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  1. Actually I just spoke to USCIS the other day and they don't like that you put in your address change before the day you actually move. I move 5/6 so that's the day I'm going to put the change in.
  2. My SSN is in my maiden name, I filed my GC in my married name. No problems yet, and I'm waiting for my GC interview date
  3. The N-400 is processed by your field office after security checks I believe. So you'll find the processing times under your field office :-)
  4. No, no document like that needed. They can see if you had been during their background checks, if so they would've issued an RFE most likely. also I do believe someone signs it at the lockbox
  5. They say 90 days but I am currently at 120 days and not approved yet They're backlogged big time.
  6. I am going to be getting inbound immigrant insurance soon Maybe that's something to look into yeah?
  7. If you already live at the new address when you send AOS in, why would you tell USCIS that you live at the same address again? No address change with them needs to happen
  8. No, not really. You gotta wait for citizenship just like everyone else. You could always ditch the visa and re-do it again when you're done.
  9. Thank you and congrats!!! How long from that status to interview letter did it take for you?
  10. Wihoooo. Okay I know that I will probably hate a while but I've been having a hunch my GC will be done in May and then this happened... now I'm waiting for good news!!! How is it going for the rest of you?
  11. Even though I know it can take a while, YES FINALLY.
  12. Doesn't really matter anymore as it sounds like she's already in the US. Immigration intent was determined at POE, and she was let in so that can't be held against her anymore.