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  1. There was 1 Nov. case approved today, along with 0 RFEs sent and 1 RFE response received. Additionally, there was 1 RFE response received yesterday that was not included as of yesterday's scan.
  2. Are you doing AOS or an IR-5 visa? The Affidavit of Support is the same, but I was confused in reading your post what process you're going through. You can use your brother as a joint sponsor (or any LPR or USC in the US who meets the financial qualifications). However, to use the I-864A, the joint sponsor needs to be a relative of the sponsor (your wife) and live in the same residence. That includes siblings, but not in-laws. As such, he would need to use a regular I-864. The same goes for your parents.
  3. I'll just add that K-3 is obsolete. It would be better to just go for the CR-1 (instead of filing for and paying for the K-3 only to have it turn into a CR-1 anyway).
  4. They've been really strict with this recently from what I've been seeing. Better safe than sorry (AKA waiting for an RFE).
  5. FYI - Latest NVC shipments to the embassies just went through. If your case was at NVC, it may be in transit to the embassy now. 24 APR 2017A&toDayValue=25&toMonthValue=04&toYearValue=2017 (Click "Try a new search" and specify the desired country...I can't add the filter via the URL)
  6. Good luck! And thanks for not pointing out the broken sentences...long day. haha
  7. I have no idea on how long it will take - could be days (hopefully), weeks, or months (unlikely). It won't hurt to call USCIS and check in if you don't hear anything. I don't think it's necessarily a sign for a denial or any particular issue with the petition. It is unusual, but they probably just need to verify something. Good luck!
  8. It varies by embassy. My petition was sent to Saudi Arabia, which sent P3 via email to my fiancee. Others send it by normal mail, or don't send at all (you need to look it up on their website usually). My petition is being transferred to Manila now, so I'm just waiting for that to arrive to get a new P3. Good luck!
  9. I may slightly help, but a school is a pretty weak tie to return home. It's not a big hurdle to find another school while in the US. Or, to put it more precisely, others have found decided to stay/overstay and found another school to complete their studies. Yes, she can visit with the K-1 pending. That said, it is documented immigrant intent so proving sufficient ties to return home to overcome that tie to the US is not easy. Her age, probable lack of income of support herself in the US since she's a student (nobody can sponsor her), lack of current employment, having a US boyfriend, having a pending K-1 petition, etc. set a decently high bar. She is free to try and I wish her luck. But her chances of success at obtaining and using a tourist visa is pretty low.
  10. If they are not his dependents for tax purposes, then they don't need to be counted. I'll defer to this:
  11. It can be days (usually), weeks (sometimes), months (rarely), or years (very rarely). Assuming there were no issues with the visa application/interview (no 221g issued), then days/weeks is common (barring background checks holding things up, which is unusual for PH).
  12. Same as the primary sponsor (petitioner). That's 100% for a K-1 visa / I-134.
  13. A re-entry permit is only required for stays over a year abroad. However, it is recommended for travel over 6 months abroad. They likely won't deny an LPR entry for abandoning residence within a year, but it has happened. Is it worth risking having to start over with a CR-1 visa? To me, it's not. Plus, things happen while abroad. What if there are complications with the pregnancy?
  14. I haven't been following the latest developments, but what I have seen is they are still taking a week or so on average from receipt acknowledged to decision. However, the pending Nov. cases don't seem to be fitting into this trend...they are fairly consistently taking longer than the average.
  15. *** Today's November Filer Update *** Date: 4/24/2017 Scan ran: 10:38 PM ET Scan finished: 10:42 PM ET Records: 204 Cases updated today: 0 Approved: 0 RFEs: 0 Other: 0 Cases updated since last week: 19 Approved: 3 RFEs: 6 Other: 10 Today's Data: All data: MS Access Database: