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  1. Good luck. I'll hopefully be waiting soon. Fingers crossed it's not too much longer for you.
  2. They sure can. But that's irrelevant. *Never* lie to or try to fool USCIS, a CO, CBP, etc. That is illegal and discussing or condoning that is not permitted on VJ. It's probably the worst thing you can do from an immigration standpoint. don't want to do this and risk being without your SO in the US. Hail Eagles! No, don't try to fool them either. They can go through her phone and see conversations and such anyway. Give up on thinking of ways to go around the process...they've seen it all before. Just tell the truth and they will make their decision. No lies. No tricks. If denied entry, then wait for the immigration visa to process.
  3. Yes, they can visit still. But CBP is very skeptical of this in general. But I can almost guarantee the next question will be some form of "Do you intend to file for AOS / Will you return home?". If thew answer to first one is "yes", or second one "no", then they will deny entry. And don't even bring up the idea of lying...that's a huge no-no that has very serious consequences... Nobody has to mention AOS, true. But that's also irrelevant - entering on a tourist visa with the intent to file for AOS is fraud. It's true that if they don't ask you then you don't have to volunteer the information. But the act itself is still fraud. If you are already in the US and meet the requirements to file AOS, then you may do so regardless of intent at POE. I have my own understanding of how preconceived intent can or cannot be used as one of many factors for AOS purposes, but you are permitted to file AOS regardless of intent at POE.
  4. It's not about having a return flight or not. Entering the US on a tourist visa with the intent to remain & file AOS is visa fraud. No, that's not what I said. You can apply for AOS from a tourist visa if you meet the requirements while in the US. But that's neither here nor there...option #2 becomes illegal at POE - before being formally admitted into the US. There is no way to "get around this" other than fraud. Flying with a USC does not change this. Flying with a USC baby does not change this.
  5. What does a return flight have to do with it (other than trying to fool CBP)? I'll say it again: If you enter the US on a tourist visa with the intent to stay and file AOS, then you are committing visa fraud.
  6. I'm saying that if you enter the US on a tourist visa with the intent to immigrate (i.e. stay in the US and file AOS), then you are committing visa fraud. Yes. This is clearly stated.
  7. No. Option #2 is visa fraud as has been stated repeatedly above. Do not do this.
  8. geowrian butting in here... XD I have not, but just download the form and review it beforehand. It looks fairly straightforward. Seeing it or filling in one beforehand should help with anxiety. You'll be fine. Good for you. I wish you the best and am glad to hear you're making a step towards independence. This is healthy.
  9. Yes, I would recommend finding one in case they ask for it since you are on the border. The 125% of the poverty line (which will likely increase in a couple months) is only a minimum. The CO will take into account the totality of your financial situation, and may still believe she could become a public charge and want a joint sponsor in case.
  10. Yes, a green card is proof of your work authorization.
  11. Mmm....BeNaughty~ XD But hey, apparently my ads in that app want me to get a Russian passport. Sweet?
  12. Hey, no complaints here! lol
  13. As noted, it depends on your particular circumstances as to why you are in removal procedures. If it is because you are currently out of status, leaving will likely incur a bar upon departure. You will need a new visa and a waiver to overcome this. If you are in status when you depart the US (i.e. if you file AOS after your marriage and your circumstances permit you to file AOS), then you likely won't incur a bar (again, we don't know all of your circumstances so can't say for sure). If you only overstayed a visa, then leaving while in status (and before obtaining AP) will not incur a bar. Your AOS will be abandoned upon departure, and you will need a new visa to enter the US. Note that this is all without taking into account the particular reason for your removal - some causes may have their own bar or require other waivers or otherwise be a reason for USCIS or a CO to deny future visa attempts. Either way, getting a new visa will not be a quick or easy process - and it may take years and an attorney. Good luck.
  14. Green card will be roughly 1 year after filing AOS. You can start working once you get an EAD, which you should file together with the AOS. That takes roughly 90 days.
  15. Yes, it can be. No, I don't think it's likely that Trump or the Senate + House will go out of their way to delve into any details of immigration. At legislature pace, having that within a year would be amazing even without the other bucket load of items on their plate that they've promised to tackle. Again, this is just my personal opinion.