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  1. Spouse petition

    i believe it is her family before you were in the picture/ your info is already there BTW you will need copy of father's death certicate at some point (NVC or interview) to allow child to leave the country
  2. Her packet for a CR1 will have a letter on the outside with your Alaska address that is where she has to go / after green card she is free to travel she will need a plane ticket for Alaska and when asked by immigrationat POE "where are you going?" she needs to say that Alaskan address she can not meet you in Texas at this point / even her green card will come to the Alaskan address congratulations
  3. i meant South Africais anyway, sometone pleady quilty to felony manslaugter??? my sister and one brother both worked in the prison system / a bus should be waiting for him when he is released to deport him and no lawyer in his right mind should take this case / one would take your money but they could not much help you you mention he was also with a gang / not in his favor / America is so afraid of gang violence now give it up girl and find a decent man or join the BS in Africa
  4. When i did the CR1 my RFE included "Explain how you met" " if online, proof of what site and how it was paid for" this may be another country dependent and those of us with spouses from high fraud countries go thru a bit more
  5. in 2009 we had to give passport number and copy of pages i don't see in the new instructions that you have to do this doesn't ask for passport info unless he was here and given I 94 i can be wrong but i just read completely thru the instructions
  6. sent pasport back to Embassy. What now?

    i know of some embassies doing this maybe only the high fraud ones as one Jordanian got a packet and was only an exchange student / he stayed here with a neighbor a school year / we were all surprised he had to hand in a packet on arrival
  7. I-130 Approve

    good luck after this first stage Nigeria embassy is very difficult so prepare the next steps carefully for the interview follow the Nigerian portal here and read embassy interviews to get help also,, helpful to create your timeline for aiding the VJ community asnswer any further inquiries you may have
  8. and what African country i would move to Morocco or Tunisia or South America if i needed to others may not be so safe and if he committed a felony crime here, maybe he is the one you should be afraid of especially if he needed to do crime back home to support himself
  9. we had a Moroccan man on here who's wife was living with him in Morocco she became sick with cancer and returned to the US for treatment He had letters from hospital and doctors concerning her condition the casa embassy would not even give him a tourist visa to see her before she died he had strong ties to Morocco owning a business and a home with banking account he told the embassy he would sign a letter to return to US as he did not want to stay here without his wife so, figuring this, along with your past, i would say chances are slim but wishing you the best
  10. Second interview in New Zealand

    they were looking for the chinese household registry to establish father/son relationship you can ask for interview if they let you schedule it in New Zealand if this is all they needed for your visa all we can guess is it willl be approved now as if they intended to deny, it should have been stated at first interview (just my opinion)
  11. sent pasport back to Embassy. What now?

    we have no way to kow if this means they just return your passport or if it is processed for approval visa stamp is a full passport size added to the passport also when approved there is a packet that needs to remain unopened till you land in the US at first POE and you hand it to immigration officer
  12. yes, but usually K1 moves faster than a CR1 Texas is not usually as slow as Nebraska
  13. first of all your financee is having an interview???? you are the sponsor it is up to you to fill out the I 134 not him
  14. i printed from computer photos (about 4 to a page) and labeled date and names under 25 for first meeting when i had to do CR1 i did 25 for meeting 25 for marriage 25 for honeymoon (different visit)
  15. asking for passport usually is approval so bring originals of your birth and any school records plus your shot record when you come and don't get bored waiting for the EAD and the processes that you will go thru to get your green card just bear with immigraiton and be thankful for the opportunity to come to the USA as many get denied K1 in Casa