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  1. Show me where I could have misunderstood anything you said when I was just answering the OP's question. I never referenced you quoted you or anything so for you to speak directly to me...for what? we all have to make our judgments based on our experiences as such Im entitled to my own understanding. I will just be more mindful when I respond in the future of who I am responding to. No offense taken every experience is for learning.
  2. I agree. I find people answering based on what they read about others' experiences. I believe that it promotes biases and stereotypes too because each person's experience is subjective. A word that gets thrown around a lot is Fraud...and which countries are high fraud etc. I dont really like that too much because just because someone comes from one of those countries it does not mean that they are committing fraud.
  3. I never said you did. It was my fault though because I never pay attention to the poster. I only study the post in order to not be biased, wish everyone did that smh.
  4. Oh did you to include the letters as well? The numbers for MSC?
  5. Great story and one of the things I envy most about visitors to America, they tend to see and experience things natives never will.
  6. Gotcha. That they are giving a date at all kind of scares me because in the past it would just say 3 months.
  7. Yes people who I have seen get an RFE for medical they had the option to submit it or bring it with them to the interview. At least that is what it said in their letters. That leaves me to believe they are not slowing down cases for that. Even in instances where cases were waiverable ( not everyone gets an interview), they just asked the beneficiary to send it in before final approval. Now if your case was potentially interview waiverable who ever gets it may change their mind because of that but its optional now you are no longer required to send it with the application.
  8. I edited it. I was saying that the current chart is where they were as of November 30th. They could be much farther ahead now.
  9. it was based on where they were on November 30th they can be much further ahead now. I think OP is concerned about PD because you read about that a lot. I remember I was like that too then I remembered that our visas were immediately available that is why our date is current duh lol.
  10. Actually, I think it is about right if you ask me. I filed an EAD in November as well and I expect to receive it based on the date in my timeline. The first one was spot on that I filed in September. It took exactly 67 days.
  11. But couldnt one just apply for an extension under the guise of a pending AOS application? Especially if they get married lets say day five and apply for AOS day 6 and already have your NOA 1 for 485 before the K-1 EAD expires?
  12. Be careful because even babysitting for a family member paid or unpaid can be considered "work " for immigration purposes.