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  1. the check attached with a paper clip on top of the whole package, better on top so they don't misplace it, open and get the check at the same moment. If it's a personal check, it's more easy to monitor yet if you get NOA1, it means your check is OK and your application is accepted. Don't worry, just wait. USPS inside of US is working very well, it will be everything OK Tasha
  2. not easy to understand your story but if you got your green card and citizenship through the marriage, I guess there is 5 years waiting until you can petition an immigrant through marriage. Check it well Tasha
  3. We had 15 days waiting for the check being cashed and email. Don't worry. Today we got 3 NOA1, for the Green Card, EAD and AP with the date received February 1st Tasha
  4. Sorry. Don't answer RFE and they automatically cancel your 1st application. 360, I am not sure what goes with VAWA, check the forum, please. I am very sorry about your hard time Tasha
  5. That was quick, AOS and VAWA. Maybe you still get back together? Is it possible to fix you marriage? Tasha
  6. We got NOA1 by email and check cashed yesterday. Waiting for paper NOA1 and fingerprints
  7. be careful, it could be a scam, in America we have people who like to cheat on new immigrants and on anybody. Don't give any information on the phone unless YOU call them to the official number you can verify. But better do everything in writing to official addres or official email Tasha
  8. Thank you, Ladz I am looking at my checking account several times a day, every day, nothing yet. I guess this group good vibes will bring us luck Tasha
  9. Hello! I guess I need to join here. We filed AOS, EAD, AP and sent it January 31, 2017, tracking number shows it was received the next day and for now nothing else, no email, no check cashed, no NOA1 Tasha
  10. Hello! Joining this group. We filed AOS and sent it January 31, 2017, tracking number received next day and for now nothing else, no email, no check cashed, no NOA1 Tasha
  11. and even if he did take to the interview this document, repeat it with the explanation letter. You need to answer to each question one by one Tasha
  12. See what he can get and attach to it the explanation letter saying because of the age ...
  13. Yes, you were NOT denied, the embassy asked you for additional information and the list they give you it's not difficult. But tell your fiance to run, faster he does it, better it is. I see 4 questions in the letter, you need to give a clear answer to each one even if it's just a copy of police report or a letter, yet Birth Certificates should be provided, no explanation letters are accepted Tasha