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  1. Total time for k1

    Total time frame is hard to estimate with the time line constantly changing. Right now it seems to be about 9-12 or so months depending on if you have RFE's, how quickly you get an interview scheduled at the embassy when time comes, medical done, ect... At this time I would realistically think of 10 months or so for it. Now that may change and get quicker, or get slower, it is hard to tell honestly. I would suggest that you, as with anyone, not make any set plans or pay for anything that you can't get your money back on in case there is some delay. Such as wedding ceremony, plane tickets, ect..
  2. You can review consulate information here : http://www.visajourney.com/consulates/ If you can't find the answer can try the search bar above, or go to specific country forum and try search again.
  3. If you do not meet the financial requirements for sponsorship, they generally should ask you to provide a co-sponsor, so you still have time to find one and do paperwork and have it ready to send in. Will they flat out deny him? No I doubt that, they will request you to provide a co-sponsor.
  4. How I feel :)

    Think this has been recommended before. As a lot have said because while the search option is great tool, naturally you find a lot of old and out dated posts that while informative, are not much actual help. I know I did read through a lot of really old posts when I first joined and it was very helpful; but not always up to date. An "intro" type document or "start here" questionaire or guide could be useful. Again believe it has been brought up before, main thing is will people use it or just "jump into the forum"; but definately not a bad idea to look into again.
  5. Have to say while traveling to the Philippines in general is pretty easy going with customs, naturally if they find something suspicious they do have all the rights to search your luggage. As above I would take time to research it and if you honestly can't find a specific answer, it may always be best to try is possible to just leave it at home during the trip, again if possible.
  6. In some sense possibly but not really because of the "base". I never was stationed there, just in Hawaii before Texas, but did get "exposure" to filipino culture about there. Philippines is a good vacation spot so chance to meet someone is high. A big aspect is a lot of Filipino/Filipinas are taught English throughout school so communication is easy. Culturally people from the Philippines are very easy going and transition well into the US. Very committed people also. I'm sure there are hundreds of reasons people could give as to why, but those are just a few small examples. And also, to each their own you know, same as why some people meet people in Ghana or Australia. Sometimes there's a preference also.
  7. While it isn't good to overstay any stay anywhere, you could possibly ask for an extension? Processing times right now for NOA2 are looking anywhere from 6-10 months or maybe more, it can depend on RFE's, person who is reviewing the file, ect.... As to what happens if you overstay, well in general probably nothing in the sense of your fiances K-1 visa, but think you are underestimating how much time this process will take. A lot of us here have spent 1-2 years apart during the process and all, so we all understand what it is like for the most part of being seperated for a while.
  8. Like above, read through reviews of your specific POE. My partner was last one almost off the plane and had his 'secondary' screening to get the packet and his took couple hours mostly just waiting but each airport/flight/time of day, ect, varies in time needed.
  9. You can ask/file for an expedite; but pregnancy generally does not fall into that category generally, otherwise everyone would be having babies to speed up the process. So I would not get too hopeful; but again can try.
  10. There has been a real slow down in processing, either backlogged or just slow right now. Check here on VJ to see some other filers around your time frame of search for K-1 filer thread for the month and year you submitted the petition to follow other users with similar time lines.
  11. No. K-1 and CR-1 visas shouldn't be affected much as they fall into "immediate family" or something a long those lines. That's how I have understood what I have read so far. Same as US citizens who have children abroad can petition still for their kids. It is mostly affecting the petitioning of parents/siblings/cousins, ect.
  12. middle name-surname

    Shouldn't be an issue, it happens and they have seen it all before. As for Philippines and K-1's, as a lot would say the Manila embassy is probably one of the easier ones to deal with. As long as you have everything prepared and in order when it comes time for the interview, after the USCIS portion of the I-129f, shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  13. Help Please

    If applied you mean the I-129f petition, the K-1 is applied for at the embassy level for the interview. If the K-1 is not issued, you can sure visit; but not plan to adjust or stay. Always stated here on this site is to never pre-plan anything in terms of ceremonies, weddings, spending a lot of money (especially if you can't get refunded). Always wait until you have visa in hand.
  14. No guarantee on timeline, again as mentioned the 'reunification' may be done away with relatively soon (maybe within months) and there can be delays and all. As to your moms brother sponsoring her, yes he can... then once she get's he GC, then she could sponsor her husband and son, so that could be 3-5 between her receiving her green card and then petitioning her son and husband. That is also again as long as everyone can meet the financial requirements laid out in the affidavit of support needed for sponsorship.