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  1. Hi, I know that the cr-1/ir-1 visa allows us to work right away once we are in the USA and have our passport stamped, and I know we'll have to wait for our SSN to be able to get paid, but I am wondering if it is legal to look for a job and apply BEFORE entering the US. I have the visa in hands but not the stamp yet, so I'm wondering if it's okay, or if it's a grey area or a big no no? Thank you for your help!
  2. I was thinking regular electronic applications might be an issue for some of the boxes you mentioned, so I'm sticking to the ads one can reply by email. I am leaving in a week so I'm not "too" ahead. Thank you both for your clear answers!
  3. Interview scheduled June 21st, CC was April 14th. I didn't call but received the email this morning.
  4. CC April 14th, waiting to get scheduled for an interview in Paris, France.
  5. We got our Case Complete at NVC April 14th and we are waiting for an interview date. I read somewhere France was scheduling the last two weeks of each month but I couldn't find any recent case here to give me an idea of how long it's going to take to receive an appointment (does anyone here know?), so even if it was unlikely, I was still hoping to know by now. I guess we'll have an interview in June...
  6. It took exactly 9 weeks for us (scan date feb 10th, cc feb 14th), and it looks it's getting a little under 11 weeks again for most people now.
  7. They will decide, they will tell you with the checklist if you have to send them to the NVC (and wait another 11 weeks) or bring them to the interview.
  8. It will say "Submit documents" until your case is reviewed, and you'll get "at NVC" when you have a case complete. I worried about this too at first but if they confirmed they received your package it's all good
  9. Yes, I will try to call this week and find out whether it was simply lost or if they want something more. Yes! I saw someone else here in the same situation, it's good to know there is this option and they don't hold our file another 2 months. Thank you and I hope everyone will get their CC soon. I am missing our first wedding anniversary next week and then his birthday, and I know some of you have kids so this is another level I can't even imagine. I hope everyone will be reunited with their loved one(s) before the summer.
  10. I saw the 3 N/A yesterday but received an email with a checklist today. Luckily, they only ask for a W2 to bring to the interview so I don't have to send it to them and wait the 11 weeks again. But I'm confused as I did send the requested W2 already with my package so not sure what is wrong/they want.
  11. I am not 100% sure yet since USCIS website still says "Case was sent to the Department of State" but just saw that CEAC shows 3 N/A this morning and Visa Status Check says "At NVC", so hopefully case complete. Scan date was Feb 10th so that's exactly 9 weeks.
  12. Yes I saw a few February scan dates case complete in other topics, for example: SC 02/01 -> CC 04/13 SC 02/02 -> CC 04/05 SC 02/08 -> CC 04/11 I have a February scan date too but I don't know exactly since we sent it through a lawyer and he only confirmed twice the NVC had our package but didn't give me the exact scan date, but I assume it's Feb 10th (or in the worst case Feb 13th). We have been in the process for almost a year and the anxiety of getting a checklist is eating me up.
  13. We got approved after more than 6 months (PD May 27th), we were at the Nebraska Service Center but we were transferred (we don't know where!) mid-October.
  14. NEBRASKA!!

    Sajan953 no because we still don't know which service center we are at... I just saw on another topic that Texas was processing May 2016 now so if we're there maybe we'll get a good news soonish. It looks like a lot of Nebraska files were sent there, we'll see...
  15. NEBRASKA!!

    Yeah our case has been active 181 days and still nothing (we have been transferred a month 1/2 ago though but we still don't know where, never received the notice and we requested a copy but are still waiting for it). We feel pretty down now as all cases but another unlucky one have been approved or RFE around us. At least it looks everyone else who were transferred from Nebraska at the same date and the ones who stayed there saw some movements.
  16. PD May 27th, 175 days in, still waiting. We've been transferred a month ago and didn't even receive the notification to know where our file is now. We requested a copy today... that we're supposed to get before December 9th. This is absolutely ridiculous and very upsetting when you see cases from June being approved already.
  17. I guess it could be for security reason yes. We had a first notification of transfer on Oct.14, then again on Oct. 16, so now we have to wait until next week before we can request a copy of the notice I wouldn't be mad if we get an update via the site before then
  18. @Tanish, I know the app and website are the same, but I wish it would say "transfer to (name of the center)". I read everywhere transfers are a good thing and approval usually come faster but here we are almost a month later and we still don't know where we have been transferred. At least we have the app/website to see if there is any movement in the meantime but we are stuck in a group of 7 cases that don't show any update compared to the 300 around them.
  19. I wish the app would at least say which center... Good luck newlife5657! Maybe this week...
  20. Wow 7 months, congratulations Ahmed & Amy, well deserved!
  21. PD May 27th (NO1 June 1st), sent to Nebraska, transferred 3 weeks ago and still no notice of where our file is at. I see many cases approved or RFE around us... actually everyone but 7 cases directly before and after ours. And now I see you had June 9th petitions approved, I'm so frustrated
  22. PD May 27th / NO1 June 1st, transferred Oct 14th... we still don't know where our petition is at.
  23. NEBRASKA!!

    Well some people from May (and even as far as March) are still waiting for NO2 from Nebraska. Lots of us have been transferred this week also, so I would not expect any NO2 this month for a July Priority Date.