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  1. You may want to read this thread. It's quite a story:
  2. You have a wonderful opportunity to give to your boyfriend by inviting him to try living with you in Brazil. He will probably never fully understand your culture if he doesn't experience it personally. Your family's affluence should make expenses easier, and your family can get to know him. Give him this gift!
  3. If you were married for even 1 day during the tax year, you two can only file as Married filing jointly (even if only 1 person had income) or Married filing separately, so each of you files your own returns. Please see a reputable tax person and amend past returns if you did not file as one of these 2 categories. .A spouse should not be listed as a "dependent".
  4. Look at it from another angle: Do you really want immigration to be made aware of the fact that you have a diagnosed mental illness?
  5. $91,250. per year average cost per year for a nursing home in Michigan. That's prices now. And don't forget health insurance. Is he a millionaire? If he is, maybe he could do an investment visa for $500K. And most other countries have NO provision for bringing parents from foreign countries. Count your blessings your husband has this ability even if it's a few years away.
  6. There is some serious confusion here about terminology. Medicaid is health coverage for the poor administered by the states. It is available in all states but who they decide to cover is up to each state. Some states expanded coverage (32 out of 50) but this may change depending on what the government decides. Medi-Cal is California's (and no other state--yes, a very stupid choice of name, even Californians can't keep it straight!) name for Medicaid, health coverage for the poor. It is administered by the state (each state has its own rules about getting it.) Legal immigrants can use this if they qualify. Income is counted. Don't let someone else claim you as a dependent on their taxes! Medicare is a federal heath plan which depends on a person's having worked approximately 10 years in the US under their Social Security number. Legal immigrants CAN buy in with their own money, but it's running close to $1,000 per month per person now, as Medicare only covers 80% so most people need to buy an additional plan to cover the 20%. There are no subsides for Medicare. Income is not counted. Use must be at least 65 years of age to qualify. ACA or Obamacare is the health coverage designed primarily for working adults. Coverage varies by state. Income is counted. Don't let somebody else claim you as a dependent! It is tied in with Medicaid for subsidy help. If you live in a state that did NOT expand Medicaid, and you file taxes with zero income** there will likely be no subsidy to help you pay the cost. Private insurance is bought on your own or gotten through a job. One more thing: No doctor is required to take any of these. They can refuse even private insurance. **(yes, you can do this---and I recommend this to everyone for various reasons, even if they don't "have to file")
  7. The reason I made the point was that in previous decades, diplomas from school like hospital nursing schools were treated as a separate category. In history, they were the ONLY category! ADN degrees only started in 1952, and it wasn't until 1960 that the American Nurses Association began pushing for the BSN. So diploma and degree at the college level are not interchangeable terms in the US, and never have been. However, nurses from these 3-year diploma programs still qualify for a license. I think the last one just closed this year, only one I found:
  8. Diplomas are still offered in the US in technical professions. Once many schools had these but most fell away after the 1970's. One of the longest-lived were Nursing school diplomas offered by teaching hospitals.
  9. Have you been filing US taxes all those years, as all US citizens living anywhere in the world are required to do? If not, you will need to file back taxes.
  10. You are probably making more money because taxes, SS, Workers Comp, and disability are not being taken out of your salary. This can hurt you later, and it leaves you without protection should something bad happen on the job. Of course, you must know that you should be paying quarterly estimated taxes every 3 months as self-employed. Otherwise, you will get an IRS penalty when you file. And realize that the people who are paying you should be planning on issuing you a W-2 at the end of the year. Ask them now if they will. If they refuse or make some excuse, they are falsifying their tax return, and they would never tell immigration that they employ you, either. It's really better for you to work through an agency. Read this:
  11. Yes, but the OP is not yet an attorney. He has no legal "business" to lose. And I am very familiar with laws about workers compensation. You have to have been working at that job, been injured too much to continue doing it, and then you can get compensated for future lost income. This does NOT apply to OP>
  12. Maybe better if just your sister visited you. Then she would definitely have something to go back for!
  13. The above information is NOT correct about unemployed new arrivals. You must be employed to buy an ACA plan. It was designed for low-income working people. The USC is going to have to get a job first.
  14. The other issues aside, he will not be issued a passport if he owes back child support of $2,500. or more:
  15. Each state has different options. Go to the state website for information. If you live in one of these states, here's a limited link: