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  1. Thank you @pushbrk, I did exactly what you said and resend the children's form and USCIS acknowledged that they've received it on October 27th, 2017.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm asking this question on behalf of my auntie, please can't read or write. She came to USA on tourist visa 5year ago, she got married to USA citizen in May,2017. He filed for i-130 for my aunt and step children, who are not in USA right now. The petitioner filed for form I-130 and the USCIS has rejected the step children forms indicating that it was suppose to have been file with form I - 485. Please help as the beneficiaries are not in the United States but overseas.
  3. Ma'am, am afraid he might be older than 22, as you said you also look younger than your age. Am also from west Africa, being 22 and very rich on your own merit is rare or unless you inherite it from your parents. Most people at his age will either be in their parents care or has just started life on their own. Time will tell if the love is real or fake
  4. Visa pick up

    Two weeks after interview. But was sent to dhl,three days after my interview. I saw it on the dhl envelope!
  5. Visa pick up

    Just wait for the two weeks, and go to dhl office at north ridge with your blue slip,valid ID card with a photocopy. And just pick it if only it's there.the embassy will not email or inform you about it
  6. Hello degbele,

    Did you have your interview in Ghana? If yes,did you received your passport from dhl or the embassy.


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    2. Myprincess


      Thank you for the prompt reply

    3. Myprincess


      I went to pick my passport with visa and the brown package yesterday at dhl at north ridge. Thank you.

    4. degbele


      congrats...make sure to put the brown envelope in your carry on bag when travelling. Have a safe trip!!!

  7. Consulate reviews

    Please God help my dear friends going through this awful and stressful Ghana embassy. Help nyala62 as you helped me. let her meet a nice co and get an approval. Amen!
  8. I think what Akua and papa can do is to contact friends or family members who were there at the time of their marriage if they have some pictures of their marriage and use to support their case than wait for rfe
  9. Pictures are very important at any point in this immigration process, whether uscis, nvc or at the interview stage. The CO asked a specific question after glancing through an album I presented at the interview
  10. Yes,I agree with O&Gforever said, That CO made a decision before you're interview ,base on the evidence you sent to USCIS and nvc. My husband sent a lot of document to USCIS and added more at nvc as well. I also sent some to the interview.l think it's good to frontload your case with a whole lot of evidence
  11. Consulate reviews

    Also, my first ever interview
  12. Consulate reviews

    It's my first cr1 case. Not a reaffirmed case
  13. Consulate reviews

    I sign out, and later sign in and still encounter that problem
  14. Consulate reviews

    Now, these are the questions asked. 1) have you travel before. 2)is this your first marriage. 3)how many times have your husband visited? 4)How did you meet your husband. 5) what are his hobbies? 6) where does he work. 7) did he come for the christened? 8)describe the kind of person your husband is in the state? Well, am approving your visa and pick it up in two weeks at dhl, at north ridge and not at the embassy. Hope this help someone in his/her visa journey. Please be confident and calm, not timid or afraid of the co. I remember i gave an answer to a question and he raised an eye brow and said no,no I don't like what you have rehearsed or someone has told you, that was question 8. Please do not lie ,look at his eyeball and not rush with your sentence. All the best to everyone and more approved cases in Ghana