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  1. My husband submitted Form N-400 and was rejected for the second time. The first time we submitted the wrong fee ($680) then we resubmitted the application with the correct check money order of ($725). This second time the Form I-797C says: " The application/petition was filled on an outdated version of this form. Please resubmit your application/petition on the current version of this form with the appropriate fees to the address listed on the bottom of this page." We have used the latest version of the form that we have downloaded form USCIS website. The form has 20 pages with 03/31/2019 as expiration date on top right of the first page and 12/23/16 N on the left bottom of each page. VisaJourney website has the same version. Does anyone know why are we told this is an outdated version? Could it be because we submitted the photos and we should not? Any ideas on how to correctly resubmit? Thank you