently diagnosed with autism and also going through hard times pending eviction etc etc does anyone know how long after I send documents to Texas office via email I should receive a reponse?
  9. Update received yesterday email and text confirmation I 130 accepted and sent to Texas office sent out I 130 on December 9 they received it December 11 email and text in December 14 accepted now the wait begins 😄
  10. Hi everyone, I am from the Bronx ny petitioning for my spouse that live in Dominican republic sent out I 130 on December 9 express mail Chicago lockbox received on December 11 2017 hope this process goes smooth for everyone and good luck 😁