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  1. thank you so much
  2. any body out there that has an idea ?
  3. i think you have to wait for the interview letter to schedule the medical exam how long of a wait did you have for your case to complete at NVC?
  4. hello everyone i just want to know on the AOS for (i-864) on page 12 of 12 part 11 I left blank because i thought i didn't need to fill out any additional information I want to know would that make them send me a checklist. I've seen people fill their names even tho they didn't need to add additional info. I left it blank didn't even fill out my name theres a screenshot of the page that was sent to nvc. thanks
  5. how long been waiting ?
  6. (603) 334-0700 i hope you hear something soon too you can call this number most of the time you will have to keep calling until you can get to someone on the phone it will be little wait to speak to someone
  7. hello everyone just want to know if anyone out there submitted all packages to nvc on December 2016 if they got any updates?
  8. good luck fluffybear i hope all goes well for you
  9. i think because your in the Philippines the uscis has a field office in manilla and it would be much easier for you both to go there and file the I-130.... I'm in malaysia and was going thru the same i didn't want to back without my wife and they gave me the option to file in the philippine or via mail DHL to america... but in my case i was told i have to live in the philipines to be able to file yea you will save yourself a lot of time and stress if you go to the uscis office there. or ask if theres direct consular filing . goooooooood luck
  10. i have been to the clinic more than 10 times last year to help family with translations, the fastest I've seen them give results back was 7 days.... its the catterall klinik in bukit nanas in KL
  11. yea you should book it at least 3 weeks in advance to your interview date I've seen that clinic give results back within 10 days. good luck
  12. which embassy did you have your interview at since yemen embassy was closed 

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  13. thank you so much i was a lil worried
  14. Hello all I keep reading through people's timeline and I keep running across CC over the phone? What do people mean by that? Do they get a call from the NVC or is it just how they found out the case is complete by calling the nvc. Im a bit worried because I'm actually oversee with my wife and I'm not sure if nvc would contact me via phone... can someone please clarify for me... thank you
  15. thank you