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  1. You are lucky that the clerk did not sense, or did not interpret your anger as threatening. Most offices have a security officer on hand and the police could have easily been called. Arguing or trying to "reason with" the police could have gotten you arrested, and put a serious blockage to your ever becoming a full-fledged citizen. Any charges from the SS office would be federal charges, by the way. To all: IT IS UTTER STUPIDITY TO EVER SHOW ANGER WHILE AT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. In the current climate with all the shooters and terrorists, all federal, state and county agencies are on hyperalert.
  2. foreigne want to work in usa

    Try Canada.
  3. Have you considered paying the money to the ex that she needs for the divorce?
  4. ^^^ Yes, you filed the wrong category. You MUST file as married for 2017 even if you were only married for a few days. Contact the IRS immediately (they are getting busy now!) to amend that tax return.
  5. Do you know if she is a victim of female genital mutilation (FGM)? That surgically takes away the main organ of sexual stimulation and response/orgasm, the cli.toris. Prevalent in Ethiopia, despite being outlawed: https://unicefethiopia.org/tag/fgmc/
  6. Not a direct response, but I think as a precaution you should investigate now to find a good child psychotherapist, maybe with a Filipino perspective, to have on tap if needed for your daughter. Your not having made time to see her in 8+ years while mothering "new" children could be a recipe for her resentment. The cultural adjustment, the sudden sibling adjustment, the school adjustment, the stepfather adjustment, the mother abandonment issues adjustment, plus the usual teenage adjustment may all be a bit much for her...just saying.
  7. Parents can NOT be added to a health plan. You will need to buy their health insurance from the ACA. Good luck! Here is a heart-stopping estimate for ACA (Obamacare) for a 66-year old male living in Oklahoma City (not eligible for subsidies) in in 2018: Bronze Plan: $1,014 per month Silver Plan: $1,400 per month Gold Plan: $1,620 per month So both parents minimum cost to you: $2,028 per month. Hope that job of yours pays really well! https://www.healthcare.gov/see-plans/#/plan/results
  8. Psychology credentialing

    Hope it doesn't come to that, but if you must, know that Medicare (Federal) will not accept the other titles for payment.
  9. Psychology credentialing

    But do you have a Doctoral degree? That's the criteria. In seems that in Australia, a Masters will suffice. Not so in Illinois. In Illinois to be called a Psychologist a Doctorate is required. The only exception is as a School Psychologist, which the minimum is a Masters. There is Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor or Licensed Professional Counselor titles available for Masters degree candidates.
  10. Smoking in the US has become known as the habit of the poor and uneducated. Do you want to be looked at that way? https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/americas-new-tobacco-crisis-the-rich-stopped-smoking-the-poor-didnt/2017/06/13/a63b42ba-4c8c-11e7-9669-250d0b15f83b_story.html?utm_term=.520f1f56ecc1
  11. You should also get tested for Hep C yourself, as sexual transmission--although usually a low risk--becomes a higher risk for people who have lowered immunity, like for people with diabetes.
  12. Have you thought about what if you impregnate her? Sounds like you can barely support yourself.
  13. After K1 Visa

    The SAT is not just an English test. It is writing, critical reading, and mathematics. You may also need to take TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) if English is not your first language. Even a community college will charge you non-resident tuition because you have not lived in the state for 1 year. Be aware that state residents are always given first priority for admission. Also, your test scores would have to be higher than the average applicant with the same credentials who is a resident. Nursing programs are one of the most competitive community college programs to get into. Most will require a year of prerequisites before being allowed on the waiting list for the actual nursing program. State colleges have almost the same admission standards. Private colleges are a different system altogether, but can easily cost $50-$100 k for a BSN.
  14. Do you mean "married filing separately"? I hope you don't mean you filed as single
  15. Just because you have a drivers license doesn't equal domicile. One look at your passport, and the story of where you have been living will be clear to immigration. Search VisaJourney for what you will need.