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  1. Hey ndifonman, Thanks for reminding me to update you guys. It went well. We got there 30 mins before appoint which was at 2.15pm and waited until about 3-3.15pm. Was not terribly busy. Went to the room and we were sworn in and biometrics done first. The officer then proceeded to ask my husband questions about when we met, how long we had been dating, who proposed to who etc. I was not asked any questions about the nature of our relationship. He then asked if there was anything we wanted to add to our file we gave him copies of extra documents for bills, insurance documents, lease agreements etc. He asked for pictures which we didn't have as we had packed everything for recently moved. And then we did the questions like ever committed murder etc. I asked for the stamp in the passport to be able to leave the country, he said he will only give that if it was an emergency but i should get my green card soon. all in all interview lasted about 15-20 mins which was way quicker total time than i anticipated. Thought i would be there all afternoon. I got updated that card was being mailed next day, even though it said day of interview as day of approval. If you have any other more questions, will happily provide more detail. Good luck on thursday! Just be calm and will fly by
  2. Thanks. I'm sure we are all scheduled at this point. It's just getting the notification/letter.
  3. Finally, got my interview notice. However not from USCIS from Senator Booker's office as i had put in a request months ago. They remembered me i guess. August 30th
  4. moving in june as well if moving address speeds it up that would be great
  5. Yup NJ takes forever, will send the application ASAP
  6. do you reckon the wait time will still be 90 days?
  7. thanks guys. will send AP application now knowing i don't really need a reason
  8. Yeah i was just confused about reason for travel during the application process so i didn't send one.
  9. Hey guys I did not apply for advance parole during my adjustment. Is it possible to travel to US territories (Puerto Rico, US virgin Islands, Guam...) without this? Thanks
  10. Hey! Did you have to fill out a new form or just get the results?
  11. Congratulations! I'm sure you must be so relieved. Thanks for the update