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  1. Scheduling London interview

    I tried scheduling the interview last night and was only presented with one option. Does anyone know if I keep looking everyday, will I get more date options? I'm looking to schedule the first week of May thanks!
  2. So my fiancee and I have completed all the necessary steps to include the DS-160, applicant readiness form, and have scheduled his medical for April 21st. I went on the site to schedule the K-1 visa consular interview at the London Embassy and was only presented with one day of March 30 as the next available appt. I was hoping they would provide a range of dates to choose from. Does anyone know how this works? Is it because perhaps the medical appt is over 30 days out? Any advice would appreciated. Thanks!
  3. London, UK Appointment Letter

    Could someone clarify when an appointment letter, if one at all, is sent? I'm under the impression that since the beneficiary can schedule their own interview at the London embassy an appointment letter would not be sent. Ive read in some places that an appt letter is needed at the interview, so i'm slightly confused. Any clarification would be great appreciated. Thanks!!
  4. My fiancé is also from the U.K. and I also sent a few less items. As of today we received our NOA2 so I think you should be fine! Good luck in your journey!
  5. UK beneficiaries :)

    Ah thats awesome! My guy always says nothing better for a hangover than a bacon roll and Irn Bru! Now that i think of it though, Im sure he'll miss a proper Scottish breakfast the most! Nothing like that here for sure.
  6. UK beneficiaries :)

    Yes him too! and of course Haggis
  7. UK beneficiaries :)

    Awesome! We met while i was over doing my master's at the uni there. Loved Scotland and am pretty sure miss it more than he will
  8. UK beneficiaries :)

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to chime in as my fiancee is from Dundee Scotland and will be moving to Myrtle Beach SC. It's so funny to read about all the food! My fiancee though everything was also very salty here!
  9. Beginning the process

    Same boat here Ryan63. My fiancé is from the UK, as well. We have very similar cases too. No previous marriages, no criminal history, sent plenty of proof etc. Just waiting on the NOA2 right now. I used all the guides and examples provided here on this site. Good Luck!
  10. NOA1 received 11/8/16, also still waiting for NOA2
  11. Ella, Same situation here. My fiancé is from Scotland and when he visited the states they did not stamp his passport. We have boarding passes, a souvenir date-stamped photo, some other photos, etc. I will also be including itineraries. He also used a travel card so no receipts there. Hoping this will all go well! Good luck to you!
  12. I've been doing the research for the K-1 Visa for my fiancé to move to the States from Scotland and am slightly confused about some of what i've been reading on the internet. Hopefully someone else can clear this up: in regards to the financial support, I have been a student the last few years and have only been employed full time (and make over 100 of the poverty requirement) for the last 8 months and will not have a W-2 or my taxes filed until January. If the financial form is to be submitted before then, will pay stubs from the last few months be sufficient enough to be submitted as proof of support?