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  1. I can't remember the exact number... but I made sure I have 5 copies each.
  2. Four months. I was approved in four months.
  3. Hi. The CENOMAR I used from the very start of our application is the same CENOMAR I had with me during interview. I ordered several copies of my CENOMAR. P.S. For your BIRTH CERTIFICATE better get 5. I had 5 with me. Coz you will also use it when you process AOS when you get to US. Better have extra than less.
  4. I just looked up my case online status and it says they already mailed my card. I'm so happy I got my interview waived! Thanks guys for answering my question.
  5. Just want to share that my AOS form I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence was approved on April 6. I just checked my case status online now and it says "Case was Approved". Just waiting for the Approval Notice be mailed to me. I just have additional question: Does it mean I will not be interviewed anymore? Thanks a lot for answers.
  6. The best answer (if you don't know the exact date of wedding yet) would be: WE PLAN TO MARRY WITHIN 90 DAYS. Or We will have the court wedding within 90 days and then have a bigger wedding some time so we can have enough time to prepare. That's EXACTLY what I said when I was interviewed in the immigration. Then, they just reminded us about the 90 days period and we were released! (I traveled with my then fiance)
  7. It doesn't matter if you can't find the conversation from the very start... you still have plenty of time in 3 years span to take more screenshots of your conversation. our actually was just in a span of 3 months and then he petitioned me for k1 visa. I actually lost some of our conversations, too, good thing my partner has his own copy in his phone. it's a two-way conversation so thought I lost our conversation in my account, he has his own. I hope this helps, Mochii.
  8. Hi mochii! regarding your question about chat logs, we just picked out conversations that proves we are "normal" genuine lovers... actually, there were only four pages of chat logs that I had with me during the interview, and on each page it contained 9 screenshots of our conversation.. I tried to make it a point to include the beginning, in between and the most recent conversation we had since we met each other online... so they will see the date and the duration of everything... I also included a screenshot of the duration of our voice calls and video chat from different apps..the other 5 pages (which has 12 pictures on each page) are our pictures when we're together. we also included our hotel bookings, flight tickets, engagement ring receipt (if you have still have a copy)..but take note that the copy of hotel bookings and flight tickets i had with me were, we only had a copy of one way ticket, or we only had one hotel booking copy though we've been to several one's.. My k1 visa was approved in less than 4 months.
  9. My Frequently Asked Questions in Processing K-1 Visa



    Hope the link helps..

  10. Hi there! Thanks! Hmmm, I have no idea about why it took that long for my biometrics appointment. But my case status online says that they received my Biomtetrics Fee on 17th of November.. and they received my application for AOS 7th of November.. What about you?
  11. That's nice! So that's like 5 months waiting time from EAD to green card for you. When did you start filing for AOS?
  12. Omg, that's true. Lol. Accuracy is so important so the processing won't be delayed. That's why my husband had to do all the filling out of forms because he's more detail-oriented than me. ?
  13. Wow, so you mean you were able to get your SSN when you filed for it when you arrived? That's nice. During my time, we filed Sep. 2016... they said they were backlogged so they weren't able to process my SSN right away before my k1 visa expired. Nice! Good luck to your husband's job hunting. All the best!
  14. That's true. I feel for you! Like when I was freaking out about when to receive my card, good thing my husband just reminded me not to freak out because it's still in the normal processing time.
  15. Hi, thanks! 3 weeks after I arrived I applied for my SSN right away, unfortunately, they let my application lapse. By the time they looked at it, they just mailed me a notification that they cannot process my applicatiom because my K1 visa has already expired. So I had to wait for my AOS to reapply for SSN.