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  1. How is it the certified copy of marriage certificate, please? where do we get it? The judge told us he will mail to us the original Tasha
  2. I am sending it to the end of the month too. Sometimes K1 visa don't have the interview for AOS, specially if they had already an extensive interview in a difficult country, but the interview it's OK too. I will add a joint account and maybe some bill, pictures together, anything I can joint. The most important is the Affidavit I guess. Also don't forget to add the Employment Authorization and Advance Parole applications, if they go with AOS, no additional pay Tasha
  3. Yes, happiness to everyone, we all make a long way. My wedding day it was wonderful, the best day in my life! Tasha
  4. Such a great story! You deserve all happiness in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here, married from yesterday but nothing about being happy Tasha
  5. Maybe it was the divorce you signed? She doesn't need your permission to go back to church or become a minister Tasha
  6. you need to focus on your immigration status and maybe to fix your marriage and you are collecting some evidence on her. How can you be sure she married 2 men already and in other countries??? Apparently she is still married to you Tasha
  7. It's great new! Visa in hand is the most important! and oh well, always waiting for something but soon starting the real life! Tasha
  8. Yes, very possible approval! Crossing finger for you Tasha
  9. Lol! Tell me, not easy, lots of sex will help, smile Tasha
  10. Maybe she didn't marry others, maybe she or somebody just said it? Before to go to the immigration attorney or interview, the Topic Starter needs to know where is his marriage stands now and what to tell any attorney. I think he needs to ask his wife first and to see if they are still married Tasha
  11. ask your wife to be in the interview, bring the account she used overdraft, it is the evidence she's your real wife, fights and troubles in the marriage it's a common thing. If she is with you and your marriage confirmed, you will get your green card. How do you know she married 2 men already? Are you sure? If she really did, looks like she is selling the green card to many, maybe immigration knows about her and that's why all the delay with your green card Tasha
  12. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally together!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Kat, Jon so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Tasha
  13. how was the interview? It's possible your green card was issued and mailed to your address and it's possible your wife got it and didn't tell you. First of all get your receipt number, Alien number or whatever information you have about yout K1 visa and green card application and check online, ask for infopass in the local USCIS (the place where you got the interview), maybe you are lucky, if the green card is issued and lost, you pay and get the duplicate, based on the dates on the green card you probably have time to get a divorce and remove the condition by yourself. Forget about the cheater, do what needs to be done and ASAP. Good Luck! Tasha
  14. Gaharia, never lose hope and try, do whatever it needs to be done. There is always the light at the end of the tunnel Tasha