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  1. OK perfect. And I should still do the online change of address when I move to the new apartment, correct?
  2. Here is our timeline: 9/15-9/30 We visit my parents in the US 10/18 I-129F filed 10/20 NOA1 notified 11/10 I traveled to US, received job offer and signed with company, then came back overseas 11/22 NOA2 approved 11/29 Signed lease on apartment in the US near my new job 12/17 I move to US to start new job (in 2 weeks from time of posting) We used my parents US address on the I-129F for my fiancée's intended address in the US, and if I had not found a job beforehand we would be living with them to start. However, I have found a job and now my fiancée's intended address has changed to the new address. The online "change of address" is only for my address, correct? Is there a way to change her intended address? Can I write a letter explaining this timeline for her to take to the interview? Also, my new company is going to write a letter of employment for my I-134. Will that be enough even though I might only have 1 pay check before her interview? I have bank statements showing deposits for the last year from my company overseas, which I am no longer working for as of last week (local company/account/currency, but I've already wired the balance to my US account and have all of the paperwork). Should I include that as well? Thank you!