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  1. Is it still fast? We are doing our process through a lawyer, and she will do via email processing, but she said that she never saw significant difference on time processing.
  2. Thanks, we will do it.
  3. Hi, I asked it before in a different topic, but I think I didn't explain myself very clear. So I would like to ask again, because you probably have more experience. My case is this: My wife has tax return for 2014, but she doesn't have it for 2015. Her income for 2016 is 12k because she worked only 6 months, but her pay rate is above 125% the poverty guide. Do you think they will ask for a joint sponsor? We are scared that they might ask it because we do not have anyone to do it. As far as I everyone told me, what matter is her current paying. Thanks.
  4. She has her 2014 tax return, but she doesn't have her 2015 tax return. Do you think it might be a reason for them to ask for a joint sponsor? ps: sorry about all the questions, but we don't have anyone to be a joint sponsor, so it will be a problem if they ask it.
  5. So I have to inform them about it, it is not something automatic?
  6. Hi, I was reading about the green card process and I have one doubt. I read that if you get your GC after 2 years married it will be a 10 years GC, if less than that it will be a 2 years GC. My wife applied to me, and my case was sent to the nvc, so it will take some time until finish everything and have the interview. In June/2017 it will be 2 years since we got married, and my GC will probably be after that. Will they give me a 2 or 10 years GC? Thanks.
  7. I know, but my I-130 is from Nov 15th, and I already got my NOA2 (01/26/2017).
  8. One more thing (sorry). She was in college, so she doesn't have tax return from 2014/2015, is it a reason for them to ask a joint sponsor, even with the W2 filling the requirements?
  9. Yes, it is, but she works for just 6 months, so her w2 doesn't show enough to be a sponsor, but if you calculate the same payment for 12 months it will be enough to sponsor. Thanks.
  10. Even if she can't prove it with the W2 2016?
  11. I don't think her parents have enough to co-sponsor. I have assets/savings, but it's all here in Brazil, and her savings are not enough. So if we could not use my savings for this, we will have to find someone to sponsor, I just don't know how, hehe. Thanks for the answer.
  12. Hello, My wife was in college, and now she is working for just 6 months, so she is not making enough money to be my sponsor ($13k on w2 2016) and we don't have anyone else to be our co-sponsor. Do we have other options, instead this sponsoring thing? Since she lives with her parents and don't have rent expenses, so she doesn't reach the 125% poverty guideline but at the same time she has less expenses, can it help her sponsoring me? (sorry, confusing thoughts) Thanks.
  13. My I-130 was approved a couple days ago, and my case was sent to the NVC. I tried to call them to figure out if I already have a case number, but it's impossible, it's always busy. Is it possible to do it via email too? Thanks.
  14. Do you know how long it usually takes? Sorry, I'm very excited, and I can't wait to go back to my wife.