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  1. Hello Experts, This may be a silly question but I am still new to the forum. Is K3 visa still available? Or only IR-1/CR-1 can be applied? Thank you.
  2. Hi Experts, Is it possible to come to the US with a B-2 Visa and getting married to a USC then AOS? Or would it be better to get a K-1 Visa and then come to the US and getting married afterward and then AOS? I and my girl friend are thinking about what we should do next. Is it possible to avoid any problem during AOS when getting married with B-2 Visa? Need opinion or suggestion. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, Not sure if this is asked before. Does it matter how long a couple met each other before filing a K1 petition? For example: A couple met 2 years applying for K1 visa is less likely to be denied than a couple met only 2 months? True or false? Thanks.
  4. Hi Georgia16, Thanks for the reply. No. She is still in the States with J1. We are thinking that she would need to return to her home country for the HRR since it is unlikely that she can get the J1 wavier. We are planning in advance and need advice how to proceed in the future for the K1. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Merrytooth, Any idea how this can be done? Thanks.
  6. DCF in Hong Kong

    OK Thanks for all replied!
  7. Hello Experts, Is it possible to submit I-129F while my fiancee is under HHR with her previous J1 visa? How soon can the I-129F be submitted without conflict with her J1 HRR? I would like to submit the application in advance to save some time before her HRR is ended. Or should I wait till her HRR is ended? Thanks!
  8. Hello Experts, Would it be possible to apply/get a B-2 tourist visa while serving 2-years Home Country Residence Requirement in the home country? Any idea? Thanks.
  9. Hello all, How does J1 visa holder prove that he/she satisfies the Home Country Residence Requirement? Thanks.
  10. Hello all, My fiancee is a J1 visa holder from China. We are planning to get marry in the States so she does not want to return to China for the Home Country Residence Requirement. She would like to get the No Objection Statement (NOS) from the Chinese Embassy for the J-1 waiver. How difficult to get the NOS from the Chinese Embassy? Any idea/comment? Thank you for your help!
  11. DCF in Hong Kong

    Hi JFH, Thanks for the quick confirmation. Guess I have to try the alternative route for IR-1 then.
  12. Hello all, Is DCF available in the Hong Kong US Consulate? Thanks!