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  1. In morocco a muslim man can marry another muslim, christain or Jew although i had converted before meeting Adil we decared me as Christain for marriage as i did not have a document of conversion a muslim woman, however, is not allowed to marry any but a muslim man you will iterview at American embassy and it is against our constirution to discrimate for age, sex and religion I know it does happen as we had age discrimation ourselves but these can be fought
  2. We made an oops...

    don't go with the new one not a fix that is easy you do need that info pass to fix make sure any letters you write about this, you keep a copy and sent retrun receipt good luck
  3. proof of domicile (petitioneer)

    just means sponsro (petititioner) has to show proof Of a residence in the US mortage papers or house deed, or lease papers for apartment or affadivit and other proof of living with parents will work the petititioner has to live in the US to bring a spouse or a child here
  4. Child from assault

    i have to agree and it is not judgemental we are in the US and are not punished for having an out of wedlock baby but we must be responsible as we deal with the countries of the world here we have to respect the cultures of all in Morocco a man impregnants a woman and must marry her or go to prison and the woman is usually abandoned by her family the man's family is embarrassed also and does not accept the baby or the marriage we, are trying to love and marry foreigners, we have to learn, accept and honor their cultures and people
  5. Child from assault

    i also agree but maybe the best way to find out is to email the embassy with the above information and ask i emailed our embassy and got return emails / even told me Adil had been approved before he was able to call me embassies give 221g to deny or to ask for additional documents from the people involved / not sure they have much time to invesigate if there aren't any police reports have you visited her since this baby is born? do you see medical issues? have u told her i understand as i was raped and can help by being a friend?
  6. She left him / he is probably feeling used just to get a visa / he may only want back the money he spent on the immigration process
  7. I need your help Please !

    Once again this will depend on the CO doing interview a person we know came with just his high school (they call it baccalaureate) diploma but things are tougher in Casa again you won the DV, go with your information and allah yekbel
  8. The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. Fifteen of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon.[1] the man who did Oklohoma Federal Building was as follows: Religious beliefs. McVeigh was raised Roman Catholic the Las Vegas shooter: Stephen Paddock held various federal jobs in the 1970s and 80s. He was a US Postal Service letter carrier in the mid- to -late 70s; an agent with the Internal Revenue Service from 1978 to 1984; and worked for the Defense Contract Audit Agency in 1984 and 1985, the US Office of Personnel He was American Judging a person as radical or a danger because of the country he/she comes from is totally wrong
  9. Child from assault

    actually asked for legal advice for this and don't be surpired if the woman also has to prove she is the mother thru DNA as people have tried to bring in a neice or nephew with hopes of giving them a good living my offer still stands to help her with getting consul or just listening no one but another person who has gone thru an assault can understand
  10. For algerian and morocco immigration does not allow self translation they say translations must be done by licenced or certified translator
  11. if your husband knows of a translatori in the US who can certify your documents, then it is ok they will not accept him to translate himself Marriage has to be from Ministry and should have raised stamp of the office send about 25 photos (include some with him and your family) to show your family approves of him at this time the ID page of the passport they may later ask for all pages to show countried visited (usually not for women) here is a list of translators in Algeria http://www.translationdirectory.com/translation_agencies_in_algeria.php
  12. Child from assault

    we all go thru so much for immigration, don't make your journey more difficult you need to check out her story It has happened here before 1. and 1 man was surprised when his wife got her gc and then divorced him and bought the child's father here 2 . dont take this as judgement as i feel for any woman and assault victims as i was myself (no pregnacy) if assaulted, she will need consul, / she will feel totally violated, she will feel guilt / she will never get over it / she will just be guided to live and move on if she gets proper help either of the above situations is going to mean more work for you, more expense, and more for your application to pass immigration now, about the assault, please feel free to have her contact me (while she is there or when she comes) as she needs people who understand the complete violation of her being let me know here and i will send my number in private message
  13. Driver license.

    i lived 40 years in NY state they consider a person transitional until He, himself, can prove all of the above it is often hard for a newbee to get the lease (no credit) job would be the best that requires gc or permission to work hard to get proof until a substanital time has been spent in this state and i went directly to the DMV site to get my informaiton