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    My partner, Zian, and I met in August 2014. We finally got to submit our peition in July 2016 with help of an agency( we went into this rather blindly at first). Petition approved after 48 days. Medical completed. Interview done and approved, and visa in hand November 18th. POE on November 23rd at Dallas, Texas. Now just enjoying the time until our civil ceremony and then begins AOS stage.

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  1. I edited my original post also as I had puit she could not stay past her allotted time; but both links say differently. Honestly don't know if she would be able to stay that long. It's totally different with LPR's then USC's. You may be able to get an extension; but maybe not.
  3. You can meet in person anywhere in the world...
  4. If you have a medical... I wouldn't be surprised for drug testing to be just standard part of it. Plus they probably will ask on some forms about drug use too... Always always always be upfront and honest........
  5. I never honestly figured out the whole facetime log. That was an issue for us as well when we gathered further evidence. Luckily we did iMessage a lot too so we could supply chat logs.
  6. I am surprised they allowed that long even really. That's a long time to hold a case open.
  7. Don't know why it wouldn't be a good idea.. not much else can do. With the 601 waiver I assume he has either a ban on him now? Or he entered illegally/undocumented and you are trying to get a waiver to let him adjust through you.
  8. Well RapidVisa technically has no legal representation as they are not really a legal aid site or anything. Attorney's want a lot I know. Honestly just double check your paperwork. Maybe provide a list of items you're sending with your petition here and let people give you feed back of comments on more things to add or things not to put in.
  9. Well you can definately try; but I am doubtful that it would work. Again, not being blood related to the USC, his passing, and the fact your mother never even tried to adjust status legally in the US, and it's been, what... 23-24 years now? Don't know if you have enough proof to be honest.
  10. Have to agree with above. By blood, you would have the rights to claim if the USC had been your father. Because of the adoption, he would have to petition for you as his adopted child; but because he has passed, and did not finish the process you technically have no ties. Did you mother even become an LPR of the US or she simply remained in the Philippines and never tried to adjust legal status in the US?
  11. In some states you might not even need a witness; but if you're doing a court style/civil wedding, someone in the courthouse can serve as a witness. Some times they even offer it online when you schedule the ceremony. We had small family gathering for us; but one of the office staff at the court house offered to also be a witness just on the fly if we needed it.
  12. Just checking. Means you're at the California Service Center (CSC)
  13. Yes the text/email or hard copy with case number is essentially your NOA1. WA? or is it WAC? The letters before the number represent which service center your petition is in.
  14. There are legitimate reasons for people being rejected or having their visas stripped. They are either trying to violate the terms of the visa, are found ineligible for entry to the US, lied to immigrations, were found to possibly be trying to immigrate using a tourist visa.. there are a lot of various reasons. The whole point of a K-1, which is a nonimmigrant visa but with dual intent, is to immigrate to the US. It is rare that I am aware of that a K-1 visa holder is turned away at a POE, unless again they are trying to bring something into the US perhaps they shouldn't or are acting super sketchy/suspicious during the entry process; but again rare these days. So this "fear" or "worry" you have, should just take a deep breathe and relax.