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  1. Yes, with your advice she can get the permanent green card. I guess even if it's just a simple divorce without mentioning any abuse would work in this case. The most important she has already her 1st green card Tasha
  2. Yes, before getting the 1st green card, the foreign spouse depends almost totally if the marriage is together Tasha
  3. Ask here, please, they give grants and it can be almost free, yet International relations field, I'm not sure. Mostly you can get a grant in science Fulbright in Nigeria Tasha
  4. Thank you neilsqueen and Ebunoluwa In part it's my fault too, I was closing my eyes to so many red flags and ignoring the good advice. I will vent it in sub-saharian forum but later, I am much better now, but not very well yet. To the OP, online relationship is not the prove for the embassy and not the prove of the real relationship for you both, try to have more real time together, the visa it's only the 1st step, more time waiting for the green card here and starting the family life, be sure what do you need and to whom are you going, try to do it right and all will work Tasha
  5. Thank you. It was a hard time waiting for so long, hoping here it will be all better, he came totally different and then told me he married me for papers only. More issues he had so for him it was better travel back to his country, it was his decision but anyway it was, still it is hard fro me. He traveled still asking if I will do another visa for him, I said he needs to make his choice now, wait for AP and don't close the US door or go and don't come again. He made his choice. we are still married but not even talking Tasha
  6. Really not a red flag if you really love each other and spent time together, we had 30 years difference, I visited him 4 times and all was well, visa was not a word about the age difference. The main thing is if you keep the marriage after living together, internet, visits, visa it's all different life, the real life starts in US in the same house and every day life. Ours didn't work in the real life, married for 3 months and it's over. Try to see the person, real person, it's more important than any visa Tasha
  7. Just for statistics, my husband's EAD / AP card says it was produced on April 27, not mailed yet. He traveled on April 15 back to his country, so it's not valid Tasha
  8. Thank you so much! I did believe him but he came to US totally different, from the arrival he wanted to travel back, I didn't think it was serious, I thought he is homesick and can wait for the Advance Parole. Oh well, everything changed after he got his fiance visa and came here, I tried. Good luck to you and thank you for a nice comment. Good luck to you all! Tasha
  9. I have sad news. My husband and me, we fought and he traveled back to his country, to his other 2 women. I found out he didn't tell anybody there we are married and he was planning his wedding day with 2 Nigerian women traveling on AP, each one had his child before we met. His life is a mess, so we decided to stop our marriage and all documents here. It's sad, few days left for Advance Parole and EAD, he left abandoning his AOS case.
  10. Doesn't matter the engagement, you say it in your letter of intent, you plan to get married, many people marry with no previous official engagement with the ring and all, Do not worry, you show your face to face time all evidence you met, you have a real relationship and you good to apply for fiance visa. The K1 visa names a fiance, it's the document which kinda makes you engaged to marry and of course, you always can come and change your mind not marrying, nobody force you to marry here Tasha
  11. Don't be hard on OP. The immigration process is very complicated, immigrants also have different background and perception, expectations about American life, even living here for a foreigner the 1st year is not easy, many local law and situations you need to know. It's good the OP is asking and if we can help, it's good too Tasha
  12. True. For K1 visa only USC needs to show the income, the foreigner doesn't matter and doesn't help for American affidavits Tasha
  13. Biometrics were done on March 22 Tasha
  14. They won't help, they won't even inform the petitioner about any investigation yet as a USC the petitioner need to point to the possible documents fraud. The embassy and Department of State will investigate and put those cheaters in the black list, cheating the American government it's not a joke Tasha