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  1. hey lady j...  i did my interview already medical ..can you help me out i dont understand?? i did my interview 1st of december but i didnt carry my medical because the appointment for my medical was 13 december . anyway my medical was send in after my interview .. then it started to process i check the status its said adminstaive processing for 3week and yesturday it finally change to READY . . shouldnt it be ISSUED ???/ what happen /?


    1. Ladyj


      That's the government for you.  They keep us wondering.  It should go from, ready, administrative processing, issues.  that might mean they are just working on it.  In my opinion it shouldn't say ready because you already had your interview. Send them an email and see if you get a response.

  2. Glad to hear your story! All the best to you and your wife.
  3. Your lucky that it even says "administrative processing". My husband had his interview on January 5th and was approved and it still says "ready". There is someone with an approved CR1 visa since November AND STILL WAITING!!!! We are all wondering what is going on with the Embassy's!
  4. So it's 4 weeks now since your medical has been sent to the embassy. Dam, I really know how you feel. Please keep me posted when you do get an answer from them. I will be praying for both of us.
  5. I'm sure they are working on it but this really taking too long for both of us!! Once your medical is CLEAR and your visa is APPROVED. They should do what they need to do quickly so people can get to be with their loved one.
  6. I totally know what your going through. So it's been a month for you now. They told my husband up to a month for it to be issued but that is crazy. I hope you get an answer soon. Are you in the CR1 category?
  7. His medical was done, December 13th and received at the Embassy on January 3rd. His interview was January 5th. It seems they didn't check the database before his interview to realize that his medical was there. I emailed them last week and got a response that it is under "review" and they will contact as us as soon as it is completed or meaning when the visa is issued but its 2 weeks now. I don't understand why it's taking so long and the only contact you can have with them is through email and no live person.
  8. Who does the child live with? the mother? are both parents in the United States?
  9. Is anyone experiencing a long wait since the approval of their CR1 Visa at the Kingston Embassy? My husband was approved and it is now week 2 and we want to know when the Visa will be ready. I sent the embassy and email and they responded "it is under review" and they will contact us once it is completed. Why is this taking so long?
  10. It took a week for us to get an interview date. Keep in mind it all depends on your Embassy. Some are quick, some are slow.
  11. Thank you so much. Today makes a week since the approval. So I will see how long its going to take for the system say "issued".