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  1. Doesn't matter the engagement, you say it in your letter of intent, you plan to get married, many people marry with no previous official engagement with the ring and all, Do not worry, you show your face to face time all evidence you met, you have a real relationship and you good to apply for fiance visa. The K1 visa names a fiance, it's the document which kinda makes you engaged to marry and of course, you always can come and change your mind not marrying, nobody force you to marry here Tasha
  2. Don't be hard on OP. The immigration process is very complicated, immigrants also have different background and perception, expectations about American life, even living here for a foreigner the 1st year is not easy, many local law and situations you need to know. It's good the OP is asking and if we can help, it's good too Tasha
  3. True. For K1 visa only USC needs to show the income, the foreigner doesn't matter and doesn't help for American affidavits Tasha
  4. They won't help, they won't even inform the petitioner about any investigation yet as a USC the petitioner need to point to the possible documents fraud. The embassy and Department of State will investigate and put those cheaters in the black list, cheating the American government it's not a joke Tasha
  5. Possible. But the petitioner can ask the embassy by email or the USCIS how was the cancellation and to ask to open an investigation, IP address and letter signed, if it's fake, it's a fraud, for more reason to cancel her fiance visa for fraud or keep it cancelled yet to put the bad record on that people. It's taken very seriousely by American government, foreigners cheating faking documents, he will never have any US visa anymore and if they catch his GF (possible), she will be banned for life too. Tasha
  6. True. It's his own decision. Tasha
  7. Thank you for the explaination. Tasha
  8. there is the form for visa extension, fill up and mail Tasha
  9. True. I forgot he can extend his tourist visa stay for another 6 months and twice, it will be better going to his AOS with his tourist visa valid. Good advice. Tasha
  10. If they plan to marry, they can do it and it's his own decision or decision of both if they decide to apply for AOS him staying and overstaying his tourist visa. I am just informing the Immigration FORGIVES this kind of overstay because the marriage to USC. It would be silly to marry and to go back waiting for 1 year decision when he is already here and they can start the life together. and please, stop attacking me as a person, I know the law very well and this is NOT against the law, immigration forgives the USC spouse overstay and work without permission, it's a fact, real fact. Tasha
  11. any overstay on the tourist or legal entry visa is forgiven to the spouse of USC. You can marry and apply for his green card in US, it's not a fraud to fall in love, marry and to apply for AOS inside US, you didn't plan it before he got his tourist visa, it happened much later. Tasha
  12. Why do you say marrying on a tourist visa is a fraud? Anybody can marry anybody anytime in any country. Fraud is if she applied for her tourist visa or traveled on the tourist visa knowing she goes to marry. Yet if she stays on tourist visa, she has the right to visit and during her visit to change her mind and marry doing AOS in US, there is even a 30-60-90 days rule. Many people adjust their status during the tourist stay. If you know the law, please show the fraud law link, it will be interesting to read about it. Tasha
  13. International or not, age difference or not, race difference or not, we all are hoping the best going to marry somebody and we can succeed or make a mistake, we can be used or abused ... it's life. And in case of the OP I say live your life to the fullest even if you make a mistake, you try, you live your real feelings, it's being young no matter the age, it's being happy and making another person happy. Can we predict this marriage will end in divorce or even fraud? I don't think so. Some marriages look like fraud and they stay forever, some marriages look like a fairy tale and they are fraud. This is an immigration forum and the question from OP is about immigration, not about her boyfriend analysis, let's respect that Tasha
  14. Maybe yes and maybe not, like everybody else here in VJ. The US embassy in Nigeria and USCIS approved us twice (twice K1 visa) and not a question about our 30 years difference, only about how did we meet and we met online, the OP met in person and has more time in personal real dating. BTW the embassy doesn't discriminate by age, it's against the law Tasha