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  1. No you dont need to call them for the tracking number. Go to usps dashboard, and you can see the details under 'Packages', not mails Good luck!
  2. Yes you do have to go to the SSN office and while taking the ticket from the ticket generating card, choose the option as name change/correction. Dont forget to take supporting docs
  3. Snowed in CHicago this morning! And i've already finished all seasons of LOST, HIMYM, FAMILY GUY and SUITS hahaha. Oh and Black mirror too! Some episodes are really cool. Good ways to pass time while we do the waiting
  4. No thats not true. Anyone with K1 is eligible to get SSN. Only some cynical people at SS offices deny you the SSN , rest all are really good. You dont need EAD to file for SSN IF YOU REQUEST SSN BEFORE FILING AoS. Now that your AOS is already filed, you cannot request a NEW SS card before EAD. But if you already have one, you can surely get the name changed on the card by visiting the SSN office. It wont chnage the SSN, only the last name as per SSN If you have filed AoS with married name then you can get name changed on SSN right away. But if you filed with maiden name, then dont touch the SSN now.
  5. Yes by end of next week you should get it. (Now that it has snowed, i expect some delays with usps, but friday is a good bet interview dates it is!! the next step! - i stay on Sheridan rd u?
  6. Yup they are greyscale. I wish they were colored though :/ wore my fav shirt and cant even notice
  7. Expect 4-5 days between these. Max 1 week.
  8. http://www.brownimmigrationlaw.com/urgent-update-for-individuals-who-travel-on-or-file-advance-parole-requests/
  9. No Please dont travel without AP . A new ruling doesnt allow reentry without AP(no matter which visa you have). Please check latest uscis news. If already filed for AP you may expedite it if its business reasons and say that you didnt expedite earlier because you thought you could travel on L1. If its a business reason see if your employer can give you a letter as proof for your travel.
  10. I didnt have this option as I filed in Aug beginning. Also I had my SS card with the married name before I filed so never needed it. Whenver in doubt filling forms for something i can do myself - i steered clear and never gave uscis any extra work hehe. SS offices are very efficient. You can get your made in 2 weeks just wid your IDs, i94 copy(online), and marriage certificate
  11. In most cases like this I've observed they pause the EAD/AP as you'll get a GC straightaway Good luck to u!
  12. This seems confusing. Im sure we all have heard of dual citizenships and usa approves of it, but i think you would have to forfeit one of the citizenships before you file for AoS. I dont think any country allows you to keep 3. Contact someone in immigration dept otlr your countries embassy and just make sure. Good luck
  13. I hope the income for you stayed well over the minimum limit for a household of two. Because your fiance moved from fulltime to part time, did his salary come down drastically? That could be one reason. PLease make sure all the copies of documents you sent in original or in RFE response are genuine copies and you sent them everything they asked for. Also is there any part of your case related to DACA? They're going very strict on those these days. Just one more thing I recalled - AoS can be affected by your past criminal records. Many times people think some 20 year old case they were cleared of, still shows up in uscis checks. And last of all - hope you didnt get married before your k1 was approved. You never know how and what they might find out. (In this case you have to go back to your country, get married there and then file i130) If you feel all other stuff is fine from your side, you may get a lawyer. Wish you luck! Tc
  14. Register for usps informed delivery. Visit usps website. Then you can see the info on dashboard
  15. You should have it by Friday or max by Tuesday. It comes in Priority mail. You can track it in USPS informed delivery under 'Incoming Packages'