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  1. I just finished and sent this off to my wife im using a co sponsor here in my household and hired rapidvisa. heres what you do. you do the I-864, then your dad a I-864 that's if you have 0.00 to shopw but if your combining then you do the I-864 and dad I-864a.. ill explain how I did it im on SSI that's counted as public means tested so its income not counted so I had to do a I-864 even though im below. then my mom is a teachers aid so she did a I-864 then my dad did a I-864A to combine him and moms income. the I-864a is only simply a bonding contract between the petitioner and household members the whole purpose of a I-864A is to combine the incomes.. so heres the point of you want to combine you and dads income to be were u need to be then you do I-864 and dad do I-864A but if you don't have income to show or income that cant be used then you do I-864 then dad doing one as well the difference is simply I-864 is the co sponsor showing all cause you cant or I-864A is combining.. surely you understand now cause to me it couldn't be more clear Lol good luck and wish you the best
  2. DCF or expediting and not all expedited request are granted but mine was USEM Manila has mine and I sent my I-130 packet in on June 23, 2017 to uscis senator made expedited request on my behalf and it was granted and forwarded to NVC then Last week senator made another expedited request and I got email today saying it was granted and forwarded to the embassy. So I have to pay my AOS and IV bill same day as interview. my wife is at rapidvisa agency doing her DS-260 today CFO seminar sept 5
  3. I got it figured out the day after I posted but thanks for the senator made a expedited request on my case so were waiting on that. we got expedited at the USCIS stage so im sure it will at NVC stage also there was only 45 days between my NOA1 and NOA2
  4. Senators office just called told me they have requested to expedite at NVC that NVC also forwarded it to USEM Manila not to pay the IV bill nor to send NVC anything cause if i did it would make it look like the right hand wasnt talking to the left hand kind of thing. I ask i said i thought my steps had to be complete b4 requesting expedite? they said NO your case is different we are in a hurry on your behalf and that expedite procedures vary case to case so just wait until your contacted again b4 doing anything else
  5. NVC stage question okay about the DS-261 choosing a agent and address i put my wife as the principal applicant and me the petitioner as the agent with my address and email then saved it. so it says incomplete. do i sign via esign and then submit online or do i print and submit via postal mail? can someone thats recently did this explain? 2nd question, Do i pay with debit card or check or bank transfer with account nimber and routing number?
  6. correction on I-134 for k1 co sponsors are not accepted in Philippines. it depends on country and for CR-1 US embassy in manila is the most strict and I do know there it has to be an immediate relative
  7. the state senator Bob corker himself got involved even he himself talk to me directly and told me the last thing we want is to pay someone to help with your needs when our wife would free. so as bad as my situation is I really think it was granted to save the govt money and yes I did a thank u letter. my moms mouth dropped when senator corker ask for me she ask who is this? he said senator bob corker
  8. on june 23, 2017 my I-130 petition was accepted by USCIS on June 30, received my NOA1. July 6, 2017 I made a expedited request on a emergency medical basis and called my Tennessee State Senator filed out a case work release form with copy of my NOA1 and Letter from my Dr to back up my statements due to the fact I have Cerebral Palsy and its hard for me to do daily living without my wife and saying if they didn't hurry and expedite my wife I would need to do a assisted living program. So then August 2nd, 2017 I get a email from USCIS saying my expedited request had been denied saying that although my situation was very serious I did not provide enough exidence and that I didnt fall under one of the expedited criterias. So then I call state senator and speak to sarah a representitve from ther office handling my case she said ok im gonna email the expedited dept and fax them the documents I have just to make sure they received she told me to allow 21 days before calling her back then August 8 I decided to be curious and check my case status and it says on august 7 we sent your case and receipt number to Department of state I was in total shock. So then I call customer service for USCIS to speak to a respresentitive just to see if it was an error and she told me the denied expedited decision was reversed and granted to expect my NOA2 within 30 days and sure enough yesterday I received my NOA2. my god im lucky even the secretary told me she had helped with several request but this was the first one she had seen granted... for me only 45 days between NOA1 to NOA2. I am Nebraska service center.. im gonna request to be expedited at NVC once I receive my NVC Letter... I dint even get a email that my NOA2 had been sent it just appeared.. this is a true example of Gods power I see gods holy spirit all over this hes really working for me and my family. me and my wife also have a 10 month old daughter together already did her CRBA shes a dual citizen. my wife will do her CFO seminar sept 5.. just really wanted to share this experience. I also do know as of right now Nebraska is the fastest based on others but as we all know with USCIS come nxt month it can change