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  1. Listen to what the other people here are telling you! US insurance companies WILL INVESTIGATE any claims thoroughly if you should have an accident and either you or another driver make any claims for money or car repair. Even if you don't, the driver of the other cars' insurance company will! Both companies will check your medical history (are you and you spouse only seeing doctors in Florida, for example?) and credit (only using credit cards and banking in Florida?) If the insurance companies find you have done anything fraudulent (WHICH YOU HAVE ALREADY) they will pursue in court, and that can really mess up your immigration case. You get the picture, hopefully. You would forever regret not spending a few hundred dollars in switching licenses and insurance when you may potentially have to spend thousands on attorney fees.
  2. Does he take prescribed medication for Attention Deficit Disorder? They make a positive test, too.
  3. These States are looking for employees!
  4. What about looking into onstage theater production work? Set building, program handouts, posters, costuming?
  5. Hospitals use a lot of temp agencies for nurses.
  6. You should tell them now, and see if they still want to visit...!
  7. Sorry, don't know about that particular exam, but for the licensing exams I know about---nurses, MD's, psychologists, therapists and social workers---they will not release any specific question's answers, because past test takers could then sell the correct answers to other prospective test takers.
  8. Decide if you want to go to a public school (like Riverside City College) or a private school (like American Career College). If public, you will need to take all your pre-requisite courses (1-2 years) to get on a waiting list (this varies by college, but can take a year or more) to get into the Nursing program. If you choose private, be prepared to pay about $70k but it is much faster to get into.
  9. Ask yourselves: Would it upset him to be searched? Touched? Have personal items possibly taken away from him? Any fear of flying, air turbulence? Claustrophobia? Can he sit still for hours? Is he okay being pressed by a crowd? Sitting close to strangers?
  10. Many hospitals offer a wage differential (slightly more per hour) for bilingual Spanish, but most outpatient medical or lab offices do not.
  11. The best advice for someone that young and healthy is to quickly get a job with health benefits. The more years she works the cheaper her Medicare will eventually be. People earn up to 4 quarters (work credits) per year. She can buy into Medicare after age 65, but even NOW it is expensive---If she pays Medicare taxes for less than 30 quarters by age 65, the standard Part A premium is $413 for 2017. If she pays into Medicare taxes for 30-39 quarters, the standard Part A premium is $227. Still, a hefty price, plus of course you would add the Part B premium, which goes up every year; the standard Part B premium amount in 2017 is a minimum of $134).
  12. i got both of them. Pneumovax protects against 23 types of pneumonia; Prevnar, 13.
  13. So she was hiding this from you?
  14. That is not legal. You cannot be on 2 returns. Straighten that out fast!
  15. I really hope you are not saying that you are on 2 tax returns, one for yourself and also on your fathers!!