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    My partner, Zian, and I met in August 2014. We finally got to submit our peition in July 2016 with help of an agency( we went into this rather blindly at first). Petition approved after 48 days. Medical completed. Interview done and approved, and visa in hand November 18th. POE on November 23rd at Dallas, Texas. Married on 3 February 2017. I-485 packet for AOS sent in and received 26 February 2017.

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  1. You're fine. the 90 days was to get married upon entry. As long as you did the marriage you technically can file 2 years from now. You fullfilled the requirement of the 90 days. Soon as you get all the paperwork in order and fill out all the forms for the I-148, AP and EAD(if you wish to file these too) then you can finish your packet and submit it to the Chicago Lockbox for AOS. Just use the guides here on VJ and you'll be fine.
  2. Feel like this has been asked so many times..... K-3 is rarely used. it would be a CR-1..... And either visa process you can technically visit and stay(as long as I-94 permits) in the US together while it is processing. Just have to go back for the interview/medical phase.
  3. Don't see why you couldn't just e-file, whether jointly or separately.
  4. If you require a visa for France with your Ecuador Passport, then once you receive it you should be able to travel. Having the NOA1 for AOS shows your in a legal status in the US, and the AP meaning you can leave the country and come back. You should be fine.
  5. Yes you need one from Germany. It states so clearly about having stayed/lived anywhere as you said for more than 6 months. That should have also been listed on your original G-325 form about places formally lived at, regardless if your "permanent" address was still in Canada, you physically were not there. (If it was in the last five years that is)
  6. Only test can think of that takes that long is if they had x-rays done and they saw something and need to do the culture test. That is not a new test but something that has to and has always been done for TB. And it is a lengthy testing. Whether they have a new requirement to do the TB testing regardless of the x-ray, hard ot say haven't heard that. As to the Wed-Fri medical and Monday interview, I myself as well as on the CEAC site always state give 1-2 weeks between medical and interview so that St Lukes can finish everything and send the embassy all the paperwork. Unclear myself on the embassy "expediting" interviews but that could be a special case thing....
  7. Pretty much got the answer here. And at the time when eligible she applies for the N-400.
  8. Have to agree. Like several of us stated, the quick marriage after 5-6 months and on the first trip, then her having children already... these all can play factors into the over all out come of the denial.
  9. While their is the 3 year marriage rule, it usually goes off the time that the spouse officially receives their GC. Clock starts.... Even if it started from time of your marriage, their is a residency time line that must be met, meaning must spend so much of the 3 years inside the US to even be eligible.
  10. We didn't put any dates on our AP application (don't intend to use it honestly but applied for it with the packet). Shouldn't be too big of an issue honestly since those countries aren't on the "watch" or "ban" list (don't think the ban is in affect even right now still), and your fiance, I assume soon spouse, is not a national of any of the "watch/ban" countries....
  11. I can't say one way or the other. An F-1 visa is ment to go study and then return home after wards. So could it lead to a denial? Sure.,... or it may have no affect at all. The key thing is always be honest and upfront or it could come back to negatively affect you later if caught lying.
  12. AP and the EAD probably will only take 3-4 months to receive. The I-485 itself could take 10-12 months for the physical green card. USCIS always says they are behind.
  13. If they ask then yes definately should be honest.
  14. SSN should have been acquired before the marriage. EAD has nothing really to do with you and a SSN. Also a lot of apartments went a renewal contract to be signed 60 days prior to the expiration of the current lease, so you could renew and add your name onto the new contract.... If you can't manage to get any of the things you listed all you can do is take what you have.
  15. Exactly as above. If he leaves before he has AP in hand he would probably be denied re-entry to the US, and have to start the whole process over with. This time just with a CR-1 visa.