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  1. Thank God. Our visa was issued today. Its time to party. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW
  2. Me and my fiance had our K1 interview on Feb 1 2017. She brought in a copy of her birthcertificate and the embassy employee wanted the original. We were told that we needed to deliver her passport and original birth certificate to MBE in Mega Cento Mall. We did that 1 hour later. Everything was turned in on Feb 1 2017. It has been over 2 weeks, even though the employee said that we would have the visa within 14 days. I check the ceac website like 10 times a day. I have noticed that the dates have changed showing that it is updating. This has happen about 5-6 times. This is litterally driving me crazy. I just do not understand why this is such a slow process, it honestly doesnt need to be. I am basically asking for any advice. I really dont know what to do. Is there anyone that I can call? Everytime i email ustraveldocs I get this autoresponse email basically saying to please be patient. this is BS.
  3. I just check the ceac website last night and it shows an update for 2/6/17. DOes that mean they recieved the document I turned in 2/1/17? They said we were approved after they recieved my fiance orginal birth certificate. They didnt like the copy? How long do you think it will take to have visa in hand now? It still says administrative processing. I purchased a ticket for 2/14/17. That is the longest I can wait before going back to work. Man this is stressful. Thank God they said approved. Hopefully someone can shed light onto this subject for me.
  4. Today we had our interview. The woman told us that we were approved with the understanding that we produced a better copy of my wifes birth certificate. We did that 2 hours later. We were given an address to send the document into, my question is, If they were going to deny us they would have just done it right there correct? I am asking because right now the status on the website says Administative processing. I realize it will take a little time to have the mebassy recieve the new birth certificate. Im just nervous, thats all. You all know this is a crazy process. Thanks for all input
  5. Hello Everyone, I have a quick question. What do we have to do (Me and my Fiance) to allow her to travel back and forth to the Dominican Republic once the visa is approved to check on her grandfather? He is very sick.
  6. Congrats. i know that this is stressful.
  7. The NVC finally released my case out of AP and sent it to the embassy. How long before it goes from in transit to ready? And what will be my next steps after that. Thanks. This has actually been very stressful. Wow. I am very happy now.
  8. Just spoke to an NVC supervisor and they told me that they are super backed up and my case is not in AP. Why would people lie to me. This is horrible. They act as if I am being crazy simply because I want the truth. WOW. I feel like I am losing my mind. I will be patient, I have no choice, but it is very disappointing to know that my own country, or people that are working and representing my country are so comfortable with lying to me.
  9. Honestly, I dont think anyone on this website truly has a clue whats going on. These are merely assumptions based off dated timelines people are refferencing. I believe that unless you are a special case, your file just sits. Come on, this is the American Govt., since when has anything here been efficient? NEVER. The reps at the NVC use the term AP simply because its a trump card, there is no way to dispute it or question them. Just think, if people were truly getting investigated like people on VJ think then why are all of the files basically leaving at the same times? It took exactly 21 days for 100 peoples backgrounds to come back. Hell no. The NVC is just like any other agency with no one to answer to, LAZY. They are sitting on our files, until there basically is no other reason to let them sit there. You can get a background check in minutes now a days, not weeks or months. Everything is done electronically, so postal mail can no longer be the excuse. My case in SDOXXXXXXXXXX The X= digits I changed some of the numbers for like 100 different combinations and I noticed that when the files were approved they were approved all the same day. In my case Nov 30 2016. And that was only like 6 out of the 100 i looked at. It would be almost impossible to push through a back log of applicants if your flagging 96% of them for some type of additional processing. I really apprieciate the input from this site, but in this case I think majority of people on here are incorrect. Odds are, the NVC is understaffed. They use the AP exuse simply so they do not have to answer to any of the applicants. They realize that everyone that is applying is walking on eggshells and nervious not to say the wrong thing for fear that we will be denied. I am not saying that I know what I am talking about like everyone else, but it seems as if the really fast approvals are coming from organized embassies. So add lazy government employees and unefficient embassies from 3rd world countries and you get what people are calling AP. FYI: Yes I have too much time on my hands when it came to checking the different case numbers. And I am still waiting!!!!!!!!!!! ******SORRY FOR THE LONG POST
  10. I have been stuck there since Nov 15. The most frustrating part is calling and everyone acting clueless.
  11. Still stuck in AP. SMH. NVC has had case since NOV 15
  12. YES. I have had my case number since the 17th of Nov.
  13. How can my application possibly be getting processed for over 20 days? It doesn’t take that long. And I am basing this off other people’s timelines from this website. When I call the NVC I get the rudest people on earth. I was hoping to have my interview before Christmas. Everything was going perfect until the lazy NVC got my application. It does not make any sense to me why it could possibly take this long. When you call in no one has an answer, only please be patient and we do not have an estimated time frame when your application will be complete. This is BS. I want to know if there is anyone that I can call to get things finalized.