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  1. And also have the cosponsor send pay stubs and employment letter for new income.
  2. Did you also sign a 864? As the petitioner you must submit one as well. Or they may not like that the co sponsor makes so close to the poverty line.
  3. It usually takes about 10 days for the receipt number to work. You can contact USCIS if you would like but until they can use the number they will not be of much help. I would wait a week to see if your receipt number works and if it does, I wouldnt worry about it too much as the NOA is not as important as the NOA 2 because it is the approval. If you are applying for a spousal visa then it is immediately available and you do not have to worry about when priority date as yours will be current. The main thing you want to be sure is that the receipt number is registered and when you are ready to check it works. Many ppl have had this problem recently. Good Luck.
  4. I think it is ok but search USCIS for the specific rules of income. I did a little research and it does include retirement income as an allowed source.
  5. Yeah I would wait as at least you do have tracking and will be able I was going to say the exact same thing. They will find it at least there is a tracking number that they can refer to.
  6. But also anyone mom claimed on her taxes or filed taxes with. Just resubmit the 2016 taxes and w2s you should be fine. Like I said if they do not accept your document for whatever reason, then it will automatically generate that you did not meet the qualification.
  7. That is a standard answer when you submit the wrong documents. Since you did not send 2016 then technically you do not meet the requirement. They will not use 2015 as 2016 is the current tax year from which they decide if you meet the federal poverty guidelines.
  8. I would wait until you definitely know it has not been received before reapplying.
  9. Also this Getting Married. If you are the unmarried son or daughter of a permanent resident, and you get married prior to becoming a permanent resident, you no longer qualify for permanent residence through your permanent resident family member. There is no visa category for a married child of a permanent resident. Note: You must notify USCIS of any change in your marital status after Form I-130 has been filed for you and prior to becoming a permanent resident or obtaining an immigrant visa. Permanent Resident Relative Becomes a U.S. citizen. If the permanent resident relative that petitioned for you becomes a U.S. Citizen, your preference category would change and a visa may be available sooner. This is because you would now be getting a green card as a relative of a U.S. citizen. For more information on getting a green card through a U.S. citizen relative, see the “Green Card for a Family Member of a U.S. Citizen” and “Green Card for an Immediate Relative of a U.S. Citizen” pages.
  10. Getting Married. If you are the unmarried son or daughter of a U.S. citizen and you get married prior to becoming a permanent resident, then you no longer qualify as an “Unmarried Son or Daughter of a U.S. Citizen” and will convert to the category of “Married Son or Daughter of a U.S. Citizen.” This change in categories may result in a significant delay in your immigrant visa becoming available. You must notify us of any change in your marital status after Form I-130 has been filed for you and prior to becoming a permanent resident or obtaining an immigrant visa. For more information on priority dates, see the “Visa Availability & Priority Dates” page. I got this from the USCIS website. Hope it helps good luck.
  11. I think in some instances it specifically requests that you use CAPS. Read the forms very carefully. I think it matters more though if you are handprinting verses typing.
  12. Yes when a pkg is rejected for one reason then all other reasons related to that petition also apply. So if you reject your AOS then that affects your ability to apply for AP.
  13. I didnt get that answer. They actually said that my case was in process and I should hear something soon. If you do it on day 75 you may her that that is why I recommend day 76 and 91 as it will be after 75 days. Your USCIS Account Number (A-number): -- Information not availableType of service requested: -- Approaching Regulatory Time FrameThe status of this service request is: Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly. Address Changes: If you move, please provide us with an updated address. For more information about address changes, please visit our Web site at, and click on "Change Your Address Online." For More Information: If you do not find the information you need through our online services and need further assistance, you may contact our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 or 1-800-767-1833 (TDD for the hearing impaired).
  14. I wish I could give you 2 reputations for this...ppl get upset when you complain about the system, but then they will complain about someone complaining about it? Seems quite ironic to me. I am trying to add my minor to my lease with is EAD which is all that is required and my manager asks me why does he have an EAD and he doesnt work. SMH. Yes it is an issue of knowledge in most cases.
  15. As previous poster stated you can file your first service request as approaching 90 days and then if there is still no result, you may file again on day 91. I chose this way and on day 91 my card was approved.