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  1. Co-sponsor should supply same documentation as your spouse did. Original I-186 form.
  2. After a month... it might get returned but it might just be sitting on someones desk waiting to be looked at or just in a box of other paperwork that was sent to them by mistake... or it was thrown out.. maybe call them and inquire? Did you make copies of everything from the packet? If so I might start putting another one together to send to the correct location.
  3. You're a USC, you can file for them yourself.
  4. As long as you did not illegally overstay, meaning you always had a legal status it should not be an issue at all. The K-1 visa, while technically being a non-immigrant visa, is a dual purpose meaning you do intend to immigrate. As for his divorce, as long as he is free and able to marry(divorce finalized before he send the petition in) then this also should be of no issue. There are plenty of people on here in VJ that have been separated and dating others while their divorces are taking place. Sometimes the divorce can take 1-2 years.
  5. How long did he overstay? If below 180 days from expiration, you could go K-1 route. If over 180 days, he has a 3 year ban on him I am sure. This could be over come with a waiver though. Also depends if it the ban time has already passed(which sounds like if it was 2012 it would have)
  6. Definately do hope he sent the letter in to cancel/withdrawl the petition because there have been stories about people being denied do to a previous petition still being "active" in the system. I don't know if there is any real way to know for sure if it indeed is canceled or not until the interview. Hopefully someone here will have maybe some personal experience or knowledge on how to find out.
  7. As people have said, once the I-129F is submitted, it can take up to 30 days for a reply with the NOA1 and check to be cashed. As to the NOA2 approval afterwards, that can vary upon if you had any RFEs, the person reviewing your file, how backed up they are, holidays/sick days, people on vacation, ect. So anywhere from 3-5 months i believe these days.
  8. That is why the information is here in the guides. When you do get married, he just needs to return home, and you can file for a CR-1 spousal visa for him. Just follow the guides here :
  9. It is visa fraud if he is entering on a tourist visa with PLANS to get married and stay. It doesn't matter if he has been here before or not. If he came here and you two got married, then he went home and you filed for a CR-1, that is fine. But you have preplanned to marry and adjust his status from a tourist visa...that is visa fraud.
  10. This is true for most part with the Philippines, just in general is better to have it and not need it than them ask for it and you don't.
  11. You submitted the I-134, thats for the K-1, AOS is I-186
  12. Perhaps add in some more chat log screen shots to show continuing ongoing relationship. Were there other trips to visit each other made? If so add in all that information, airline tickets, passport stamps, ect.. Add in some photos(especially is any were new since the I-129F) Is the USC providing W2's or tax transcripts? Usually they want to see that also (if available that is)
  13. You could put them as current employer, with an attachment stating you're on LOA and not being paid anything... but honestly I would put N/A or unemployed and just put the last date before LOA, since you aren't getting paid at all anyways... it would help avoid any potential confusion with USCIS.
  14. They can't grant a K-1 visa if the waivers have been denied. Other options, perhaps you move to Jamaica to be with him? If he is inadmissible or has a ban, then you have to wait out that ban.
  15. They would be required to get the required visa to gain entry in Canada. A B1/B2 visa is for the US only, not for Canada. Even USC's going into Canada can get denied and hassled upon entry at the boarders or immigrations when flying, and we just need our passport but sometimes can still be difficult.