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  1. Under The Table Pay

    While it is known Manila tends to a lot of times 'look the other way' on the I-134 affidavit of support, it also can be because they do look at it briefly and see stable long term work. If it seems like questionable perhaps they would ask. It is more to be absolutely prepared in the best manner for success. Not "wrong information", just saying that it is better to make sure you're well prepared. If in doubt, re-evaluate and confirm. Having already done the process a year ago we are well informed, thank you.
  2. Under The Table Pay

    Last I heard, unless naturally they have changed policies, there are only a very few instances of the Philippines Embassy accepting co-sponsors for K-1 visas (such as the petitioner is new college grad or something), other than that they don't accept them.
  3. And high fraud country can still be approved. Red flags even in cases from high fraud countries can be overcome and successful. Just be prepared and have all documents needed when it comes time for interview.
  4. If you're wondering how long it could take probably 1-2 weeks. Be patient at this point.
  5. Did everything ourselves for the AOS packet and just waiting for either interview or approval of I-485. Overall simple process really.
  6. I think it is in the right direction. Will it pass, there will need to be some compromises made because no one seems to able to agree on anything. The US has been exceedingly generous over the years with immigration, but a country can only support so many.
  7. Naturally. European work standards and Philippines work standards are completely different and naturally different entirely from the US. I work for a Danish based company, so I see what they get and have especially when it comes to vacation time and I'm a bit jealous of course haha.
  8. Every company and situation is different. Even for me, I am the USC, but have a over all laid back job and all (i tend to work the 50-60 hours a week on my own choosing because doesn't bother me); but if I moved to a different company within same field it could be completely different. You have to just find the best situation for you. As for my partner, he also was adjusting, even though he had worked in the US previously twice on internships, he adjusted after a few weeks in his job, it's not just about how the company/work place is, it's also about you changing your own personal views and mind set to get used to the system/work/hours/people ect.. There is no 'perfect' situation I wouldn't think.
  9. Is possible it is her background they are double checking. Yours background was already checked in USCIS and all stages. Maybe she has a similar name to someone in their database there and that triggered something. Hard to say. You posted before I could; and as to military police checks/records and such, I was in the military, and with all do respect, they aren't always the sharpest or brightest of people.
  10. Hi there! You've replied to some of my topics regarding my K1 process and I was hoping you could help me with something that's been troubling me since i called the Embassy to schedule my interview appointment. So I sent them back my DS-160 confirmation page and a copy of my biographic page  as they asked me to do in the checklist they sent. After that, I got an email back saying I can call them to schedule an appointment. I called them, and it went...too smooth. She didn't ask me any information, no passport number, no ID whatsoever and that left me pretty confused because i was sure that they will appoint me with a number or something to bring with me to the interview ( an appointment confirmation letter???) SO, my question is, should I be worried about this or just wait for a couple of days till they'll send the letter or just call them for more info?

    Thanks a lot and wishing you guys the best! Joe.

  11. Probably not many honestly. Woodlands is pricey area.
  12. K1 age difference??

    Probably not. A lot of people on here have age differences whether from 3-4 years up to 20 years. For certain embassies this is a non issue really. In high fraud countries, it can raise the alarm and suspicion. For you, shouldn't worry to much honestly about that.
  13. Problems getting work in the US

    As above, it really depends on your field.. for instance, my partner has a bachelors degree in management and hospitality (typical yes); and he has US work experience in NY over two different J-1 visas previously. A couple restaurants he applied for manager/GM level at, they asked if he would be okay with doing even as low as dish washing, which he even said yes, as he should know the system top to bottom. Some seemed, as he put it, 'intimidated' almost when they saw he had a degree which perhaps where he was applying to that was very rare, not sure myself. HE did land a job but is working entry level training up for a coupel months before training for GM..... It is not uncommon to hear there is a bit of a struggle to find the first door you can get your foot into.