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  1. Hi there! Thanks! Hmmm, I have no idea about why it took that long for my biometrics appointment. But my case status online says that they received my Biomtetrics Fee on 17th of November.. and they received my application for AOS 7th of November.. What about you?
  2. That's nice! So that's like 5 months waiting time from EAD to green card for you. When did you start filing for AOS?
  3. Omg, that's true. Lol. Accuracy is so important so the processing won't be delayed. That's why my husband had to do all the filling out of forms because he's more detail-oriented than me. 😂
  4. Wow, so you mean you were able to get your SSN when you filed for it when you arrived? That's nice. During my time, we filed Sep. 2016... they said they were backlogged so they weren't able to process my SSN right away before my k1 visa expired. Nice! Good luck to your husband's job hunting. All the best!
  5. That's true. I feel for you! Like when I was freaking out about when to receive my card, good thing my husband just reminded me not to freak out because it's still in the normal processing time.
  6. Hi, thanks! 3 weeks after I arrived I applied for my SSN right away, unfortunately, they let my application lapse. By the time they looked at it, they just mailed me a notification that they cannot process my applicatiom because my K1 visa has already expired. So I had to wait for my AOS to reapply for SSN.
  7. My Thanks Brandja! My pleasure to share the progress of my AOS so others will also have an idea of what to expect.. though it's case to case basis.
  8. Just want to share that my combo card arrived today-- it contains my Advance Parole so I can travel outside the country and my Employment Authorization so I can finally apply for SSN. Filed for AOS- Oct. 28, 2016 Biometrics- Dec. 6, 2016 Received EAD/AP Card- Feb. 16, 2017 Interview for Green Card- still waiting
  9. I just received my COMBO CARD today which has my Emploment Authorization and Advance Parole. :)

  10. following this. Same situation here. Our middle name looks like this: America, Americ ... MY middle name has one missing letter at the end. I hope it wont affect when I petition my mom from the Philippines,
  11. Thanks, Summ. Never heard of infopass but I just read about it and it's a good idea. 🙂
  12. And they didnt receive any mail at all or any notification anywhere.
  13. Thank you for your response. I was asking because I have read a lot of times the same scenarios that their status got stuck in the same online update even when they're already scheduled for interview, or they were done with the interview, and even when their GC was already mailed to their house. And I was already done with the Biometrics, but the online update still says they received the fee for Biometrics. Just wondering... 😣 and then worst, I've read in one of the posts here that their AOS was denied because they "abandoned" the case for not showing up on an interview when they did update thru calls, online, for any progress of their case. 😟
  14. Hello. I wanted to ask about what happens after your biometrics? I kept on checking my case status online but it just says Fingerprint Fee Was Received, Case was Received... K1 from Philippines to USA (CHICAGO) Oct 2016- FILED FOR AOS (✔) Dec. 6- BIOMETRICS APPOINTMENT (✔) How do I get to inquire about real time update for this? About my interview or any update about it? To those who have already gone through this, I know it's different for everyone but I just want to know how you waited or proactively waited to know a real-time update of your case status. Thank you big time for your replies.
  15. Pwde naman siguro as soon as matapos period mo, kasi wala naman urinalysis. And the other concern maybe if may period ka o wala sa last step is because it would be gross for the doctor when it comes to physical exam. Lol! Kasi you will all be naked and she will check your private parts. Just quick, but... Yeah. And another thing each step they will always ask the date of your last menstruation. I guess it wouldnt hurt if you just had it, as long as it's totally gone. Anyway, since I was on birth control I have a light spotting everyday... So they can't do anything about it anymore. Lol