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  1. Hello. Has anyone here gotten an expedite thru the nvc for thier cr1 case. How long does it take the mail to reach the embassy. And how does the process continues after the expedite approval?
  2. thanks amy inshallah yours will be completed fast. i requested an expedite and it was approved
  3. so today my car is forwarded to the embassy alhamdulillah i hope it goes aster from here on.... and i wish all of you good luck
  4. inshallah soon i called earlier and was told its in the review department and it'll be done soon
  5. hopefully ... so on my ceac website check status i enter my cs number an instead of case at nvc it says action required and it says we have recieved your ds260 on 12-09-2016 and its asking me to submit our documents its asking me for documents i already sent is that normal?
  6. here comes another week of waiting
  7. glad to hear they working on december cases
  8. wow that was quick good luck veve
  9. thank you so much amy i hope so too. and inshallah you too can get a CC any day.
  10. it has been longer than 15 days for me since supervisor request was sent.... and its good hearing that they are clearing some of december cases
  11. thats the same thing i was told today to i called to make sure it was sent to the review department... so hopefully they are right and won't take 8 weeks.... inshallah they finish sooner
  12. so just got off the rep told me my case has been sent to the review department.... i have been requesting to speak to a supervisor for over a week and no one is available..... have you been told that your case been sent to review department? also i tried to ask her when was it sent to the review department she was like I'm not sure i don't see the date here but that she sees a supervisor asked for it to be reviewed ?
  13. this is good news i hope this move quicker.... I'm on the phone with nvc now.....
  14. nothing new everyone ? i hope people hearing good news ?