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  1. Did you get a job offer to expedite? I want to expedite but my husband doesn't have a job but really needs one. No interview date.
  2. Do you just call and make an inquiry? There isn't a form or anything? We're giving it a week before we inquire. Thanks!
  3. Honestly this is easy part. It sucks waiting and being apart, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. I was a wreck during our process, but knowing it would result in us being together permanently was what kept me going.
  4. Thanks so much! Just very tired of waiting and not hearing anything. Our case has not moved since biometrics.
  5. My husband really needs to work. Can we expedite his EAD without a job offer? Biometrics was almost a month ago and we have not had a single case update!! Nothing about the green card or EAD. I know everyone is in the same boat but still very frustrating!!!
  6. Thanks for the reply....but I posted this question 4 months ago and we already figured it out. Thanks though!
  7. I think they meant to say international. Domestic flights don't leave the US, only international flights do. You can make domestic travel plans without a green card, I'm pretty sure. We have a wedding in Rhode Island in July, and don't really think we need an AP to travel there from Florida. That makes no sense.
  8. That doesn't make any sense. You don't need a green card to travel domestically. Also, domestic flights don't leave the US, it's an international flights that leaves the US. We have a wedding in Rhode Island in July and are flying there. My husband does not have his green card or AP, but should definitely not need that to travel domestically. I think you meant to say international not domestic.
  9. Still no update. Had biometrics on the 30th of March. Still says case and fingerprints received. Husband really needs to work, we need that EAD. Wondering if we should start thinking about AP for Christmas seeing as no progress is being made!!
  10. Our biometrics was the 30th as well and we have no update either.
  11. We don't need the interview for the EAD right? The interview is just for the green card? I'm just hoping the EAD will come in the mail and surprise us since there have been no status updates. Wondering if he needs an AP for Christmas since it's not looking like he'll have his green card before then.
  12. We had our biometrics on the 30th and we got our new NOAs in the mail as well. Case status still says fingerprint fee received and all that jazz. What's next? People are getting RFEs or are ready to be scheduled for interviews but not us. Any word on EADs yet? Husband really needs to start working. Thanks.
  13. Hi everyone. I posted this on the February 2017 AOS filers forum but it seems it was missed. Previously, we had an infopass appointment to get the dates for our NOAs because they were missing. They wrote us the dates on a sticky note, but other filers are saying they were mailed new ones. We requested new ones 4 weeks ago and they never came. Also, we had biometrics yesterday. Case status still says fingerprint fee received. Does anyone have an approximate time until we will know if we have an RFE or if we are ready to be scheduled for an interview? Just waiting now and not sure what to expect. Thanks. -Ally
  14. Hi everyone. We requested new NOA's 2 weeks ago, and never got them in the mail. We even went to an infopass appointment and all they did was put a sticky note with the date on. Should we call again? Today was the biometrics appointment, went super fast. What happens next? I know we have to wait more obviously but approx how long until we know if we have an RFE or interview date? Thanks.
  15. Our infopass is in Jacksonville because it is closer than Orlando