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  1. Oh i hope you get yours soon! Any RFEs? Any replies to the SRs raised? (Assuming you raised one)
  2. Hey there. I was just looking at your time and it shows you had RFE for the original 485. So you 90 days clock for EAD/AP also had to reset after they received your response. So technically your EAD got approved before 90 days period
  3. Oh until 90 days? I called USCIS and they said I can raise one after 75 days. You called them for SR or the system didn't allow you to create one?
  4. Thanks. Yeah i also think its a lil over 90 days but it also might be cos the USCIS doesnt update the details online (so thats not accurate) and mostly the people posting on forums are the ones with delayed timelines. So in order to get a clearer picture and not to stress, I thought itll be good for all if people could post the no. of days it took for them esp if it was less than 90 days
  5. Earlier in the 129F forum we had a tech genius who helped us with the case movements and number... @geowrian Can a similar thing be done for EAD/AP too? Maybe later someone in this forum can help
  6. Hi, I have found mixed information on various sites so Creating this forum to discuss the processing times and case movements for Advance Parole and EAD when filing for adjustment of status. Does USCIS still hold that '90 days processing' for EAD/AP ? or has it increased over the last few months? Anyone has received the AP in less than 90 days here? Its been more than 70 days for me today and I have started worrying a little. (Travel issues, and I need a job ) Many people in these forums abandon their profiles when they get their final cards or dont update it regularly so I dont expect those timelines to be very accurate. Please reply if the you adjusted status and filed EAD/AP and how did your processing go? Thanks all and all the best!
  7. you can check in my signature - took exactly 2 weeks sometimes its 2-3 days here n thr...
  8. Update : I did not see any case status online till about 8 days after receiving hard copy 797. I had called USCIS and luckily the next day itself it appeared I suggest wait for 10 days max after receiving notice by mail and then call uscis just to confirm. I have heard of cases where by mistake some wrong number gets entered into the system and just a typo of one digit can make the waiting miserable. Its always better to call and confirm. All the best to all of us
  9. Try calling on both numbers. Case numbers are unique so its no problem. I had tried with both and was able to get info
  10. I receieved NOA1 for my applications but its been a week and no update on the uscis website under 'my cases'. Their system is unable to find any case. I tried calling uscis and after much waiting the call exec also cudnt tell me the status as he cudnt find the case. He said they also dnt see my private info for verification as its security issue but if 797 has reached me so it should be fine. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Its been a week since noa1 now.
  11. Thanks Geo. I have decided to mark the answer as 'NO' for any relative in US, as I'm not there at the time of filling ds160. Ill send my parents the passport stamp once I land in USA and they can use that in their interview. People, please suggest if that looks suitable?
  12. B2 Visa for Parents of K1 visa holder(India)

    isnt K1 nonimmigrant? Confused assuming i go before their ds160 filling. Then technically im in USA . so what i answer to this question?
  13. B2 Visa for Parents of K1 visa holder(India)

    But isnt K1 technically a nonimmigrant visa till I adjust my status?
  14. slightly off the K1, have a question about filling ds-160 for my parents. (this is very confusing ) To the question as 'Do you have any relative in US', if I say 'Yes', and answer for my parents is 'Daughter', (i.e. ME) What should I mark as my status? Options are citizen, Legal PR, Nonimmigrant and other. I am slightly confused between Nonimmigrant and Other, as K1 technically is a nonimmigrant till i adjust my status. and wedding is only AFTER my parents get their B2 Please help.
  15. B2 Visa for Parents of K1 visa holder(India)

    to the question as 'Do you have any relative in US', if I say 'Yes', and answer as 'daughter', what should I mark as my status? options are citizen, green card, nonimmigrant and other.