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  1. As above, getting married within the US is no problem as long as the visitor intends to leave after their stay.
  2. K1

    Your petition will be returned to USCIS, at that point it can take 6 months about before you get an official notice that the petition has finally expired.
  3. Generally, with the I-134, most will suggest 3 months of most recent pay stubs, 2-3 years W2's or tax transcripts if you can provide these just to show consistency, letter from employer if you can get this. If using assets, 12 months I believe of banking statements showing savings and such (they want to see it hasnt been randomly deposited recently but is a stable amount) Can get things appraised like home, cars and such as use those as assets also if needed.
  4. Good to know, never really dealt with it, still thinking perhaps it's the 3 money orders that they perhaps didn't like at USCIS.
  5. Not sure why you sent 3 amounts but the total is $1225 that is correct. We sent one check with total for $1225 and just wrote a note on the bottom saying: For I-485 and Biometrics, (the EAD and AP are free when filing with i-485 so don't have to pay anything for them) They may not have liked the three separate money orders.
  6. Pretty sure this covered it pretty well. By saying "I have a girlfriend I can marry next year because she will become a citizen" also just sounds bad to me, almost like using her for that advantage. Immigration is not quick, easy, and not always "fair". The TPS status is just that, temporary. If timelines don't work out as you hoped, there still is other ways; but you can't break rules or terms of status just to get what you want.
  7. Not sure entirely on the whole process but on the customs/declaration card when you enter the US will ask about how much money you have on you specifically about I believe it is $10k or more. As to if there is a "tax" on this or not I am unsure but they do ask.
  8. As above, K-1 or CR-1 is an option for you. Depends how you wish to proceed and also time and cost. Previous denial should have no affect on either option as long as there was no lie/misrespresentation on the application.
  9. Each country is different, some send you packets/information and what not. Some don't. The ones who don't it basically falls on you to set up everything on your own.
  10. Well one, she already has the GC, so not much you can do about that. As to her 'reporting' you to police supposedly, I think she is bluffing honestly. She has no evidence or proof of any incident as you say. All she has is word of mouth by telling probably drunken strangers at a bar she works at. That doesn't hold much weight, even any immigration attorney would tell her that. Plus you have evidence of it through messages, friends witnessing the 'allergy' and all, so I wouldn't stress that myself.. As to dealing with her, honestly, if she feels like she does and she won't work it out with you, or you don't see a light at the end of the road... just divorce her and let her go do what she wants to do... Again as to her immigration, she can just proceed by herself.
  11. You are currently in the US on an F-1? Why Canada? Can just get married here in the US...
  12. If they were to send you an RFE and ask for more proof you could submit it. Otherwise you will submit it/take it with you to the interview when you get to that phase.
  13. It's possible during your orientation period they will conduct one; but like above not all do one or not very thorough one.
  14. First, always be honest. They also have it on record from previous denials that he has an American girlfriend, so do not try to play games with them about his true intent. As to the previous two denials, the second denial probably was more because it was so quickly after the first denial. No change in his circumstances at home and it can come off as 'desperate' to get a visa. It is good that it has been a year now since his last attempt... again though, always be honest.
  15. Honestly it can be as detailed as you want it to be on an attachment sheet or a simple 2-3 lines. Whichever you prefer.