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  1. You can file taxes with no income, BUT since you are married, the two of you must file as married filing jointly, or married filing separately (if her parents intend to claim her again). No person can claim the deduction for themselves on 2 tax returns.
  2. If he comes on the VWP, WARNING: Don't push his departure close to the 90 days. Do 3-4 fewer days. If there was a flight delay or cancellation or a missed flight, an illness, a passport questioning, miscounting the days, or anything, really---overstaying by even a few hours on a VWP results in never being able to use the VWP to travel to the US again. Getting a regular B-2 visa is much more work.
  3. Citizenship REVOKED! Entered with fake name, failed to report for court, order of deportation issued, married USC under real name. Became naturalized. Deception found! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/citizenship-revoked-first-operation-targeting-those-accused-naturalizing-illegally-n836521
  4. Remember, any income from eBay is taxable: http://www.ebay.com/gds/Taxes-and-Ebay-eBay-Sales-May-Be-Subject-To-Taxes-/10000000000720733/g.html
  5. What do you mean, WORK? You CANNOT work in any capacity on a tourist visa, assuming you can get one in the future! The penalty is a lot worse than losing your ESTA privileges.
  6. And don't believe him if he suddenly becomes nice after you pull the sponsorship and begs you to forgive him. That's what abusers do!
  7. Apparently you did not know that US citizens are required to file taxes on all worldwide income, regardless of where they are residing. You will need to backfile those missing tax years as that's what USCIS wants.
  8. The financial gift will not be treated as reportable income on your taxes (your relative should investigate the impact on her own taxes, though!). However, US welfare agencies do have the legal right to check your bank balances, which if elevated beyond their threshold, might cause you to lose benefits for your son, as they should, ethically speaking. It would be better if you go pick out a car, and your relative send to money to the dealer. Hope this relative has no intention to immigrate to the US, as it would look suspicious!
  9. Because OP makes too little for 2 people to qualify for ACA. In California, if a household of two earn under the "household modified adjusted gross income" (not gross income) and it is below 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL) he and his wife will be determined eligible for Medi-Cal (and enrollment into a Medi-Cal plan in Los Angeles County). For this past year (2017) 138% of the FPL for 2 people was $22,412 (and will be HIGHER for 2018). And if he or they make any more money than that, they will be dropped from Medi-Cal and then they will qualify for ACA.
  10. It will be better to wait and file your taxes jointly in January. For ACA in California they will want to see proof of income in the form of paystubs and taxes. But if you only made $18k in 2017, and that is what you will continue to earn in 2018 and the wife will earn zero, that income for 2 people is below the poverty level and she will NOT qualify for ACA and will need to apply for Medi-Cal. But if she plans on working, or you make more in 2018 the cutoff for Medi-Cal is only $22,170!!! So any additional income in 2018 of a few thousand dollars and you will be immediately cut-off from Medi-Cal and have to apply to ACA! There may be insurance gaps and a lot of paperwork. You will need to really figure out your money situation for 2018 FIRST. In the meantime, use birth control!
  11. What if your mom gets so upset she stops financially supporting you?
  12. ds 160 security and background question for mental

    Hope you bought the "refundable" type of plane tickets. Applying for a visitor visa is by no means a guarantee of getting one. And be 100% truthful on any application.
  13. So did she have US immigrant intent before she even knew you? The lottery would indicate that. USCIS will notice.
  14. You are making a BIG assumption---that the birth will be a completely average delivery. If she ends up need ing a C-section (US doctors will not take any risks), or the baby needs anything extra, the price difference could be $25,000 or more. Are you a gambling man?
  15. You should really find out when her unemployment ends.