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  1. Ok thanks! Just the number on the USCIS hotline?
  2. I had my biometrics in mid June, still nothing about my EAD and AOS, any ideas on how to speed things up would be good or comments on people around the same timeline would be great. I came here on a K1 visa. Thanks everyone.
  3. he has already provided it, we have done all that paperwork etc. im now waiting on my green card and work permit
  4. cos i have both my dogs here from Australia and it takes 6 months to get them back so i dont want to leave them. Applied for the green card about 2 months ago. and should receive the work permit any day now according to timelines.
  5. Yes I entered on the 17th March and the stamp in my passport says 17th June. We got married on the 27th March.
  6. If our marriage ends and I still haven't got my green card, Am I allowed to remain in the country until the divorce processes and when can I get an ESTA to come back? Do I need to return to Australia before coming back or not?
  7. Hi there what happens if a marriage ends before the work permit and green card is issued? How soon do you have to leave the country and what visa can you return on?
  8. thanks for the info, where do you get this kinda information from, this website?
  9. Hi there, how long is it taking ppl to get their green card after they have gotten married in the USA and had their biometrics test done??? I have had my biometrics done and still waiting on Green Card and Work permit. Biometrics was on 14th June 2017. I have heard GC is taking 9 months at the moment.
  10. Hi i am wanting to know how long it is taking people to receive their EAD after their biometrics tests within the couple of months. I've heard it's taking so much longer now. I had my biometrics done today and have come here on a k1 visa. Thanks!
  11. I am in Florida and I want to know if we can legally drive or do we have to wait until we get our work permit/green card. My understanding is tourists can drive on an international drives license for 30 days, but there is no rule anyone can tell me for ppl like myself on a K1 visa.
  12. When can I apply for a SSN

    Hmm well the USCIS website says you can apply for one after the green card is issued as well as a license, so I dunno!