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  1. You can. You are a free person. But expect not not being admitted when you want to come back, your travelling record will show you left before AP was received
  2. He can divorce in the state he lives showing bills for to show he is living in this state for 3-6 months which is the state rule or go to Nevada for the fast divorce. If he wants it fast, both need to sign and no children, no property to divide. His immigration status is not looked at in the divorce process, he is free to do it. No need to travel to his country and to do the divorce there even if they were married there. If he can't make his wife to sign the divorce papers, he needs to serve her in her country or publish in the newspapers, consult his lawyer about his state publication rules. He can publish in the American media but better to show her at least by chat in Facebook the publication with the case number and court, save her reaction in chat as a prove she was served and divorce
  3. He can, visa valid or expired doesn't affect the divorce. What he can't is hiding the divorce, he will need his spouse to sign it or to publish in newspapers so the other person knows and can contest the divorce if he/she wishes
  4. and answering to OP question, yes, he can divorce and marry and divorce again and marry again, nobody prohibit it but the immigration law is giving you the chance to adjust your status only with the K1 Petitioner therefore if you didn't get any green card yet, you can divorce and travel back to your country or to stay illegal which is not recommended at all. Any other US citizen can't help you to do AOS here. Marry the new USC and go back to your country to start your spouse visa
  5. Why didn't he call the police on her and he didn't make the police check if she was using drugs? Lawyer and him saying ... did he ask if it is legal to film somebody without their consent? Why she was throwing his clothes away? Did he cheat on her, or was violent with her? If there is only him saying and filming without consent, I doubt he has any case against her
  6. They can also to go to live in her home country
  7. and yes, we also understand we need to run and divorce or annul to protect ourselves, some of us we live in community property states and we know some immigrant ex wives got the support for years in the court using the Affidavit of Support. OP needs to be sure his Affidavit was cancelled, he also needs to end it all for to be able to start healing
  8. I understand PO, it is being obsessed, frustrated, hurt and at the same time still missing this person, crying, wishing this person back but it's impossible so we go to forum (friends in real don't stand to hear so many complains) and it is the way to went it again and again, it's trying to understand what did I wrong? Why did it happen with all my good intentions, spending and trying to do it all well? In my case, I am still from April talk about my pain and feel I failed in something but in what? Let the OP talk, we all try to make a good marriage yet not all are lucky
  9. in Russia still pregnant women have good benefits comparing to other countries. Many Russian ladies are travelling from USA back to Russia just for to get the Maternity pay $1.374.58 USD. Please, continue telling your horror stories about not being able to survive in Russia with her own language and Russian skills and education
  10. Lots of places to rent, suburbs are cheap, work, jobs are everywhere and better send her fast, she starts to work, still can, I did find the job being 4 months pregnant and easy, then working she gets paid her maternity leave, monthly payments before and after giving a birth, if she is not working, the social services pay her monthly pay for living, modest but enough, then she has the right to get paid for a child. She will have 3 years of not working period, first 1 year and half she is paid the salary 40% of what she was making before every month during 1 year and half, then another 1 year and half is less payment but the mother con continue not working and keep going her time for pension. Also she will be paid 80,000 roubles (1,374.58USD) one time maternity pay for a child and so on, benefits and clinics Read here https://www.intex-press.by/2016/05/07/skolko-dlitsya-dekretnyj-otpusk-v-raznyh-stranah/ Россия: пособие зависит от зарплаты мамы. У Виктории и Дениса Водолазовых, проживающих в г. Самара, есть дочь Ульяна, которой 1,7 года. – Отпуск по уходу за ребенком в России длится 3 года, но условно состоит из двух частей. Первая – до момента, когда ребенку исполнится 1,5 года. В этот период выплачивается ежемесячное пособие, которое составляет 40% от среднемесячного заработка мамы. К примеру, я получала 6800 росс. рублей (примерно 2 млн белорусских рублей). Если женщина не работает, государство выплачивает минимальное пособие. Когда малышу исполнится 1,5 года, молодая мама может рассчитывать на продление своего декретного отпуска до исполнения ребенку 3 лет. Пособие до 3 лет совсем небольшое – у меня, к примеру, 250 росс. руб. (около 75 тысяч бел. руб.) в месяц. При рождении ребенка также выплачивается единовременное пособие, размер которого зависит от среднего дохода женщины. Мне было начислено около 80000 российских рублей. Сразу после выписки из роддома нам был выдан на ребенка полис обязательного медицинского страхования. Мы прикреплены к детской поликлинике, и все услуги для нас бесплатные при предъявлении полиса.
  11. I think your ex is doing a good job for you deceiving her and given her wrong advice. It will all fall apart for your wife, same happened to me, I saw how somebody was giving the wrong advice and it saved me from future troubles
  12. Lol! and all poor Russian women rather prefer to live in Turkey
  13. Probably a Russian with Kyrgyzstan citizenship, the do make the Asylum cases. Is your wife the Kyrgyzstan Russian speaking citizen? All these things about no being able to live in Russia, I know Russia very well, please, don't tell the horror stories, so many Russian women living and working with no husband and nobody kills them over there
  14. Not fun at all, you try to make fool of all of us. Good luck in getting back the green card