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  1. They're way backlogged (i'm December filer) my AP took 160+ days and my EAD 110+ days
  2. I have heard that it doesn't affect future applications. It'll probably be brought up so just be honest
  3. USPS is probably cheapeast.
  4. Yes, AP can take a few days, weeks, months, sometimes (but very rare) years
  5. No documents are necessary to include in the AOS packet besides marriage license
  6. Yes I believe you have to wait until EAD now
  7. You have to fix the problem you were denied for and sadly if you apply now again you run a high risk of getting denied because you just applied and it can seem like desperation to get to the us
  8. I think wait time is like 10-12 years? So I've heard at least but someone with more experience will probably let you know more specifically
  9. It doesn't say "hard copy" anywhere but if you're worried call the embassy
  10. It's almost fully impossible to tell you why you got denied based of the little information you provided let alone the fact that we didn't handle your case what was said at the interview? Is there a criminal record involved? Was there any previous denials involved?
  11. I don't know about other embassy's but I never got a physical hard copy. I only had the PDF
  12. AOS is a self petition based on marriage to a USC. But considering your previous felony I am not sure. But I think she can AOS. Otherwise your only option is two leave to her origin country